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Chorusco's Sprite Shop Of Nearly Everything 2!!!!


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Its the Time You All Have Been Waiting For. I Reopened My Shop.


1. 3 Requests At A Time.
2. No Spamming.
3. Follow All Serebii Rules!

Banned List:

I Do


Inverts(Once I Find The Photoshop Disc)


Battle Scenes

Funny Scenes

May Take 1-5 Days For Me To Put It On.

Dont Rush Me Either.

Shnitzel 12

Looking For Workers.
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Kirby Pwner

Credit to named people

Edit:Shnitzel Can Now Do Shadow Pokemon

Edit: I can do candy and Team and Gym Quads (Form below)

Edit: Uzumakikunai can do holy and unholy

Quad Form:

Badge: (I will not do custom ones!!)
Pokemon: (Up to four, one dosen't work)
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Kirby Pwner
This will be banned area:

Bans last for a week each. Severer bans for two weeks, and constant banning, will mean you are completely banned!

1 weeks:
Pikatob - unbanned 17th July


Complete Ban:
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<--zappy squirrel:)
can i have a mudkip/poccama mix plz

dont mind which is the base


Only on Wii
K, I have a rather complex request.

This is for a fathers day card I'm making.

I need a Snorlax dressed up as your average dad, lounging on the sofa drinking beer.

I need a family too, of munchlaxes, sitting on it's belly, like a sofa.

a mum Snorlax (Sitting up)
a big brother munchlax (playing DS)
a middle brother munchlax (holding a ball that looks like a ditto)
and a smaller munchlax (hitting the middle one)

I need a background. Maybe a background of wallpaper with beer on.
With a Lickilicki cofe machine on a stand to the left
A Rotom Radiator
and a Rhyperior TV (TV on it's belly)

and, if possible, some big happy font saying

I hope you can do this!


Cascade Trainer
Can you make a charizard/Salamence mix? And also, how do u make fusions?


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Hi, I love your work from your previous shop.

Can I join as a fusion-er?

Here are a few examples of my work if you liek them:


New Member
can i please get a funny sceen with a trainer telling a noctowl to use the attck O RLY? then with the words coming out of the noctowl lol =p the other trainer can be doing any thing you like.


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I'm afraid I can't put more than one Munchlax on his belly, so the DS one is the one on it's belly.


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Yes, on the floor. The beer background will be very difficult...Can I just do a normal family home?


Cascade Trainer
W00t Evo Wooper thats ownage!

One more request for now.......I want a Charizard and a Infernape mix XD
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