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Citadarque 2112: Michael's Marauders

Discussion in 'Games' started by W.T., Jan 18, 2010.

  1. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    Citadarque 2112:
    Michael’s Marauders

    ”It was gonna be a full-fledged RPG. I really loathe school.”

    The year is 2112. Michael, the hero who saved Citadark Isle from the clutches of the Cipher organization, has died without children, as has the (forgiven) Grand Master Greevil. Cipher is long gone, its terrors lifted from the Orre region. Construction crews were reportedly working to turn Citadark Isle into the swanky “Citadarque Condo Complex,” but the construction has been abandoned and the island was for years believed to stand deserted and bare on the stormy sea. One day, however, a new light was shed on this rock...

    While James Nett IV, the owner of the ONBS building in Pyrite City (as it is now known), was patrolling suspicious activity across the region, he intercepted a telephone call that was traced to the sea outside of Gateon Port. Apparently, something lying in an uncharted area had been issuing calls of distress. Nett managed to decipher the words “...reverse hazard...” and “...minutes to midnight...” before he was caught and kidnapped by a minion.

    As a result, Dr. Gooden of the Pokémon HQ Lab realized that many of the aspiring heroes of the region were in danger. In the old truck once owned by Dr. Krane, he was able to collect and safeguard a group of determined trainers who became known, after the famous hero of ancient times, as Michael’s Marauders.

    The Pokémon HQ Lab was placed on lockdown while Dr. Gooden revealed previously confidential information to the Marauders. He showed them pictures of the newly built Citadark Isle (now the Citadarque Complex), which was now about as tall as the Realgam Tower. He also revealed that a group of thugs, who seemed to be acting as pirates, were reported to have been seen near the 15 artificial islands around the entrance.

    Using a camouflaged Robo Kyogre and a shady guy costume, Dr. Gooden was able to smuggle each of Michael’s Marauders onto one of the artificial islands. However, as he was returning to shore, his boat was torpedoed by a pirate. The trainers became stranded on the islands with no escape from their situation and, of course, this mysterious menace to civilization...

    1. All players are allowed to talk to each other on their P*DAs and discuss items and artifacts that they find on the ground.
    2. You receive 48 hours for all actions. If you are going to be gone for more than 48 hours, please let us know in the thread.
    3. Your luck-based actions are ultimately decided by a virtual dice-rolling program.
    4. Battles are conducted in double-battle style. However, moves do not take place individually; rather, you just choose which of your Pokémon you want to send out, and luck determines the rest for itself.
    5. If two trainers (or two smaller teams) meet each other, they can combine to form a team. You should form teams wherever possible, as they are generally stronger and more versatile than single players.
    6. Teams can choose a team name.
    7. A team may never contain more than eight (8) Pokémon. If excess Pokémon cannot be dropped off in a nearby PC box, they will have to be released.
    8. Shadow Pokémon may be acquired from time to time on the island. There is no Relic Stone in this game, so only Time Flutes can purify them. After purification, they may gain additional moves. You will also get a very high score bonus for snagging a Shadow Pokémon.
    9. From time to time, the Pokétopia Radio Station will turn on for bonus giveaways that may give you extra items or other rewards.
    10. As you move further into the game, especially after you have made it out of the pirate waters and into the island itself, you may have to solve puzzles or other brain teasers.
    11. A player is eliminated when all of his/her Pokémon are knocked out. Warning: Only about half of the players are expected to even make it onto the island, although the odds become a lot higher if you’re on a team.
    12. After being eliminated, you will receive a final score based on your remaining items, number of Snags, number of puzzles unlocked, whether you ever managed to join a team, whether you saved Nett or anyone else from the island (HUGE bonuses for that), and similar factors.

    For spammy or offensive messages or persistent breaking of the rules.
    1st offence: Warning.
    2nd offence: 1 day ban from thread.
    3rd offence: 1 week ban from thread, and ejection from any teams to which you belong.
    4th offence: Perma ban from thread and report to mods of Serebiiforums.com.
    5th offence: Absolute infinite ban, report to mods, possible deletion of your account.

    In Conclusion...
    You never know what to expect on your adventures in Citadarque 2112: Michael’s Marauders! There is a lot more freedom to the action than in any video game. So be brave, be prepared, and most importantly... Have fun.

    Island 1: Rogue Onyx (pokelegend)
    19 points
    Purified: ;065; ;464; ;094;
    Snagged: ;425;
    Items: Time Flute, Ultra Ball x4, Full Restore x2
    Money: P6000

    Island 2: Swimmer Polikip (higoset)
    57 points
    Travelling With: Shade
    Purified: ;258; ;060; ;294;+Selfdestruct (shared with Shade, currently fainted)
    Snagged: ;354;
    Items: Time Flute x2, Ultra Ball x4, Sitrus Berry x3
    Money: P1000

    Island 3: Ace Trainer Dark (TheDarkLucario)
    5 points
    Travelling With: Moomy, MSE
    Purified: ;448; ;135; ;409;
    Items: Ultra Ball x10
    Money: P10000

