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Claim a song thread

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Claim a song thread
[version 5.0]

Now with cookies

Welcome the claim a song thread Version 5.0, where you can, you know.
claim a song.


this time we'll be doing a few things a little differently, but not completely. so make sure you read the new rules and stuff, and then you can claim stuff. because I know thats what you want to do.

Staff/updatey people

miken park

  1. Use the form
    I don't know how many times I have to drill this into peoples heads. just use it. please.
  2. Be paitent
    I do have a life you know. Amazing, but yes. Be paitent when you've posted your claim. Oh, and don't put your claim into your signature before either Road or I has approved it.
  3. Make sure you're an active member
    I don't want people coming in here, claiming something, then going away and never coming back to the forums. Just make sure you'll be active. Please? : D
  4. Make sure you've posted at least 120 times or have been a member for 2 months.
    This goes with the above thing. I know it seems like a long wait, but thats how it is.
  5. No anime songs
    I think theres a thread for that kind of stuff. Look, here it is! all pretty and stuff!
  6. You may only claim one song.
    Just to avoid confusion and stuff. The Others does not want people to be able to claim two songs, and since he is the original owner, he has final say on these things.
  7. You can't claim a song that has already been claimed.
    so check the damn list before you post :]
  8. There is no time limit on changing your song
    But please don't change it, like, every day or something.
  9. Don't claim a song when your banned
    This means banned from the forums or thread. now I know that is not technically possible to claim a song while you're banned from the forums, but don't go get yourself banned while your waiting for your claim to be approved
Break a rule, you get a two week ban. break more than one, and your ban is doubled. break another and that ban is doubled, and so on.

The form(s)

Single song

Song name here - Artist - Your username

Changing song
Old song: Old Song name here - Artist - Your username
New song: New Song name here - Artist - Your username

Username change
Old name:
New name:
Song claimed:


List @@@

Electivire Addict - Ban ends 5/11/08

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Locke Yggdrasill

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Animal I have Become - Three Days Grace - Locke Yggdrasill
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Phoenix Fire

scream your self
Paralyzer - Finger Eleven - Phoenix Fire
4-That rule is so unfair. Normally I don't complain about such things, but sorry, thats just encouragement for me to spam.

If I had another account thats been here 5 years plus yet I can't remember the password, does that benefit this account?
Make sure you've posted at least 120 times or have been a member for 2 months.
Read the rule in full before you complain, hun.
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