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City hiding from the desert.

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I have been wanting to get this up, but due to school and my sister (taking up time and deleting the half done thing 2 times.), this was delayed for 4 days. (but it's a weekend and I have banned her from the comp til I'm done with it.)


A long time ago someone founded a town in the remote area in between a desert and mountains. This actually was the best place to live, since the river all life depended on formed a lake where the desert the meets mountains. This led to the town growing to a city. A year later sand storms were so violent walls as high as the surrounding mountains where put up. it was believed that the sand storms where violent due to the huge amounts of sand dug up and dropped in the middle of the desert leaving easy to blow sand. 20 years before the founders death a castle was built where his only son would rule until death where then he would chose one of his sons/daughters to be the next king/queen. Now a days there is King Ryna (;254;), Queen Swana (;260;) and prince Ryoan (;258;). Technology has caught up to them, yet they refuse to do anything that does major pollution in fear that Nature Karma could strike like it did with the sand storms.

Map and locations

Locations in the city

Spot on the map:The building in the middle of the lake.
This happens to be where the main royal family lives.

Merchant/Shop street
Spot on the map:The long brown forked line.
70% of shops and stands in the city are located in this street.

The Grand Park
Spot on the map:The area inside the gray line.
this is a environmentally protected area. How ever you can take walks/strolls through here.

Floating Neighborhood
Spot on the map:The tangle of brown lines at the top of the lake.
Mainly the Rich and water lovers, not for the easily sea sick.

Royal floating Neighborhood
Spot on the map:The Tangle of brown lines coming of the island the castle is on.
For the very rich and most Royal Family relatives live here.(Royal family relatives as in cousins of the King/Queen/Prince, Brothers/sisters of the King/Queen Ect.)

Spots on the map:The purple square.
This is where visitors from other towns/cites stay. Some people in the hotels are just from the other side of the city.

Edge of Civilization
Spot on the map:The gray squares where the lake empties out.
This is where the city officially ends into the mountains. Mainly the rough and though live here to help from on coming threats.

Blissy's orphanage
Spot on the map: The pink dot connecting to merchants street
The main orphanage in the city which is run by a Blissy.(Hence the name). Abandoned (Including lost/Have there parents dead/handed ect.) pokemon eggs or pokemon children are brought here and are to be adopted by loving, caring pokemon.

City Misc.
Anywhere in the city not mentioned or specified.

Outside the City

Celebi's Shrine/Gate
Spot on the map:The two gray squares below the long black line.
This gate leads to Celebi's path, which leads to Celebi's spring. Only chosen and the King and Queen may enter.(Despite being in the city it is not counted as part of the city due to being there before the city was founded)

Celebi's path.
Spot on the map:The long black line.
A long path that leads to Celebi's path. Be warned, wandering off the path will result in being lost forever,Or ending up in a different time, Or both.

Celebi's Spring
Spot on the map:The Big blue dot at the end of Celebi's path.
This is the place where the Governor of all Celebi's was born. He regulates time travel and makes sure there is peace among Celebis. All that is known about him is that he is said to be a Shiny and his name starts with S.

Mountain Misc.
Any where in the mountains not specified
The plant Growth is thick and hard to travel through.

Sorro Tribe
Spot on the map:The Brown spot in the Desert.
This tribe was barely known of till recently. It was just sighted shortly before a sand storm stirred up. Nothing else is known about it.

Desert Misc.
Any where in the desert not mentioned, or specified.
Few plants, little water (excluding the river), and harsh weather conditions make it hard to survive here.


1, Serebi forum rules.

2, Keep swearing at a minimal, if you could, please censor all swears.

3, No God Modding.

4,Don't kill any players, unless they say so.

5, Only small legendarys like Mew and Celebi are aloud to be played, huge ones or ones that can destroy the world (Kyogre,Arceus, ect.) are not aloud.

6, You can have rivalries, or dislike other players, just don't flame or blow the place up.

7, Don't Spam.

8, Don't flame.

9, You can be shiny, but don't have it over done where the none shiny players become rare.

10, And most importantly have fun!

(Some are unlimited, some aren't)

Farmers (14) (Grow and sell stuff) (Lily (Chi P.2)

Merchants (sell stuff and own a shop, or stand, or the inbetween)(Mageziya(me) (Tsubasa,Blaise,Myuu)

Doctors (10) (Help the sick and ill get better)

Chefs (11) (Own or work at a restaurant) (Flame)

Black smiths (make metal stuff)(Blade)

Tailors (make clothes) (Azrael(Unbanned from serebii in general))

Mechanics (4) (make machines and fix them) (Amoii)

Nights (main forms of defense, just haven't been used recently due to the long Era of peace) (Blaze(Sup P.2) )

Assistant (16) (work for players, or NPUs) (Jenna,Leafy Se Lon,Kyro(ZFX P.2), jake,Ino,grey, Flame(Sup P.3),Ember(Sup.4), Ikuto (jun P.2) )

Changing a Job

To change a job, you must be fired from your old job Or leave your job and find one Or look for a job and when you find the one you like leave your job.
Then you get hired for your new job.