    Island 4: Cooltrainer Simon (gameboy350)
    36 points
    Purified: ;257; ;093; ;064;
    Snagged: ;459;
    Items: Ultra Ball x2, Net Ball, Timer Ball, Quick Ball, Full Restore, Enigma Berry, Rare Candy, Dive HM
    Money: P4901

    Island 5: Cooltrainer "Amusement Park" (Plat. Frontier)
    25 points
    Purified: ;059; ;389; ;259;
    Snagged: None
    Items: Ultra Ball x6, Lum Berry x3, Time Flute, Map of area
    Money: P5500

    Island 6: Cooltrainer Bliss (ZFXZFX)
    0 points
    Purified: ;038; ;362; ;214;
    Snagged: None
    Items: Ultra Ball x4, Full Restore x3, Time Flute x2
    Money: P0

    Island 7: Cooltrainer Aaron (AbsolKnight66)
    0 points
    Purified: ;359; ;373; ;242;
    Snagged: None
    Items: Enigma Berry x2, Ultra Ball x10
    Money: P8000

    Island 8: Bandana Guy Moomy (GreenDay4ever)
    88 points
    Travelling With: MSE, Dark
    Purified: ;135; ;130; ;450;
    Snagged: None
    Items: Ultra Ball x5, Full Restore x5, Time Flute, Map of area, Hyper Potion
    Money: P0

    Island 9: Researcher Cirno (mitchlord)
    77 points
    Travelling With: Polikip, Simon, CS, Shade
    Purified: ;474; ;271; ;335; ;422;+Water Spout
    Snagged: None
    Items: Ultra Ball x4, Lum Berry x5, Time Flute, Dive HM, Revive
    Money: P4500

    Island 10: Rich Boy C.S. (crazysteve1001)
    31 points
    Travelling With: Polikip, Simon, Cirno, Shade
    Purified: ;134; ;136; ;190;
    Snagged: None
    Items: Dive HM, Full Restore x5
    Money: P10000

    Island 11: Cooltrainer Shade (Treeconator11)
    68 points
    Purified: ;197; ;006; ;254; ;084;+Extremespeed
    Snagged: ;294; (shared with Polikip)
    Items: Ultra Ball x6, Enigma Berry x3, Time Flute x10, Full Restore x2
    Money: P2515

    Island 12: Cooltrainer Dude (darkguizaum)
    17 points
    Purified: ;121; ;212; ;229;
    Snagged: ;309; - 13% purified
    Items: Great Ball, Ultra Ball x2, Full Restore x2, Sitrus Berry x5, Triangular Artifact
    Money: P6126

    Island 13: Chaser MSE Revival (Shadow Eeveelution)
    Travelling With: Moomy, Dark
    56 points
    Purified: ;330; ;474; ;212;
    Snagged: None
    Items: Ultra Ball x5, Full Restore, Oran Berry x2, Time Flute, Max Revive
    Money: P6337

    Island 14: Cooltrainer Albert (robincool98)
    54 points
    Purified: ;254; ;392; ;260;
    Snagged: None
    Items: Ultra Ball x3, Full Restore x5, Dive HM, Waterfall HM
    Money: P17,000
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2010
  2. Plat. Frontier

    Plat. Frontier Epic Mustache

    - Name - I'm From The "Amusement Park"
    - Age - 10
    - Trainer Class - Ace Trainer
    - Gender - Guy
    - Personality - Usually Bored, But Sensitive, Lazy, and Intellegent.
    - Pokémon - Arcanine, Torterra and Marshtomp.
    - Items - 6 Ultra Snag Balls, a Time Flute and 3 Lum Berries.
    - Island - Island 5

    Money: P6,000
  3. Treeconator11

    Treeconator11 Ultranumb

    Name: Shade
    Age: 13
    Trainer Class: Ace Trainer
    Gender: Male
    Personailty: He's hyper, and often fails on details, but is brillant at tactics and staragies
    Pokemon: Umbreon, Charizard, and Sceptile.
    Items: 6 Ultra Balls, 3 Enigma berries, 1 Time Flute
    Island: 11

    Savings: P6000
  4. gameboy350

    gameboy350 Back from the depths

    Name. simon
    - Age. 10
    - Trainer Class. ace trainer
    - Gender. male
    - Personality. a intelegent person that has a taste for advanture,he knows when people are lying but trusts his friends.he is very frendly and loyal.
    - Pokémon. blaziken,haunter and kadabra.
    - Items. 3 full restore,4 ultra snag balls, 1 net snag ball, 1 timer snag ball,1 quick snag ball and 1 engima berry.
    - Island. 4
    money: p6,000
  5. darkguizaum

    darkguizaum Reborn From guizaum

    - Name. Dude
    - Age. 11
    - Trainer Class. Ace Trainer
    - Gender. Male
    - Personality. Is smart and cares about friends. Is a strategy master.
    - Pokémon. Starmie, Scizor, Houndoom
    - Items. 2 Full restores, 5 Sitrus berries, 2 great snag balls, 4 Ultra Snag Balls
    - Island. 12
    - Savings. P5,000 (I think)
  6. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    Very good. You have all been registered as members of Michael's Marauders. Only eleven spots left; get here quickly.
  7. Sigh!

