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Clash of the Elements ~ A FanFic 4 All

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Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast

The Characters/Elementals:
The sprites aren't all that great, but I couldn't draw them as fast! So yeah!

Steven Blare ~ Me
Age: 19
Element: Fire
Power: Gravity/Telepathy

David Frost
Age: 19
Element: Ice
Power: Strength/Werewolf

Jacob Wynd
Age: 19
Element: Wind
Power: Invisibility

Aaron Elec
Age: 19
Element: Electricity
Power: Speed

Hanssel Lef
Age: 19
Element: Nature/Grass
Power: Duplication

Ernesto Aquani
Age: 18 1/2
Element: Water
Power: Atom Shifter/Can go through things

~Their Story Begins~


Chapter 1
Holo Phantoms​

“Steven” The voice was very faint and distant, his ears twitched to the sound of it. “Steven” It was coming closer, towards his room. Cringing with pain, he grabbed the blankets. “Steven” It felt like something was being released from his body, but being replaced with something else. The room was going from the normal temperature to a blazing hot scorch. The tips of hair on his bangs where going from black to blonde. “Steven” Opening his eyes they weren’t hazel pupils, but a misty white.

Lying face down in the snow he opened his eyes to a blur of chaos. It looked like a battle was merging in front of him. The cave was vast and chilly. Ice stained the stone walls and icicles hung towards the sides.
Standing up his name was yelled, “Steven ” It was Alexa, his girlfriend. She was in a white corridor in the same cave as he was. “Alexa ” he got up but an explosion stopped him in his tracks. The force was so powerful that it sent him out on to the entrances cliff.
It was so slippery that he slid of grabbing on to the cold sharp ledge. His hands started to burn through it and he felt drops of water fall on his face. His weight was making a section start cracking. Quickly he jumped up with his leg as the section he was just hanging from fell into the canyon bellow.
The entrance in front of him was erupting with smoke reaching the ozone layer. Everything in is mind went blank, ‘Alexa ’. He had to go back in to get her. She could be hurt or even worse. He couldn’t think about that, or what he’d do if she had. But he jumped up as a black figure walked out onto the cliff.
It was wearing a long black cape that blended with the smoke. A pure as snow white mask matching the snow was covering it’s darkened face that could not be seen. It was halved with a half horn coming out of the middle. It stood about six and a half feet tall, about half a foot or more from Steven.
“How does it feel being cornered Mr.Blare?” The voice was low and the blast had messed with Steven’s hearing. He covered his ears and fell to one knee. “Exactly what I mean. Powerless” Steven looked back up and felt fatigue.
“I will offer you this, your life for my allegiance or your death for your power?”
“I... would ... never, Shadow” Getting back up he looked ready to fight.
“You’re too weak, and you know the only thing that can defeat me is all six of you. But I killed David and the rest of your friends”
‘David, how could that be?’
“No, you’re just toying with my mind ” It was working though. The sound of David yelling and then his head was pulsing with pain. “Aw ” he yelled, the echo carried on.
“Well then, I guess you don’t favor your life or you wouldn’t be yelling at me” Steven was caught off guard and it felt like an invisible force grabbed him by the neck and was holding him up half a foot off the ground. His eyes widened, something was being ejected into his body. Pain soon filled followed by a power he couldn’t explain.
“Do you feel that? That Steven, is darkness. The very thing that I thrive on, that I use. It’s coursing threw your veins right now, the power that you could have. The destruction you could cause if you came with me”
“Uh... uhh...” His breath was shortening and he could feel the power, all of it in his body. If felt extraordinary, but he couldn’t move. “No ” he yelled.
“Well then, I’ll force it out of you ” The darkness was ripped away and it was so painful Steven almost blacked out. A roar was heard through the icy canyon and he was dropped into the cliff, but he broke through.

