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Chorus II ~ The Storyline Face-Off

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Dramatic Melody, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Gryoine

    Gryoine "Squawk!"

    4 Octoboy
    1 The Benmeister

    Votes let: 45
  2. DieChavsDie

    DieChavsDie Well-Known Member

    4 Ben
    1 Octoboy

    Octoboy - 39 votes
    The Benmeister - 41 votes

    Votes left: 40
  3. Gryoine

    Gryoine "Squawk!"

    4 Octoboy
    1 The Benmeister

    Votes left: 35
  4. Thirty

    *sighs* So much for the best ending...

    +4 The Benmeister
    +1 Person I still do not know...
  5. Gryoine

    Gryoine "Squawk!"

    +4 Octoboy
    +1 The Benmeister
  6. king of blue

    king of blue That's me!

    ^ Remember to write the points
    +4 Octo
    +1 Ben
  7. Ludi-Kero!

    Ludi-Kero! Hugging 'til the end

    +4 votes for The Benmeister
    +1 vote for Octoboy

    Votes left: 15... if I'm not wrong o_O
  8. Gryoine

    Gryoine "Squawk!"

    +4 Octoboy
    +1 The Benmeister

    Votes left:10
  9. +4 The Benmeister
    +1 octoboy

  10. DieChavsDie

    DieChavsDie Well-Known Member

    I guess Ill be the last vote then

    +4 Ben
    +1 Octoboy

    Octoboy - 59 votes
    The Benmeister - 61 votes

    Votes left: 0

  11. Epilogue ~ Tears

    "The Benmeister, what's the latest updates?"

    "Well, boss Serebii," a Magneton began, "I've received numerous reports of our main outlaws being caught, and the stock market in the Face-Off Realm has grown significantly higher than last year. I have made announcements of the changes that the country will undergo throughout the month, and no violent reactions have been made."

    "Good, good," the Celebi affirmed, "I must say, you have been doing good in your first year. Congratulations for lasting that long, by the way. Dramatic Melody must be proud."

    "I...I'm sure he is," The Benmeister replied rather uneasily. He had not heard from Dramatic Melody since the annual mod party five months ago, and even then they had not talked that much at all.

    "Well, go back to your office, then," Serebii commanded, "I have an appointment with Angeling."

    "Y-yes sir," The Benmeister obeyed as he floated towards his office.

    His three eyes began watering as he remembered the day when Dramatic Melody promoted him as the official Face-Off Moderator. Exactly one year ago, he was promoted, and since then he has worked his ass off to make his realm proud.

    Which he did.

    As he went back to his office, the same one Dramatic Melody had used in his term, he found an odd card that laid on his desk. He never received any mail, except letters from his parents or usual friend requests, but never a card.

    He opened it, and right in front of him he was looking at a picture of a Mudkip. With the smirk in his face and the discolored cheeks, he immediately knew who it was from.

    In the bottom, it read:

    "You're doing good, dude. Keep it up."
    ~ DM​

    And for the first time in three-hundred sixty-five days, he cried.

    Like it? =P

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the third book of chorus!

    Now I'm opening the floor to suggestions on what you want to see in Book 4. Plot suggestions, voting styles and anything at all will be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, and congrats to The Benmeister for winning! =D
  12. Well then. I'll be honest...that isn't the route I would have taken, but hey, it works...

    Hysteria 2.0 *shot*
    I really think you should continue with what you have. Look atthe story of Chorus Book 3 and 'sequel' it...mebe Kikas and Illegible never made it outta the cave before running into the rabid Plusles first =D...after all, they're both wanted criminals.
  13. DieChavsDie

    DieChavsDie Well-Known Member

    One word I feel describes the perfect idea for a new plot....


    That'd make for interesting writings I feel. Especially with how he always returns after bans. I can only imagine your take on it.
  14. Wait! As much as combining my+DCD's ideas would be awesome, I just got something better...

    Chorus needs a gnat. This gnat magically appears in Sandgem Town. Wouldn't that be awesome?! =D
  15. Ludi-Kero!

    Ludi-Kero! Hugging 'til the end

    Very nice ending. *claps*

    I kinda second the idea of Illegible... well, the first one. What happened with all the other poképeople? Maybe some backstory of the characters... like why Volteon was a traitor! I think you could really write amazing things to "tie" this details >=]
  16. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    Yah wow it comes to an end... Bravo!!!

    um yah i like there ideas... ^^^

    you could do backstories on old characters and introduce new characters???
  17. Long ago, in a message board far, far away, there was a Mudkip that was feeling sorry for himself because he had dots on his face. And then he met a newly-hatched Togepi, and he showed the Togepi his favourite toy, the Off-face. The OF takes the freckles off of your face for you. The Togepi thought this was so cool that he bought his owna nd used it regularly. He evolved into Togetic. The end~
  18. <3

    So Book 4 will be a sequel of Book 3.


    Lemme be the first poster of Page 10, please. =D
  19. That was fun to write =D...

    One poster left, right?
  20. Kikas123

    Kikas123 What 'bout My Star?

    Right as usual Agent! And I like the idea of the next book being a sequel :D!
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