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Chorusco's Sprite Shop Of Nearly Everything 2!!!!


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For all people who got fusions, recolors, TCs or TCG Banners from me, the links may be broken. PM me and I'll give you the right link.

Eternal Flame

Here are some of my miss match edited pokemon


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Im Closing The Shop Now And Making A New One.
We Dont Need Any New Workers.
This Is The Name Of It.
Choruso's, evo-wooper's, Shnitzel's and UzKu's Shop of Wonders
So Post There For Now On.

El D

Dem foos is stoned
Sorry didn't see above posts edited


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I Wanna Give A Big Thanks To The People Who Worked Here. The Reason I Couldnt Do Any Sprites Because I Was Away Alot But Now Im Back For Ages I Can Do Stuff Now.