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Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! (786)


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
Nice try. Georgia wanted Iris to use a dragon type in general. She never once singled out Axew.
Because as seen in the Junior Cup, she thought Iris' only Dragon-type was Axew this whole time. So yes at that time she was technically singling out Axew.
I'm actually kinda disappointed the Marine Tournament wasn't expanded on. I would have preferred that over the first two Team Rocket fillers of Da!. With nothing but filler characters in it besides Satoshi and Iris it might have been a fun watch and only would have required two episodes since they wouldn't have to focus on the rivals. At the same time it might have been boring with the lack of rivals, still they could have easily made up and excellent tourney only character like Masaomi from the Donamite. It just seems like a wasted chance.


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Because as seen in the Junior Cup, she thought Iris' only Dragon-type was Axew this whole time. So yes at that time she was technically singling out Axew.
But she didn't. At the Clubsplosion she said "Why aren't you using A dragon type pokemon?" emphasis on 'A'

After the Clubsplosion, she probably made the connection that Axew was still her only.


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Ooh, I really like this episode, it had a few funny moments too! So it looks like Ash, Iris and Cilan will be traveling through multiple ships with a different Parker on board.

I like the idea of having a small tournament on the ship during the course of the episode and its cool to see Ash win the Marine Cup with Pikachu, yay! I thought its interesting to see that the bad guy uses it for his plan instead.

So anyway, after the tournament is over with, the lady Ash and co met awhile back says she's missing a gem, the Liepard's Eye from her special collection of jewels. It looks like its up to Cilan, so I guess its detective time~! It seems like the lady's Purrloin suspects its the runner up of the tournament.

So I guess Cilan had it all figured out revealing its not actually the other gem collector but it is the runner up from the tournament, omg! :O Haha, a member of the International Police puts a stop to the bad guy.

Lol, seeing Cilan's interactions with Purrloin were really funny. So yeah, I really like this episode, its great to see it focusing on Cilan and his fear with Purrloin! Now I'm really looking forward to the episode!! I guess its a 9/10 I enjoyed it a lot.


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this really fun episode :) i laugh so many times that why i love DA :)
after watch this episode i'm really curious right now why dento afraid of choroneko, he tell his reason to ash and iris =.=
i wish the ship didn't sensor dent secret


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
Multiple Parker surprised me. I guess it makes sense. I just noticed that only one person mentioned it before, that's why it went over my head.
I actually liked this episode alot. It wasn't a boring filler. Well actually, imo best wishes never had any boring fillers. But I liked this ones plot a lot. Cilan got some screentime! And yay no TR when we don't need them. Honestly I'm glad they didn't pull a DP episode where TR draws attention away from the main plot. They come, pikachu zaps them, they blast off is extremely old. They should keep it like this and only use TR when they can contribute to an episode. Cilan's reaction when purrloin falls in his hands was priceless. And we see another international police. I was almost positive that the guy was Looker, but it looks like we get someone else instead. The only thing that bothered me about this episode was that Cilan doesn't tell them why he's afraid of purrloins. Gah I've been so curious on why, yet they don't explain. I wonder if the writers don't even know themselves yet. :p
@ Doryuzu
Nah, I'm glad they didn't expand it. There were no rivals of Ash, Iris, or Cilan's therefore they didn't need to make the tournament 2 eps long. The TR eps did have some purpose. Like the first one was there to show us that TR are yet again going after pikachu because Gio doesn't have them doing anything big currently.


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How dare they not show us why Cilan fears Purrloin at the end, but Ash and Iris know during that terrible cut. Could have been closure, but Cilan still fears Purrloin as it is.

And that agent guy who showed up at the end had nothing on Looker.

And finally, Ash won a tournament... for once. Of course he gets a short lived win.


This was an okay episode. And I'm into mysteries. And I was actually guessing right along with this ep. At first I thought the guy with the black hair and shades was Prof Oak in disguise.
And the end...WTF?! Looks like another mystery for us to solve in the future


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I wonder why is Cilan afraid of Purrloin? We never got to hear it because of the ship horn. Oh well, it was a good episode, Cilan was in his finest.


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I liked this episode very much because of how humorous it was. I don't mind if it was a filler in that regard.

Except the writers thought it'd be funny to just keep Cilan's fear of Purrloin a secret from the audience. That dumbed down the whole thing a lot.

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Initially, I thought this episode was gonna be terrible. In the end, it was a decent filler.