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Clamperl of Wisdom (369)


Its almost time
Title Screen: HAH HAH HAH! You can't digitally paint CGI animation 4Kids, you can't turn the badge case pokeball into a rectangle. HAH! Hopefully this means they won't edit the badge case in future episodes but like what Dogasu says, it is good to be consistent.

Epidose: Very decent. Meowths boss dream actually made sense until Spoink came into it. I loved how Torkoal jumped into the water even though it couldn't swim. Trainers Choice had a nice revamp even though this is prone for more mistakes (Which is weak to Thunder? Grovyle, Gligar or Geodude? The answer is Gligar.) I was actually suprised they kept the TC considering Kids WB putting in "Who's That Pokemon?" After the intro. Its times like this that make me feel like Ash is a total moron, Spoink loved Ash, Ash loved Spoink and he didn't even think for a nanosecond about capturing it. It would have been fun, Torkoal would have enjoyed it so much and Ash would have his very first Psychic type. Of course this wasn't what the writers had in mind so we just have to wait for [SPOIL]Snorunt/Glalie[/SPOIL] to come around.

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Pinky the Mew said:
I loved that intro! Even if it were a few Seconds Me seeing Mewtwo again is comforting that they haven't forgotten him

*sigh* ;151; ;) ;150;

Thank God! The Trainer's Choice has changedfor the better now I hope they can be accurate this time!

Either how this episode was wonderous! I'm getting the feeling that Spoink is going to be Jigglypuff's troublemaking replacement for this season/generation.
such a shame that was not Mewtwo.......

because from the pics I have it had to tail or the points on it's head and it had yugi style hair so it isn't Mewtwo
Could anybody here tell Serebii to edit the Luvdisc PotW page? Some of them swam by Mudkip and Corphish. Anyway, that episode was cool. Everybody sing the theme song! trainer's choice was upgraded, I mean, before it was, they said Arbok evolve into Seviper. The introduction was amazing!


cherry BLOSSOM.
It's pretty good. The part that amused me the most is when Brock's draggin Max saying "I got Clamperl!" and Max yells "Let go of me!"

Then when the smoke clears Brock is holding Max 0_o

Oh, and it's about time they changed the theme song... I just don't like the music of the theme song that much.

But the part that made me LOL is when TR kept trying to open Clamperl and their eyes were like - -


It was a pretty good episode, I liked Spoink and Clamperl dilemma.



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They mainly used the Battle Frontier stuff - they should of show the original 8th Season Opening, not the 9th Season -_-;

Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if they are already dubbing the 8th Movie right this moment- lets hope they dont give Rukario or Manyula some heterosexual name.

But yeah, the whole thing with Team Rocket & Clamperl was funny. How it blew Jessie into a tree with Water Gun XD - and her trying to open it and **** XD

I wish they would of just used the Japanese Opening instead of putting a straight theme song to it and mixing the 8th & 9th Season intro's...

I wouldn't be surprised if they have dubbed the entire season of Advanced Battle already...


EDIT FROM DOGASU: Post fixed. Homophobic comments are not tolerated here.
Ooooh! AG Season 3 is going to prove that the future of Pokemon is Wild! I know that Advanced Battle will be an experiment in adventure! My waiting has finally payed off, Yay me!

I know I just pulled taglines from ads for Lunatics Unleashed, Johnny Test and Coconut Fred (who provided a great final countdown), but this really describes what Advanced Battle is going to be about. New stuff, new events, and new Pokemon too.

But how did this season begin, with a bang of course, of Pokeballs followed up by a Badge Case with one on it (gasp!) being our brand new title card! The new intro was excellent, read my post in the corrosponding thread for more about that.

Now, we've got an intresting plot today, and the return of Spoink (Yay Me!)! It's nice to see Spoink again after all this time, even though we are starting AG Season 3 (yep, AG numbering roxors my soxors!). The new professor guy was neat, I could tell he was the cousin of a rock star (hedley hint hint ).

Now for the NEW Trainers Choice, no more Arbok>Seviper problems, they've been studying haven't they? Ember is super-effective against pure grass types such as Seedot (not Ludicolo, he's part grass).