Everything was coming back and he sat straight up in his bed sweating and thirsty. The clock next to his glasses read six in the morning time to get ready for school. He was breathing hard and his lungs still felt like they where being constricted. But as soon as he was in the dream, it was almost wiped out from his memory, or pushed off to the side.
Putting the glasses on along with a shirt and grabbing a soccer ball he got up and walked across the hall.
He was on the second floor and the hall had only one wall and the rest was rail looking out into the living room. Straight across from his room was his cousin’s, Aaron.
They were born a month apart and decided that one should live with the other for college. But being born only a month apart made them almost inseparable, like best friends.
“Incoming ” Steven dropped the ball and slammed it hard into Aaron’s door making it fly open. Aaron’s hand almost stopped it and it slid off onto the floor.
“And you call your self our goalie? What a load of crud ”
“No, I just call you our best forward, hurry up and get in the shower ” Aaron yelled as he grabbed the ball and threw it.
The ball dropped down the stairs to the first floor and ricochet of the couch down to the basement. It bounced hitting the computer where Steven’s dad did his work as an archeologist. A case was open and it was holding six different symbol necklaces. The case fell and the six necklaces fell into Steven’s backpack.
Mr. Blare or Peter Blare was always on a trip somewhere and Mrs. Blare or Claire Blare worked at a bank. The twins, Alec and Matt where never in, in the morning because school started early and they didn’t want to stay at the house but rather at one of their friends.
Steven was getting in the shower and tested the water first. But soon as the water touched his skin it burned. “Awe ... ” he yelled. Turning it all the way to the ‘Hot’ not noticing.
He emerged from the bathroom along with a cloud of steam. A bolt of lightning flashed through the sky. “There’s a storm” Aaron said as the wind hit the windows hard. “Here, breakfast” he said throwing the strawberry pop-tart at Steven.
“Thanks? Why don’t you actually make something? Like eggs, or bacon! Here boy” Steven replied as he threw it again at his pet Rottweiler Zeus .
“You should really feed yourself sometime and not your dog. And you know that you cook better than me”
“Then he wouldn’t be so loyal. And I don’t think your that bad a cook. The last time you made me a bowl of cereal was excellent!”
“Funny” Wind was blowing against the windows again and the tree was hitting it too. Something wasn’t right. The wind was blowing all sorts of things over like empty trash cans, and paper bags but the leaves on all the trees in his back yard still hadn’t lost any leaves.
Toasting another pop-tart, Steven sat down turning on the TV.
“Crap, Crap, o and the news, what else?”
“In the weather here is Adriene” They switched over. “Thank you Tom. Here in Peoria, the wind is blowing about seventy miles and wait,” She looked up and you could see drops of rain and crystal spheres falling, “It’s also hailing! But some drops seem to still be rain. This is the first time in 5 years. Although the hail has something to compete with, the trees leaves haven’t been seen blowing in the wind or any where else? But another strange factor is that it is scorching hot out Lightning flashes the sky, and this weather is unpredictable. So back to you”
Steven turned off the TV as Aaron got out of the shower. “Tell us something we don’t know” This weather was unpredictable and was almost impossible to have happened if it wasn’t happening already. “Ready? ” He yelled up as Aaron grabbed his bag.
“Yeah, but I think something is on fire?” Smoke was coming out of the toaster.
Rushing over Steven popped the toasted pop-tarts out, but it didn’t come out. “Crap” He shoved his hand in and grabbed it. “Hm? The toasters broken, remind me to tell mom and dad. I don’t think it’s heating, just smoking” Putting one in his mouth and throwing one at Zeus, he went down stairs to retrieve his backpack.
Steven picked the case back up and set it back on the desk, zipping up his backpack. “Steven! Are we going to take your car?!”
“I’m right here, yeah why not?”
“No reason just askin’ in case I needed to get my keys” Walking out Steven grabbed his keys. Although they didn’t mention it, sand was whipping all around.
They quickly got in and had small pieces of sand on their shoulders but nothing else, not even rain. “Crap! The car won’t start!”
“What?” Aaron leaned forward touching the dash and something sparked and the car started. “Well it’s started now?”
The first light was the last one before the school. “Aaron, I think something’s wrong”
“Like what?” Aaron asked putting a stick of gum in his mouth.
“I don’t know, something just feels wrong. I had a dream last night, it was really weird but, I mean it felt like I was actually there, not just a floating person and like I was saying things that I didn’t know anything about?”
“Well I don’t know what your talking about and it’s green” They started and a car flashed by in front of them. Steven put his hand back and the car stopped immediately on the wet road. “Hey!” Aaron rolled down his window looking at the car but put it quickly back up. “Not such a great idea”
Parking they quickly got out running to the front of the school. Farloc College was an extremely large campus built in 2009. In front stood a large tree and covered most of the front lawn.
Awaiting them was Alexa. “Hey babe, are you okay? I saw that stupid car go through that red light”
“Yeah, I’m alright”
“Good, class starts right now” She said holding his hand and walking in.
“What’s up?” Jacob was walking with David towards them.
Jacob Wynd was a defender on the team and a long time friend with Steven and Aaron. He use to be a very wild kid but has mellowed out.
David Frost is the captain of the Football team and has been the most popular since well, when he entered school.
“Hey, where’s Ernesto and Hanssel?” Steven asked shaking hands.
“They’re in class for once, but I think we’re meeting in the locker room, both Soccer and Football” David answered.
“Yeah, it’s cause of the weather. But I gotta go, see you guys at lunch” Jacob walked towards the east hall.
“Well we better get going too” Alexa said looking at her phone in her purse.
“Okay, we’ll see you later Aaron”
“Yup, see you David” Aaron really never was great friends with David. Not they hated each other, but that they never got to know each other to the fullest.
David entered the class and walked down to his seat. “Bye babe” Alexa kissed Steven and Steven walked down to sit next to David.
Their desks had built in computers with touch programing. Their Styluses kept everything in them and they could even put in their phones for more accesablity.
An e-mail appeared on Steven’s screen. He opened it.
‘Wanna go to the mall tomorrow? Sorry I didn’t tell you about this earlier but everyone is going, I e-mailed Aaron too. But we were just going to go and have some fun. Alexa must have forgotten cause she didn’t say anything this morning’
Steven put his fingers on the screens pad and quickly typed while listening to Mrs. Hollingsworth’s speech on ‘The Secret Window’.
‘Sure sounds cool. What time? So where was Emma this morning?’
‘She was eating breakfast, in the cafeteria. Here relatives are in this week and they were sleeping when she left’
“Mr. Blare, what was your intake on this book? I see that you’ve read it before?”
“It was an excellent book and had a plot that made you think, ones that I like, along with a very twisted ending"
"You are one of the few that I think has actually read the book, thank you, now back to what I was saying..." her voice trailed off as Steven opened the last e-mail.
'Nice call. Hey, we're leaving at like 10 so we can eat lunch and stuff. Just don't be late.'

