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[CIO] Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Black War Dragon, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Approved by Psychic

    Welcome to our official discussion thread! Please visit often enough to check for latest updates. I will be posting new maps, quest items, guidelines and In Game announcements here! If you have any questions about anything, Jean or I will be happy to answer.

    ~ Chaos War Reborn

    <<Crimson Infinite>> Online



    Starting Hold:
    The Starting Hold consists of the City of Pear Des, which is surrounded by Heartfelt Meadows. Venturing deeper to the south beyond Heartfelt Meadows is Deep Blue Lake.

    - Heartfelt Meadows
    o Monsters: Lvl: 1 - 3
    Wolf [ Wolf Pelt/Wolf Tooth ] ... Horned Bison [ Bison Meat/Horn ] ... Lesser Serpent :Effect: Poison [ Antidote ] ...

    - Deep Blue Lake
    o Monsters: Lvl: 1 - 3
    Rock Crab [ Crab Claw/Crab Meat ] ... Big Fish [ Blue Scale ] ... Electric Eel :Effect: Paralysis [ Deep Blue Pearl ]


    - Pear Des (Starting City): Pear Des is easily the most populated city in all of Helia due to it being an initial <<Log In>> spot. The entire city is protected by a great wall. Also a low level city, most items found and sold in town are basic. The map indicates crucial spots but is subject to change and will change as soon as edits are ready. Aside from the obvious, there are many NPC homes but also homes available for rent and sale if at one point you want a property, otherwise feel free to make use of Inns, which will be labeled along with the first update.

    White Space:

    These are the only visible areas on the world map. The rest is covered in a mysterious fog. There is a reason as to why the fog is in place, you cannot venture beyond the fog at this point. Everything will be revealed as soon as everyone has posted at least once!

    World Rules:
    - Cities and towns are PK protected
    - Monsters cannot venture into towns or cities
    - Duels are permitted within cities and towns
    - Towns and cities are non-destructible environments
    - Teleportation Crystals will take you back to a previously visited city or town
    - Activated Beacons spread across Helia allow for fast travel (Between Beacons)
    - Beacons are activated by Quest or Boss Battle only! I will post those Quests here as soon as I have them ready
    - Max Party size is four PC
    - You may accept/reject other players' requests
    - Max 4 Potion Slots

    Marriage System:

    - Shared inventory
    - Gold stays separate

    Crime System:
    - Robbery
    - Assault
    - Murder
    o Includes killing non Quest NPCs as well as PKing
    - All of these offenses will place your PC name on the Book of the Tainted (Available for every player to see right from the system menu and will allow others) Players may bring The Tainted to justice without infraction. Normally lesser charges will require the PC be jailed but at times "more" might be necessary.

    - You may join as of LvL 1
    - You must be minimum LvL 10 to create a Guild
    - You may recruit other PCs including Serebii RP players or your own made up NPCs acting as PCs

    Non Combat Skills:
    (I'm open to suggestions so speak up!)

    Leveling: Jean and I will periodically Level you automatically based on achievement. Battling area monsters is not the only way to level. If you play and make good use of non combat skills, we will level you! I don't want everyone to think they have to spend countless posts battling area monsters to steadily grow only one level, try [Cooking], [Hunting], and other jobs!

    Post Length:
    I only require the minimum allowed post length! The fact that I make battles so long, is because I personally enjoy it! You might have a different approach and I respect that! Quality over quantity. A short post that gets the message across effectively is times better than a giant block of none sense!

    Skill Tree System: Combat || Non Combat
    Coming Soon!

    WARNING: The RP will start off sandbox mode but that will soon change ... !

    In Game Menu (This portion is visible to your PC):


    Book of Guilty
    Nightshade: Assassin LvL 1 [Imprisonment] Reward: 10 Gold
    Sabre: Warrior LvL 1 [Imprisonment] Reward: 12 Gold

    Quest Log:
    NPC Ralph's puppy, Lucky ran away and was last seen in Deep Blue Beach. Find Lucky and retrieve to owner at Bore's Items.
    Rewards: 25 Gold//x2 Lesser Potion
    Beacon Activation: Deep Blue Beach Beacon


    Lastly and again, I don't want this RP to become a grind fest so I choose to avoid using exact numbers as far as HP and EXP. I will leave it to you to play responsibly. Please do NOT overpower or god Mod!

    System announcements will be posted here so check back regularly ...
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012
  2. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Yuki has his prey, it's hunting season XD
  3. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    This rp is seriously so well thought out, holy man.
    Hey for skills, what about gathering and crafting?
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2012
  4. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Jean and I came up with something in conversation. She calls it Aesthetic Armor and I call it Vanity Armor. Same thing, really. This is for people who want to keep their armor the same forever or want a specific look. For my character changing the look due to future armor pretty much ruins the character, so she needs to wear Vanity. There is one Vanity per body part, except weapon. You are allowed to designate a set of Vanity clothes at character creation and then can buy others down the line. For example, the way my character shows a lot of skin is by using Vanity that hides the existing armor, making it look like no armor is being worn for say, leg armor.