Clamperl had a unique voice, kinda sounded like Dory in a clam. Just like last time Spoink appeared,

James also flashed cards again, but this time the backs were blank and the fronts were not shown, was this an edit? If 4Kids could pull off a Sandwich edit, they could have painted away the backs and modified the fronts last time. But this was good though (was it like that originally?).

So, Season 8, this will be a most exciting season at that!

the episode was ok......... Clamperl seems cute......... and Torkoal jumping in the water was funny........ but weird..... and i'm not sure if Spoink is like Jigglypuff's replacement...... XP
and Seviper was kewl in the battle with Torkoal........... it bad it still lost....
and to me, the new opening seemed kewl but a little long........ XP


Thank you, SPPf! :)
A lot better than the first Spoink episode, that's for sure. Similarly, though, the best parts were the comedic value, and nothing much more. The Giovanni fantasy with Clamperl was one of the greatest fantasies ever, rivaling only the Bagon one. Even better yet was Meowth waving his *** in front of Clamperl, only to get it clamped, lawl. And the animation also whopped ***, unlike last week's episode...

You people are getting too optimistic over the slight twist of Trainer's Choice. They'll foul it up over the next few episodes. Trust me.
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Lil Brother

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Yes, I loved the Trainer's Choice. It could actually be quite tricky if you think about it. All of the Pokemon there would be weak to fire attacks if it weren't for Lapras and Ludicolo being part-water types.

Anyways... anyone find it extremly unrealisitic that the blue peral just happens to find its way to a Clamperl, knocking the pink peral is knocked out of the shell and straight onto Spoink's head? What was with that?

Anyways, forgot my rating. 8/10.

EDIT: Oh, and did anyone else notice James? "That's one shell of a shell!" XD I love it when 4Kids does funny puns that the kids won't get.
PokémonScott said:
Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if they are already dubbing the 8th Movie right this moment- lets hope they dont give Rukario or Manyula some heterosexual name.
4kids does NOT change the Pokemon names. That is all done by Nintendo of America. Thank you.


This episode was okay. Not much else to say on that. Spoink really bugs me now >_>
To start, the new entrance theme isn't too bad. Spoink-chan was its usual kawaii self...too bad we won't see the little guy again.:( If anyone's played Emerald, check both Spoink and Clamperl's entries. Cool, huh? Good that they planned this fact ahead of time.^_^ James' shell quote will be familiar to TMNT viewers, where that show's used that shell pun about a hundred times.:p

The Trainer's Choice v.2 isn't bad at all...let's hope they won't screw up at all this time around.:) And I squealed(in shock) when they showed the Wailmer on Spoink...how the heck can Spoink balance it on its head without using Psychic?!o_0;

Overall, 8/10. Great start to Advanced Battle.

Risk Alchemist

i saw this epsisode today and it rocked! i liked the new theme song too!

~Deoxys Lover;386-d;~


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Clampearl... Why does clampearl look like a a weird, idiotic pokemon before it evolves??


God of Fusions
Deoxys Lover said:
i saw this epsisode today and it rocked! i liked the new theme song too!

~Deoxys Lover;386-d;~
Oh man, the new theme song is good but I like the one before it ( Pokemon Advanced[ theme song]) better.

zonic the hedgehog

Lil Brother said:
EDIT: Oh, and did anyone else notice James? "That's one shell of a shell!" XD I love it when 4Kids does funny puns that the kids won't get.
I HOPE that was sarcasm, because I pretty sure most children would've gotten that without even thinking. Ever watch the new Ninja Turtles? It's said a gazillion times, that it's not even hilariously funny anymore. Not that it ever was.

Anyway, after my hiatus of not even watching Pokemon for the past 8 weeks, I thought I might as well start watching again for the new season.
I caught the new opening just as it opened, and spit my java at the TV screen.


Taking out a song that barely had lyrics in it? That was to be expected.
But having the worst opening song to date cuts it for me.
As the episode starts, I'm greeted to lame Pokemon voices and silliest episode to start a new season with. Pretty average episode really. Most of the plot was spoinks "blah" quest to find it's "blah" pearl. Not much going to for this episode.

Score: 5/10


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Didn't Serebii just say not to talk about the intro here? And what do you guys do? Geez...

And PokemonScot, homophobic comments won't be tolerated here. Do it again and you'll get a week-long ban.