The day had gone fast and it was lunch already. Steven sat down next to Alexa with a big mac. But before he could open the box someone shoved into him. "Watch it Blare, You'll really get it someday" Darian was standing right behind him. Darian wasn't a very pleasant person to be around, and since David stole his captain possition, it was more to hate Steven with.
Seeing what happened David sat his bag down, "What's up?" He asked. Emma looked a little conserend too.
"Nothing, I'll see you guys later" He Darian left with two of his friends. Most of them you couldn't realy make out.
Ernesto and Hanssel sat down next to David and Emma.
Emma was pretty much the only girl David had ever been with for his entire life. They were great friends and even better boyfriend girlfriend.
Ernesto and Hanssel have been buddies since the begining of time it almost seems like. But they knew each other before getting aquainted with David then Steven.
Alexa finally sat down followed by Jacob and Aaron. "So the mall is set for tomorrow?" David announced to the table.
"Yeah, better bring you money hun" Emma said kissing David. Ernesto stuck his tougne out and bitting into the quarter pounder.
"We'll all be going, thanx for the Rated R movie" Hanssel said also bitting into his sandwhich.

As quickly as the school day begins, it ends. Walking into the locker room, coach Darrel yelled out. "Practice will not be today obviously, and your jerseys need to be clean before next Wednesday. Now you guys have a great day and a free Thursday! See you next practice!" He stepped off of the chair as coach Araic stepped up and yelled, "That goes for all football players too!"
"Well one more day of school and the weekend! Did I tell you I love free Thursday?" Aaron told David.
Steven opened his bag and saw the six neclaces in his bag. A wave blasted him and he almost slipped. "Are you okay Steven?" David asked grabbing him making sure he didn't fall. "Yeah, take a look at these?"
He pulled the necklaces out of his bag and had them dangling from his fist. "Wow, those are sweet!" Jacob said grabbing a light green one.
"Don't know what they are but hey, they were in my bag, must not be something important?" Ernesto popped his head out from behind a locker with Hanssel.
"Free necklaces, sweet" Hanssel said grabbing the green one and Ernesto grabbed the blue. All of them were gone leaving Steven with a spiked yellow one. Everyone had their's one when they left the locker room.


The neclaces where in place. In their rightful owners hands. These weren't any ordinary neclaces, but ancient ones found in the Egyptian Pyramid, Heackraon. It was said to be lost but Steven's dad had found them. But the reason this was happening, the reason for everything falling into place was to guard, guard the world.