    Sigh! Bad Taste Everywhere

    Name-Codename "Cirno"
    Trainer Class-Super Nerd(or the closest to that)
    Personality-He is a very Nerdy guy always makes references to Videogames or Meme's, May seem annoying but is pretty nice once you get to know him.Also he is quite sneaky and spyish.
    Pokemon-PorygonZ,Lombre,Zangoose and Breloom
    Items-5 Ultra Snag Balls,5 Lum Berries and 1 Time Flute
  8. Shadow Eeveelution

    Shadow Eeveelution DracLord Dread

    - Name - MSE Revival
    - Age - 21
    - Trainer Class - Chaser
    - Gender - Male
    - Personality - MSE is a man who always where a cloak and a mask wherever he goes as he doesn't anyone to acknowledge his presences. He usually stay in the shadows.
    - Pokémon - Flygon / Porygon-Z / Scizor
    - Items6,000
    -- 5 Ultra Balls
    -- 2 Oran Berry
    -- 1 Full Restore
    -- 1 Time Flute
    - Island - 13
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2010
  9. robincool98

    robincool98 I am Iron Man!

    Name: Albert Ledge
    Age: 30
    Trainer Class. Ace Trainer
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Albert Ledge is a cool and intelligent Pokemon trainer. He loves to drink cola and is very outgoing. He likes powerful pokemon and envy the people who have strong pokemon.
    Pokémon: Sceptile, Infernape, Swampert
    5 Full Restore - P2,000
    3 Snag Ultra Ball - P1,000 each
    Savings: 7,000
    Island: 14
  10. ZFXZFX

    ZFXZFX Well-Known Member

    - Name. Bliss
    - Age. 11
    - Trainer Class. Ace Trainer
    - Gender. Female
    - Personality. She is kind, but she can get angry at times. She is sort of shy and usually won't talk much. She is intelligent when it comes to most things, especially pokemon.
    - Pokémon. Ninetales, Glalie and Heracross
    - Items.
    2 Time Flutes
    3 Full Restores
    4 Ultra balls

    - Island. 6
  11. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    MSE, Albert and Bliss have been accepted. However, Cirno needs to remove one of his Pokémon.
  12. Sigh!

    Sigh! Bad Taste Everywhere

    I remove Breloom
  13. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

  14. Plat. Frontier

    Plat. Frontier Epic Mustache

    Can I add a bit?

    Arcanine is Level 39

    Ability: Flash Fire

    Heat Wave ExtremeSpeed
    Morning Sun Aerial Ace

    Torterra is Level 36

    Earthquake Mega Drain
    Razor Leaf Leech Seed

    Marshtomp is Level 28

    Item: Rindo Berry

    Endeavor Earthquake
    Rest Sleep Talk
  15. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!


    We could start with only 8 people instead of 15, but that means that only four of you are going to get onto the island, so I think we'll wait another couple of days.
  16. Sigh!

    Sigh! Bad Taste Everywhere

    What do you mean by that only half are expected to make it? I thought it was lucked based.
  17. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    It is luck-based, but since the first area is so tough, I'm just warning you that some of you will be eliminated pretty quickly.
  18. Treeconator11

    Treeconator11 Ultranumb

    Yo, W.T, can I buy 2 Full restores, kay thnx.
  19. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    @Shade: Yes.

    We'll probably be starting around 8 PM tonight regardless of who else joins. I'll throw in some CPU players who are roughly matched with your skill levels if we don't get seven sign-ups by then. I've also come across and fired up the Fantasy Name Generator, which seems to be useful for creating XD-style names.

    Oh, and a report for all of you: There are about 100 Shadow Pokémon in the RPG, but each can be caught once, and only once, by one member only. Trades, however, may be possible.
  20. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    Computer players

    To compensate for the lack of sign-ups, I have added seven randomly generated computer players to the RPG. I will make their decisions for them, but I will still tell you their outcomes, and you will still be able to form teams with them. You'll just have to wait and see if they run into any of you.
    Island 1: Chaser Karla - Togekiss, Heracross, Shedinja
    Island 2: Casual Dude Frankie - Ludicolo, Omastar, Kingdra
    Island 3: Bodybuilder Wayne - Arcanine, Electivire, Quagsire
    Island 7: Rider Keneth - Pinsir, Rhyperior, Lapras
    Island 8: Navigator Jamie - Gardevoir, Jynx, Breloom
    Island 10: Beauty Tamera - Slowking, Infernape, Crobat
    Island 15: Mt.BtlMaster* Edwin - Glaceon, Espeon, Vaporeon
    *Retired, of course.

    I have also prepared your trainer cards, which will be updated every Sunday with your current standings and scores.
    Current Standings: I can't believe it, but YOU'RE ALL TIED!!

    And now, you guys can start role-playing by talking to each other on your P*DAs... if you want to. There shall be an update here at 8 PM Eastern tonight!

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