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Chorusco's Sprite Shop Of Nearly Everything 2!!!!


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"Gunmetal...as in dark silver?"
yup. that would be awesome!

hey, you think I could join?
i can only do basic stuff like recolours and negatives, and here's some of meh work:

heatrans my fave.... i know garchomps weird....
Yep You Can Join.

By The Way evo-wooper

You Can Choose Who Can Join Aswell.
You And shnitzel Are Co Managers
um... can i have a chimchar and turtwig mix
mix plz and how do i put it on my sig ?
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oh can i have another one i want a fuson of palkia and giratina giratina base

EDIT: i like the chimchar turtwig fusion it rocks
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nice it rocks thanks uzamakikunai it is soooooooooo cool


<--zappy squirrel:)
thanks for the piplar

oh and my freind wants a groudon/kyogre mix could you do that?

can he have 2?
1 with kyogre base, 1 with groudon base?

oh and can i have a darkrai piplup mix with piplup as base?