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Claire On Her Own

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by lilrumpkinkb, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. lilrumpkinkb

    lilrumpkinkb Well-Known Member

    This is my very first fan fic, and for those of you who are curious, the shipping is between the character Claire I created, and Gary Oak from the pokemon anime. I'm predicting that it will be at least 30 chapters long, and each chapter will at least be two pages long (on Word). I will start a pm list you can ask to be on.

    Disclaimer- I do not own pokemon video games, anime, anime characters or merchandising so I didn't create them. Although I did create the characters Claire, her parents, and Julia.

    Author's Note-
    I did a good amount of research before starting, because it contains a good amount of cahracters and places in the anime. I hope my hard research will be to your liking!

    PM List-

    I will start this fabulous story with a prolouge!

    On the outskirts of Kasado City, of Silver Rock Island stood a quaint little house only a mile away from a secluded area of the island’s luscious shores. The house had a white picket fence around its yard, which seemed to hold thousands of delicate flowers. Its pathway led to a small, yet shaded front porch which had wind chimes and all hanging from it. The plain wooden front door had a window for looking at visitors, and below it was a rough brown welcome mat with prickly bristles to collect dirt off of shoes. The abode looked like it came out a fairy tale, but the home owner’s history was anything but magical.

    A little girl, who didn’t look a day over ten, had a very scared and frightened look, which is unusual for someone that young of an age to wear. Her other current features included platinum blonde wavy locks that went past her shoulders, smooth porcelain skin, deep blue pools of water for eyes, and wore a simple light blue shirt, with khaki shorts.
    The young, beautiful creature sat herself on a tan couch; next to her was a young man who barely looked twenty held her hands. He two had blonde hair, although it was darker by two shades and went to his shoulders; they both shared the same eyes, and skin tone. For they were brother and sister, of the ages 10 and 20 who just in the past hour became parentless.

    “Claire,” the young man said, “Mom and Dad aren’t coming back from their fishing trip.”

    “Really, why? Did they extend it or something?” Claire asked.

    “No…, they,” he stuttered, “well see, one of the whirlpools caught the boat, and it sunk. Along with them.”

    Claire froze the instant her brother managed to spit out the words. Her brother, Robert, tried comforting her with a good solid, meaningful hug, but it seemed to do nothing as she sat down frozen as a pokemon who had just been attacked by an ice beam. Robert soon let her go realizing it would just make the pain worse, and he left to go tell their neighbor Julia about what had just happened. Julia was a very close friend of the family, and was friends with Claire and Robert’s parents before they started dating. She wasn’t married, and had no children of her own so whenever she took care of the two, she would spoil them like a grandmother would. Robert opened and closed the door with a soft thud which snapped Claire out of her still state, and she watched him through the window run over to Aunt Julia’s house.

    “Why did they have to go on their fishing trip?” Claire pondered. “They could’ve waited to go until after I started my pokemon journey. I’ve been waiting for months for tomorrow, and I know Robert is too overprotective to let me travel on my own, and Mom and Dad…” Claire turned her eyes attention to the coffee table which had a picture of a happy family of four on a boat, with a Blastoise in the water in front of it. She felt a tear roll down her cheek, and made a soft dropping noise when it hit the ground.

    “Don’t worry Dad, I’ll keep your promise.”

    The prolouge was pretty short, but don't worry; the chapters will be longer.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2006
  2. charizard trainer #1

    charizard trainer #1 Ready to lose???

    I like it so far: good description (even though its a short prologue), spelling was ok and grammar was fine (few errors). I like the idea... wonder how Gary fits into this.

    QUESTION: Is 'Robert' the coordinator Robert from the hoenn grandfestival (the guy who won)? I'm sure he is but i just want to make sure... wonder what the 'promise' is.
  3. lilrumpkinkb

    lilrumpkinkb Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1

    Sorry, I kind of forgot about Claire On Her Own... Anyways, here's the first chapter! Hope you like it!


    Chapter 1

    5 years later

    ‘Everything has to be ready before Robert returns home, or my proposition won’t stand a chance!’ Claire thought.