Misc Section
This is where misc info is put.

When I accept a person with more than one character
The second/3rd player in the sign post was put with the first 3 letters of their creator's user name and a P.2/P.3 in () next to the name of the caracter in the job list.

You may evolve, just make sure you have met the requirements, however I may make certain events where you can evolve, even if you have not met the requirements.

Multiple players
There is a limit on multiple players now. You are allowed four (4) players, no more.

Sign up!

Here is the required sign up,

Species: (May be word, smiley, or both)

Here is my sign up,

Name:Mageziya (I'm not very good with coming up with names)
Species: Treecko ;252;
Job: Merchant
Personality: He happens to be the cousin of the prince, with the Kings sister being his mother. He didn't let being royalty go to his head and wanted to live a normal life as a merchant on merchant street in a stand/house near the edge of the lake. He is kind and gental but can be very harsh at times.
Other:He is trying to make money on his own instead of using up his parents money.
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When totodile attack
I don't mind signing up.

Name: Amoii

Species: Flareon ;136;

Gender: Female

Job: Mechanic

Personality: She works in a Garage near the edge of civilization. She can be a bit of a tomboy and has a knack for fixing things.

Other:She sometimes writes to her brother, who lives in a town far away.
Name: Azrael
Species: Scyther
Gender: Female
Job: Tailor
Personality: Azrael, or azzy as she known, is not exactly social, and just prefers to get the job done efficientley instead of making friends.


their rooms
Name: Tsubasa
Species: Flygon ;330;
Gender: Male
Job: Merchant
Personality: He's calm, sarcastic, and tend to be violent. He has a sad childhood memory. He had run away from home when he was young, make him more experience.
Other: He's shiny
Name: Jenna
Species: ;124;
Gender: Female
Job: Assistant
Personality:She is very clumsy,joyful,very curious,and never hurtful,when your down she there to help
Other: None


Species: ;038;
Personality: cheerful,relaxed , very random, friendly
Other as boyfriend on a long journey .


Don't underestimate
You do realize that we already have Pokemon Kingdom and PokePlaceCity and that making another job game is repetitive and annoying to the other owners. (it's just like the whole Mafia games) Just something for you to think about!

~Thanks Bugwarrior


Sign up

Name: Leafy Se Lon
Species: ;001;
Gender: Male
Job: Assistant
Personality: He likes to be called by his full name Leafy Se Lon Aion but no one calls him that , He has a Mum who sometimes visits him and loves him a lot, He has become a Assistant because no one wanted him as Knights, He once got stabbed in the stomach because he dropped a knife on his stomach, He is a bit clumsy so he got fired from his last 3 jobs, He has blue Eyes , has a lump on his head , Hates it when pokemon fight, Is from a town that is called Aoind town is it not vary big and not nice so he leaved Aoind town and went here to this town.

Other, His dad died when he was 11, And his mum was de

And can you have 2 sign ups?


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Bugwarrior: I happen to enjoy games like that, thats why I added them, I didn't know it was considered annoying to do a theme.

infernobat: Yes, but you still have to be in the posts, you can have the other play you make as a buddy or person that hangs out with you. No sign up for those required.

Everyone signing up: Accepted.


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Name: Flame
Species: ;038;
Gender: Female
Job: Chef
Personality: Kind and friendly, will be friends with most pokemon but gets crazy sometimes.
Other: Is married to a man called Crushern, who is a rhyperior.

Name: Kyro
Species: ;064;
Gender: Male
Job: Assistant(for Flame)
Personality: He is kind and intellegent, but he prefers to hang around with one or two pokemon rather than a big group. He is lonely by choice though, because he doesn't like big groups.
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Thank you my prince!
Name: Myuu
Species: Mew ;151;
Gender: Female
Job: Merchants
Personality: Doesn't like to be bothered but then bothers everyone else.
Other: Shes an angel, But I never said shes nice like one!

Name: Lily
Species: Celebi ;251;
Gender: Female
Job: Farmer
Personality: Does her best to be nice everyone.
Other: None!

fango pango

You're My Man Of War
Species: ;026;
Personality:wants to have some fun wherever he is
Other:reluctant to help specific people


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Everyone accepted, and people who did 2 players, the second player in the post was put with the first 3 letters of their user name and a P.2 in () next to there name in the job list.
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