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Chronicles of Legend: The Eon Bond

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Arachnae, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Arachnae

    Arachnae Princess Arachnid

    Hi guys, Im thinking of creating my own series off short fanfics. I mainly want to address stories in regards to legendary pokemon... umm so, if you like this please suggest to me what pokemon you would like to see me write about next. Of course, that said, I will only continue these Chronicles if someone enjoys them, I hope you all do =3


    The Eon Bond:

    I've always looked up to Leon... No matter what He has always been there to protect me. Of course, its not as though there is a large gap between us, just a minute or two. But I truly have always been aware of his presence, the nurturing force he provides; Leon is like a light within my misted life. But... I'm getting ahead of myself here. I suppose I should probably introduce myself.

    My name is Layla, I am sixteen years old, and I'm mostly just your average girl. The only thing that is really different about me would be the fact that my eyes are gold in colour. I have vibrant red, mid-length hair, and I'm no taller than the next girl. I'm never really too picky about what I wear, however I do have a sapphire triangle which I wear on a chain around my neck that I will never, ever take off. So that's really all there is to me. Leon on the other hand, he stands out much more than me, not the way he looks, but like I said earlier, he truly does shine in our village. So, Leon is my older brother, we're twins. He has deep blue-black hair, which is always messy and unkempt. I guess not a lot about him is very different either, except for the eyes, he has these really deep crimson eyes... Don't mention this to anyone, but I'm kinda jealous of the colour. Like me, Leon doesn't fuss about his clothes, but he does wear a Ruby Triangle around his neck, and never lets it go.

    I guess I should tell you about those jewels. My mother once wore both of them, our father told us they were once one gem, and that shortly into her pregnancy with Leon and myself they broke apart. We never knew our mother, she was killed shortly after she gave birth to us. No one really knows what happened, but apparently the monster that lives near our village killed her.

    This monster, no one can say for sure what it is, I'm not even sure it exists, but Leon told me to stay away from the old temple at night, and I have... Well, I always had... That is, until tonight. It started like any other night, we had our dinner and went to bed early, ready for hunting tomorrow. I fell asleep really quickly, but something spoke to me in my dreams... I don't know what it said, but it sounded like it needed help. I got the impression it was trapped or something.

    So I walked out of my bedroom, checked in on Leon across the hall to see that he was fine. I then grabbed my coat and headed out for the temple. It was either early morning, or early night, I couldn't tell, it was very misty, and I could barely see ten paces in front of me, of course I was frightened, but I was not able to force myself to turn around. I just took one slow step after another, for what seemed like hours.

    I wasn't even sure I was going in the right direction, but it wasn't long before I was able to make out the familiar silhouette of the old temple. I approached the doors, slowly I felt the carvings, and a deathly presence came over me. The mist around me grew thicker, but I've never really been afraid of the mist, it makes me feel safe, and hidden. After I took a deep breath and swallowed, I slid the door open, trying to keep quiet. The whole inner alter was covered in dust and moss, and I wondered why we hadn't used this temple in hundreds of years... the architecture was simply incredible.

    Up ahead, atop the small shrine in the middle of the chamber, there rested a jagged, golden orb, and I just couldn't shake the feeling that it was watching me. Then I just... I lost control... I moved forward, no longer aware of anything other than the orb. My hands managed to creep themselves over the orb before I even knew what I was doing. And then...

    I fell to my knees, unable to free my mind from the grasp of the orb. I looked into the deep, alluring glow of the orb and saw something. Something that was demon-like in appearance, like, a giant floating centipede with wings, Its eyes, glaring into mine. I hadn't noticed it at first, but there was a purple fog seeping out of the orb. It began pouring out faster, and faster, consuming my protective mist. I felt nothing but the worst dread imaginable, like my very soul was being shredded apart. I let out a massive scream, the agony unbearable.

    I knew that my soul was about to be destroyed, but the feeling stopped. A light shone around me, and the orb fell from my hands. It was the Luster of Leon. The evil and dark presence was to be purged at the hands of my brother. the fog began to cower back into the orb, and my body began to fall forward. But Leon caught me. I didn't hit the ground. I began to gasp for air, I was barely even in my body anymore. Leon held me close, begging me to be okay, begging me not to leave him alone.

    And then it happened. My eyes closed as one idol tear ran down my cheek. But the tear began to glow, it floated, into the air above me, and I began to feel aware of everything around me. Leon let my body lie flat as a light shone inside of him, moving through his flesh, floating outside his chest. I held His hand, we both felt like this was the most natural and amazing feeling in the universe. I began to stand up, I felt new and revived. Only, when I felt myself stand, I was not touching the ground. My body was changing, so was Leon's. I felt my skin stretch, as shining red and white fur began to coat it. I watched as Leon's limbs remolded, the blue and white fur becoming one with his newly shaped body.

    We had become new beings, we knew this was our fate, we knew we had a duty to protect humanity from the demons that were beginning to form. Of course, this was long before pokemon were what they are now. over the eons we have lived and defended humanity and pokemon alike, we have become a whisper in the winds, just a legend. A legend that humans have begun to call the legend of Latias and Latios...


    I really Hope you all liked it!
    Don't forget to give me your opinions and suggestions for another story
    Thanks =3

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