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Clash of the Connoisseurs! (741)


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Did Nurse Joy say that the Opelucid City Gym will not reopen in time for the league?


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I was expecting Ash challenging the Opelucid Gym, but the gym's closed. But anyway, it was a good episode. The parts with Burgundy were so funny, she even blasted off like Team Rocket.

Marbi Z

So for the first time in Pokemon Anime history Ash will be challenging gyms from a seperate game BEFORE he collects all the badges from the game the series is based off of FTW! Also for the first time in a long time it's nice to see a main character use an evolved Pokemon who has a type advantage against an opponent who has a non evolved Pokemon. Now when was the last time you saw that!? Now we just have to wait until Ash meets up with Dawn again. And don't even get me started with Piplup and Oshawatt.


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lmfao! good episode! , that foogus was making marigold trip hard lolol stay off the shrooms ;)
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i wonder when burgundy blasted off and ash said "Im sure I heard that before" if he was referencing team rocket.


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What was Richard's full name?


i wonder when burgundy blasted off and ash said "Im sure I heard that before" if he was referencing team rocket.
I hope so. That was my favorite moment from the whole episode.


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i wonder when burgundy blasted off and ash said "Im sure I heard that before" if he was referencing team rocket.
I always felt that Burgundy was the comic relief "villain" that could fill the void left by TR.

I miss the references to past seasons that were so frequent in Sinnoh and seem so rare in Unova. Looking forward to the references that are still to come in the future.
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When introduced we heard Ricard's last name.


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OMG! Marigold was soooo cute :D

Loved Ash's Team Rocket refrence.

Anyway else noticed at the end when Ash said "Virbank City Gym" He seemed to say Burbank for some reason?


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Well I loved that episode, but first we find out that the opelucid gym is closed and Iris is very pleased with that news. I wonder why she is so keen to stay away.

Anyway, into the main body of the episode and it focuses on Cilan and his Connoisseur talent which will be used to pick the first pokemon for a little girl named marigold. It leads to a battle between Cilan and a rival 'A' Class connoisseur named Ricard and the winner will chose marigold's pokemon. Cilan wins and chooses a pokemon nobody else could dream of and it turns out to be Marigold's best friend in the garden; a foongus. I just wanted to add Burgandy's participation in this episode was brilliant and the Team Rocket reference to her blast off from Ash had me beaming from ear-to-ear.

The episode ends with Ash deciding to go to Virbank City which is exciting! Can't wait to see what goes on there which means on to the next one!


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Okay Pinot Noir / Ricard Nouveau was even creepier in the dub. All these snotty rich people accents were hilarious.

I loved Ash's reference to Team Rocket's blast offs.


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I loved Marigold's father's voice. It was just so... hilariously over the top snooty.


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I wish they kept his name as Pinot Noir, since it's hilarious in itself, but at least the dub pays attention to detail.

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This was an ok episode. Rather interesting, but nothing particular special.


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Wow, for an episode with low pre-expectations, this episode was definitely well made. xD

Too bad to hear that the Opelucid Gym is closed, and Iris is relieved about that. Wonder why...

This was a good episode for Cilan to get focus upon. His miniature rivalry with Ricard was quite unique.

Oh hey! I forgot Cilan still has a fear over Purrloin. Totally left my memory since we last saw a Purrloin on the show.

LOL YES. Burgundy blasting off into the sky... wow. Memories man. It's been forever since that happened with Team Rocket. Ash making a vague reference to that was a huge throwback. Burgundy herself we well put in this episode. Definitely a great non-tournament spot for her.

Marigold had some sparkling eyes...

The butler recommends to Ash to head for the Virbank Gym, and Cilan seems very eager to go there. I also wonder why.

This is the beginning of a new turn in the BW saga.