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Chorusco's Sprite Shop Of Nearly Everything 2!!!!

arcanine lover

Whee........ *thonk*
Please, for the love of everything honey baked and pan-fried, NEVER, even if someone's holding a gun to your head, save as jpeg! Remember, PNG=PwNaGe. Plus, don't forget to recolour the outlines on the sprite. (And no I'm not talking to you, uzumakikunai)

Any way, can I have a fusion.
Base Pokémon: Arcanine
Secondary Pokémon: Ninetales
Thx in advance.


<--zappy squirrel:)
thanks uzumakikunai (did i spell it right?) my friend will love them ( i know i certainly do)


<<<I got it!!!!!!!!!
A fusion please,

Pidgey and shaymin

Pidgey as the base


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New way of posting


Take the # out and paste into sig


Moar Dratini
stoneman, heres dugplup:


copy link into your sig and take out the #

great idea shnitzel.

EDIT: yes stoneman, you spelt it right. :3
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UzKu- Your Lugioh was brilliant.

...In his ignorance, SpriteRight3 started his own shop. The only spriters here are chorusco, evo-wooper, myself and uzumakikunai. That's it. If you want to sprite, make your own shop I advise, as there are plenty of workers, although evo-wooper is on holliers.

Any requests?


Moar Dratini
wow - thanks shnitzel! i liked your shay-pidgey.

yeah I saw the advert on SR3's banner ¬.¬

here's a question: it seems to me that piplup is the most requested "ingredient". why? it just baffles me a little.


<--zappy squirrel:)
thanks so much uzumakikunai (hey i think im getting the hang of this!)

oh yeah the piplup thing's just me, im mad on em