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Cipher Key Lair


Hasty Ho Oh
Im confused. I have completed the game now on Gale of Darkness. However, in backtracking to find items, i have ended up at the Cipher Key Lair.

But there is that policeman there...

"Ah it's you. Apparently there are still perpetrators here that are involved in the production of shadow pokemon. We've arrived with backup units to make mass arrests of those perpetrators."

Is this normal? I mean, i went in and checked and there are no Cipher or Snagem people inside. Just the two mechanics now (That are in the first room). Or do they disappear when you capture all 83 shadow pokemon? (I have 77).


Well-Known Member
Yeah, its normal. They remain there forever, regardless of whether you get all the shadow Pokémon.

Its weird if you think about it. That they remain there forever...