    Also for those not reading my posts, the shop in the northwest sells magic. It's called Morgana's Spells, and the one on the top right sells Weapons and Armor for level 5 and above. Haven't come up with a name for it yet, but keep an eye on my posts. Bore's Weapons and Armor only go up to 5.

    Just filling in some "holes" in the map, so to speak.

    BTW Chaos are we allowed to make up questgiving NPCs or only you can make that?
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012
  5. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Hmm, how would quests like "Lucky" be done?
    And Alchemy, how do we go about that?
  6. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    @ bronislav84 - I'll be adding labels soon. Just thought I'd at least get this up! I spoke to Jean about it earlier! I'll add a section detailing, thanks!

    @ SpyroxPikachu - [Hunting] and [Mining] are gathering skills and [Smithing] is crafting! :D
  7. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I could suggest some new skills:

    Of course, magic users can have waterwalking and flight... But that does seems to give them too much of an advantage...
  8. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    @ SenorLaughsaLot - Unless explicitly stated, Questing will be as easy as viewing the desired quest in the game menu and "Accepting". This will automatically place your player in questing mode. You can quest in a party, everyone who completes the quest receives the reward! In this case, as soon as you find Lucky, you add him to your party and bring him back! If Lucky were an item, it would be as simple as adding him to inventory and retrieving him to his owner. You are free to make up the dialogue as soon as you take Lucky back to his owner! Also this quest is a "Beacon Activation" Quest meaning on your way to find Lucky you can Activate the Beacon by simply touching it. Beacons allow for fast travel so you'd have a way to get back to town in an instant after finding Lucky. I only give you the basic guidelines and it's entirely up to you to decide how you go about the quest and what you encounter on your way. I apologize if it doesn't make much sense, I'm adding some more info to my main post, it will all be explained a bit more clearly.

    Alchemy - I'll explain a bit more about the classes and what each involves and how they work but you may simply go find herbs/fruits and whatever you theme appropriate at the wilds or shops and then head to a local Inn where as of now is the only place you can find Alchemy Labs to work with. You decide what you mix and what you get but I ask that you do not overpower. I'm thinking Morgana's might also have an Alchemy Lab for your use! Soon enough, I'll allow for Portable Labs for those who wish to mix on the spot!
  9. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Yea anybody having flight is pretty unfair, Sam.

    So Chaos, about making up questgivers? Yes or no?
  10. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    @ bronislav84 - Absolutely! I only ask you are fair with what Rewards you take! I would also ask that the Quest is available for anyone to play!

    @ Sam - Swimming is a good one! I'm not too sure how I'd make building work though ...
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012
  11. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Ok cool, and yea I will definitely do that. I was thinking we should make the quests pretty basic, like kill a boss or find something. I'm the kind of person who likes to do quests rather than xp grind, so I was hoping it was okay to make up quests. So yay.
  12. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    @ bronislav84 - Bosses I will be drawing a small line at only because I'm taking this RP through a twisted but specific path that none of you are expecting! What do you think is below all the fog? :D Smaller bosses, I'd first want you to run it by me first via PM ... The RP seems Sand Box but it soon won't be so much!

    Let's just say I plan Boss fights to require not only Partys but entire Expeditions! I tend to make Boss fights grueling and difficult ...
  13. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    I would most likely join many quests XD
    So, quests are going to be first come, first serve?
    Or can it be completed more than once if people choose to go solo on it?
  14. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    @ SenorLaughsaLot - Quests are open to everyone, once! There will be plenty of Quests so I don't think people will want to do a same one twice. You can definitely go Solo! If you Solo first and then Party, you won't get reward but Jean and I will certainly keep it in mind for LvL +.

    EDIT: The only thing that is first come first serve are bounty missions! Since these are actual Player Characters!
  15. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Alright I see Chaos, how about minibosses then? Kill so and so Elite.

    In online games, quests are generally one off, but remain open on a per character basis. If one player completes it it doesn't bar others from doing so. The only caveat to that is you might need to wait for a respawn of the quest objective if too many people are doing it. There are repeatable quests, but these are almost always done for some other reason besides XP. Like say, daily tokens.
  16. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    @ bronislav - mini Bosses are fine just let me know beforehand what you have in mind once it comes up!
  17. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Oh yea, sure, expect VMs when I think of stuff.
  18. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    In case I'm not Logged in you can always run it be Jean as well!
  19. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Jean and I have been talking, too. It's harder to talk to two people at once, though.
  20. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    I am trying to wonder how things will develop.

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