    She was dusting a vase in the living room, which was already spotlessly clean. The living room was rarely this clean, but it was a special day; Robert was coming home. Not only was he coming home with from a year long journey in Hoenn, but he was bringing the famous Ribbon Cup. The Grand Festival was this past week, and every day she would go to Julia’s house and together they would watch Robert’s performances, and his competition’s. They were ecstatic when Robert beat that Drew guy, and won the Ribbon Cup. Immediately after the match, all of Claire’s neighbors came to Julia’s and told her to congratulate Robert on his win. Claire was so happy that he won, and thought it would be the perfect time to ask him about traveling throughout Johto by herself to compete in gym battles.

    She was 15 now, and traveled through Kanto when she was 12 with Robert. He wouldn’t let her compete in gym battles at the time, which prevented her from her dream of becoming a pokemon master. Robert did allow her to catch and train pokemon for whatever future purpose. Before they left for Kanto, Julia gave Claire a real pokemon egg as a gift for her birthday. Julia told her that no one knew what pokemon it would hatch into, and said that it would be cool for her first pokemon to be a surprise. Claire brought the silver egg with her, and was shocked along with Robert when it hatched into an eevee. Not an ordinary eevee, but a shiny one. Claire named her Luna for her shiny, moonlike color. With Luna she soon caught a vulpix that she named Sandy. During their journey through Kanto Robert would earn contest ribbons, while Claire would train Luna and Sandy. After Robert lost in the finals at the Kanto Grand Festival, they arrived home and relieved Julia of her ‘house sitting’ job. Robert decided to let Claire stay home under the watchful eye of Julia, (Claire deserved relaxation time after a year of travel) while he would train for a year throughout Johto. She was pretty depressed after hearing from Robert that she wasn’t allowed to travel in her own home region. Since he left a week before her birthday, he took her to the Pokemon Center to become an official trainer, and receive a Trainer ID. Robert told her and Julia that he now allowed her to battle against other local trainers. This was her birthday present and I great one considering how strict he is. He then returned home,(around Claire’s birthday) and gave her a rare fire stone he had received from his friend Professor Oak. She was ecstatic and immediately used it on Sandy who then evolved into a ninetails. Robert decided to compete in contests once again after his long and vigorous training, but this time in Hoenn. He had earned enough ribbons to compete in the Hoen Grand Festival and the rest is history.
    This was only part of the story, and it was just about to turn around.

    “Ring, Ring!” the video phone seemed to scream.

    Claire ran over to the screen and pushed the green button labeled with the words ‘Answer’.

    “Robert!” She squealed excitedly, “I’m so proud that you won the Ribbon cup!” The receiver on the other end of the connection was Robert, proudly holding the coveted Ribbon Cup in his hands.

    Robert answered, “Thank you Claire, you now how much your support helps me!”

    “Not to bug you, but why are you an hour late?” Claire asked knowing the obvious answer.

    Robert replied saying, “The storm is holding up the ferry in Olivine City, so I’ll be home at about 4:30, okay?”

    Claire quickly looked at the clock hanging on the wall which displayed the numbers 2:00.

    “Also Claire, I’m supposed to have an interview with a guy named Gary Oak at 4:00, but I’m running late so I need you to invite him in and make him comfortable when he visits until I arrive, okay?!” Robert said in a calm and conservative tone while getting the message across.

    “Alright Robert, I won’t forget! Bye!” Claire said in a sleepy tone as she pushed the red ‘Hang Up’ button. She looked outside the window at the approaching clouds that would soon turn into a storm. The same storm that was holding up Robert’s boat, the same kind of storm the afternoon her parents drowned; uninvited and unwanted. She had started to become sleepy from her hard house cleaning spree, and decided to take a nap. Hey, she worked hard today and deserved the nap; it was also her own way of escaping the storm and dreaming about her goal of becoming a pokemon master.
    She was too preoccupied with thoughts of fear and excitement that she forgot about a certain person that would change her life in ways she couldn’t imagine.

    Please R&R!
  4. charizard trainer #1

    charizard trainer #1 Ready to lose???

    Good to see you haven't forgotten this fic (i did for some time). Good detail but the length of the chapter was a bit short, keep it up.
  5. Deputy55

    Deputy55 RK9 Unit

    I thought you forgot about this so it went to the back of my mind but whetever. Good work. Great description, although I feel like I am on thread. I wanna know more so if you are reading this maybe you can write some more. I wanna know more.
  6. Sailor Merury

    Sailor Merury Butterflys rock!

    Very good. Keep up the good work! I just have a feeling that the storm will kill her brother.

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