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Classroom Training (594)


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Teacher Candice of the Trainers' School!

Finally arriving at Snowpoint City, Ash & co. meet up with the Gym Leader Candice. Due to her kindhearted nature, Candice offers to show them around Snowpoint City with one of the first stops being a Trainers School. Meeting their old friend Zoey, the whole gang decides to partake in the Trainer School to keep their skills fresh...

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Could someone please put in the parts where Ash failed to answer questions about pikachu and mewoth about its species?


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This episode was pretty boring if you ask, even though Candice is my second favourite gym leader of sinnoh. Nothing usefull apart from that Zoey has four ribbons.
Could someone explain to me who won between zoey vs candice i missed that part


R.I.P Dax

This episode was so boring. I couldn't really watch it completely. There was nothing interesting about it.

I did like the backstory between Glameow and Zoey. It's sad the cat was abandoned and they didn't let Zoey keep the cat. At least Candice defended her. It looks so cute as a small Glameow.

The episode gave Zoey development but she's so dull that it really wasn't entertaining to get to know her.


Korobooshi Kojiro

I must say, Snowpoint City looked very gorgeous in the anime. Very nice atmosphere to it, and this episode really seemed to make good use of the new aspect ratio.

Looks like a nice episode overall though. There's also some subplot with a guy and his Skuntank or something...


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I concur with those above, it was Very un-interesting episode. No doubt it will be better when its translated but when an episode is good its enjoyable even when you cant understand what the heck they're saying (e.g. the lonely snover), I'm sorry to say this was not one of them. whoo hoo i've finally reach post 100


Thank you, SPPf! :)
And thus, after 125 pointless romps through random gyms and random contests and random cosplay conventions, we arrive at my most anticipated episode of the saga - The Suzuna Debut. Expectations are needlessly high, but I'm going to guide you through my excitement step-by-step.

Welcome to Snowpoint City, which looks a lot like Santa Claus's North Pole village where he hires cheap midgit workers for no pay and shoves them into cheap, unheated college dorms. Our hero...uh...Zoey? Wow, I really haven't been paying attention these last 125 episodes! She thinks Dawn's random spouts of Japanese are funny, and I have to agree; the Japanese are hilarious. And me agreeing with Zoey is the start of the death of an era. So with that...Yukinooh appears along with its super sexilicious trainer! Suzuna sits in the old gum tree, sexy, sexy queen of the Yukinoohs is she!

It seems she knows Zoey, likely from that one night in the bar. Of course, she believes Dawn would fit right in with the other "girls" and starts getting all touchy-feely (notice how she stares down below Dawn's face). Zoey reminds Suzuna to keep her distance and take things slowly - after all, the key is persistance! She decides to take them to her "school". She asks Zoey, "So, do you have fun with this Dawn girl? What places have you hit up?" At the school, grown men express awe at how Ash keeps his badges shiny (seriously, having them dust up was the worst touch screen idea ever).

Each table has a buzzer on it. If you buzz before the question is complete, an electric jolt wired to your chair will trigger. And so Ash befriends some dude with a Skuntank who proposed to his girlfriend with a Poketch. He gets a plot in this that I won't comment on. Less chatter, more skimpy panty shots plz. *skips video forward to Suzuna parts* Pochama is amused by a doggy door. You gotta admit - it's a hell of a lot of fun when you can fit. And so Suzuna gives Glameow some special attention, because she's totally the cat's meow. Ha ha.

Wait, what's this? Flashback to chibi Zoey? That's it. I can't take it anymore. I gotta come out of the closet and let the world know...


Holy crap, that was excruciatingly painful. But it felt...good. I feel...free.

Um...anyways, we learn how Zoey met Glameow and how her mother is the one we really should have been hating this whole time. Oh, and we get a brief glimpse of Suzuna in a schoolgirl uniform, which pushes this episode's epicness to just below Hot Spring Level. Suzuna then puts her arms around Zoey and tells Dawn to stop stealing her or else she'll have Abomasnow turn her into an ice tray. Something Dawn tells her about herself and Zoey sets Suzuna off. Of course, the typical TR fluff interrupts the three-way love-fest, but Suzuna beats them up without even having to lift her skirt. Too bad.

So even though I was bored by Skuntank Man, this was totally the greatest episode ever, and the only episode that can come close to matching it is next week's. Suzuna has one of the greatest gym leader personalities we've seen, except unlike Gardenia who was equally kooky, instead of having a fetish for Pokemon, she totally has a fetish for other girls. And contrary to what was feared, it was hardly a Roxanne intro clone aside from maybe TR stealing the school's Pokeballs. Oh yeah, and I like Zoey now, and it feels great, and I will defend her very manifestation until death.


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Pochama is amused by a doggy door. You gotta admit - it's a hell of a lot of fun when you can fit.

So that's why Piplup didn't want to evolve. I guess that makes sense. It would be awkward to do that if it was a Prinplup.

Seriously though that was one of the funniest scenes ever. Oh Piplup you crazy contradiction of annoyingness and cuteness.