The clocks around the town struck Twelve O' Clock at night. The neclaces glowed on their owners chests. Brightening until the light was strong enough to be shown from the ozone layer.
All six of them were in a circular room. In front of them were three small pillars holding six small spheres. And in the middle another small pillar that had a bright orb glowing above holding three more orbs. The light was bright and it was hard to look at it. But then the six orbs in front exploded and their human bodies were starting to transform. The pain was unendurable, but it had to be done.
Cringing the pain was killing them and was meaning too.

Somewhere in the north pole ice canyons: A mast lay in the snow in a cave. The clock ticked and it floated up and shadow pieces that looked like beams formed a cloak over a body unseen. "hahahaha! This is the time my shadows, this is the time that the Elementals fail" In the shadows six pairs of eyes looked forward.
Steven jolted up and looked at the time. It was ten. He got up quickly put a shirt on and ran to Aaron's room opening the door and shaking him. "Come on we got to go!"
"What time is it?"
"Crap!" He stood up with his hair doing the same.

Steven was eating a Chewy bar as they pulled up to the mall. Alexa put her phone back into her purse. "I've been trying to call you!"
"I'm so sorry babe, we were running late. And my phone is on silent"
"Okay, well at least your okay. I thought something happened"
"Your just like me, we always fear the worst, I'm hungry and I'm going to get a Cinnabon, wanna share?"
"Sure, anyone else?" She asked around.
"Already ate, thanx though. Me and Hanssel where going to go to Pac Sun"
"Okay, and I'm going to go shop for some stuff, just look around, I was actually going to go to like JCPenny's or something" Jacob said heading off.
"Well um? I'll go off with Hanssel or someone, bye" Aaron said quickly running off too.
"Emma wants something so yeah, nough said, bye" he grabbed Emma around the neck and headed off.
Steven sat down next to Alexa at a table about fifteen feet from the glass rail that lead to the bottom floor. "So, I know something is bothering you what is it?"
"It's nothing? Who said anything?"
"Just don't be mad, Aaron. He said you've been acting strange and that, wait? Your not wearing your glasses?"
"What?" He felt his face and he wasn't, but he could see clearly. "This is the kind of weird stuff I've been talking about. Like I said, it's really nothing"
She looked at him in a sort of annoyed face. "Fine, the other night I had a . . ." Someone poked his shoulder. "Yeah?" But when he turned around he was met with a punch that sent him through the rail and plumiting into the ground. "Steven!" Alexa shrieked.
Steven's arms immediately went up and he stopped along with the glass around him. He opened his eyes and floated back to his feet turning around. "Hey! What the Hell are you thin..." But he couldn't finish. Standing on the first floor was, him. But there was something different his skin seemed to be darker and seemed abused a little.
"Who are you!" Demanded Steven.
"I am you, just more skilled at what ever powers you have, being locked away with nothing to do is practice"
Alexa, hearing Steven's voice ran to the rail a few feet away from the shadow version. "Steven!" She yelled joyously. But the shadow lifted his arms and the glass that was on the ground surrounded her and Emma who was trying to sneak away. "Yes little girl, I know who you are, your Frost's little girlfriend. Now where is the big boy?"
David was hiding in a sea of people across the large hole showing the first floor. He had to do something. It was almost pure instinct, but he put his hand up and then a light blue spay froze the glass together.
Steven had got the sign, the shadow wasn't looking and he flew up smashing into him and sending him out into the mall's courtyard. He flew back down and lit his hand on fire melting the ice. David was pushing through trying to get to Emma. "Miss me?" Behind Steven, his shadow was standing in the broken window. "That was a free shot, now Frost get David!" As david was running his shadow, Frost blasted into him and they slide to the bottom of the elivator.
Jacob was running back after seeing Steven fly, but he was met with an invisible punch sending him down as well breaking the elivators. Wynd, his shadow appeared where the punch had originated.
Blare flew in and grabbed Steven dropping him next to David as Frost jumped back onto the second floor. "Now where are the rest of you?" Aaron was running but no one could see him he was so fast. He jumped towards Blare but he put his hand up and Aaron was stopped in his tracks. "Where theres the annoying cousin, Elec, why can't you don you own job?" Aaron was thrown into a store window.
Hanssel and Ernesto flew through the PacSun window on the the bottom floor. "Good now that the gang has met up, we'll stop you here! Ready to die?" They all collected behind Blare on the second floor.
"No, not just yet" Steven said getting up.

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well no offense but it orginal the someone grabs the blue neclace it
preetty obvouse that power is water

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Could be better and to be honet the whole *Food im hungrey, i already ate* thing was pretty lame. DO NOT put a *intresting part* IN the story let the readers find that out.