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Chorusco's Sprite Shop Of Nearly Everything 2!!!!


thanks for the awsome fusions! I have made a couple my own and i am going to post them here. wait, how do you copy from paint?

Mr. Yoshi

OK. i've never done one before but i'll try.

PS 1. thanks for spelling my name right :3
2. yes. yoshimitsu pwn tekken.

thanks! i'll only be here a short while so maybe i'll check on it tomorrow. maybe you could ask chorusco to do the battle scene (just a suggestion). he has alredy done some


k sorry for posting so much i am just figuring it ought but i got it! can i do it for my syther/pincer?

Mr. Yoshi

sorry for double post but how come when i try to put the pic in my sig its just a link? not the pic? see sig.


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SpriteRight3 and yoshimaster, you really need to improve IMO.
evo-wooper and I are the co-managers. We accept people in.

I think that you need to improve quite a bit before you can become part of this shop.

I KNOW, spriteright, your first one was good. One. It was bad quality, tho, i couldn't c it well
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<--zappy squirrel:)
thanks guys my comp wouldnt let me on again so i would have thanked you earlyer

can i have a ho-oh/ lugia mix and a lapras/cradilly for my friend (these is his 1st 1's so make it a gud 1 plz!)

and can i have a piplup/dugtrio mix plz? thanks in advance