I really loved Candice going crazy but she didn't do it enough. I have to laugh Ash seemed to know a lot about Pikachu but he got the question wrong. But then how did that one guy get the other answers correctly when he buzzed in basically at the same time as Ash did.
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The way Zoey found Glameow was a little cliche for my tastes, but at least I now know her heart is not as icy as I thought.

Candice looks like a fun person and her outbursts remind me of Fantina. Can't wait to see the dub of this! What was the point of getting the winter clothes if they are back to their old ones in the middle of the snowy city!?
Wow, so Candice and Zoey really are lesbians, aren't they?

Candice fangirling Dawn for no reason at all, staring at her with sparkly eyes, and then Zoey had to come inbetween them and break her trance?

Candice and Zoey being young schoolfriends? Verrry interesting.

Also, Candice is the first young girl since May to actually have a bust. I haven't watched AG in so long that I've forgotten young girls in this show can actually have breasts.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
I think people are continuing to underestimate Candice's age. In the flashback with Chibi Zoey, we see that Candice is quite bit older than her, and most of us assume that Zoey is quite a bit older than Dawn. I'm not going into numerical ages like others probably will, but there's an evident age gap if the whole teacher role weren't evident enough.

But her bust looks more impressive in the preview for next week's episode. Which reminds me - I didn't complain about this episode's animation. It was basically par-for-the-course for Kinoshita, but nothing overly offensive to the eye.


-Hey! A city! With snow! Could it be...Snowpoint City? Of particular interest is the fact that the writers have clearly ignored the games and made Snowpoint into a city of more than six buildings. Tsk tsk.
-Hey, wait a minute, the ep starts with a pan of Nozomi? I guess they wanted an early warning system for people who missed all of the information regarding this episode.
-Dawn says something silly in the silly language of the silly moon people who live on islands that are barely able to harbor life.
-Damn Snowpoint looks good. I demand another version of DPt that has this good Snowpoint. Replacing Snow Hell with something more tolerable is encouraged, but ultimately optional.
-The animators must be so excited to finally create stock art for people wearing winter clothing. This will be quite useful for them seven years from now, when the anime once again ventures into a cold-ish area for more than one episode.
-Snowpoint looks nice and all, but somehow, nobody mentions the abominable snowmen that jump out of trees and shoot ice balls at you. That's a big downside to living there, I'd imagine.
-Warning. Warning. Candice detected. Begin S. Suikun tranquilization procedure.
-Candice notices Dawn, and likes what she sees! ...you know, I've avoided the lesbian jokes all week, but the anime's making it really hard to keep avoiding them.
-As hyper as Candice is, at least they're keeping her in character from the games(CANDICE IS BURNING UP RAAAAAAH FIREY PASSION lol I'm an ice gym leader who doesn't act all cold and icy)
-Candice's hair is bothering me more than anime hair should. How on earth do her pigtails stick in the air like that? STOP HAVING A SEMI-NORMAL HAIR STYLE THAT MANAGES TO BE ANIME ANYWAY.
-Oh Ash, you sound as if you've never seen a Gym Leader be a teacher at a school before.
-Zoey somehow isn't that bad now that we haven't seen her since ages ago. Or maybe it's because no contests are involved. Definitely one of those two possibilities.
-Apparently getting six badges is really impressive. I wonder what the students would think if they knew Ash actually had 34 badges in total.
-Hey, Jessie has Seviper out! Remember that Pokemon? Good times man, good times.
-Some random businessdude gives Ash his sob story about why he's at the school for losers who aren't real trainers. On the other hand, he has a Skuntank, so he's probably actually pretty cool.
-And Dawn is paired with James.
-Beep. S. Suikun tranquilization procedure Phase One complete. Initiatiating phase two:Stealing his wallet now...
-Oh boy, a quiz. I just LOVE seeing more quizzes in this show, it makes me feel important because I get all A's. (unlike those loser kids who didn't know that the answer to question 6 was a Jigglypuff seen from above)
-Oh my, Ash knew the answer to something about Pikachu in .002 seconds! I never would have expected this!
-...oh wait, he got it wrong. Haha.
-Go bald-headed student! About time someone asked for battles instead of quizzes that don't test people on anything related to real-world Pokemon training(just like real school, ohohoho)!
-Oh wait, we're getting a speech about battles or something. Yawn.
-GO AWAY SUITED MAN. Your Skuntank is cool. You're not.
-Dawn and Zoey are alone in a shed. ...trying...hard...not...to...make...lesbian...jokes...
-I think Piplup has a problem. It's disturbingly obsessed with the doggy door.
-Hey, the gang took their snow outfits off! Apparently the animators really hate having to use different outfits.
-Minizoey. In the same damn outfit as present-day Zoey, of course.
-Aw wook at the widdle Glameow kitten! I wanna hug it and squeeze it and name it George and take it home with me.
-MiniZoey apparently agreed. But her mom didn't! What kind of heartless fiend is against having a cat in the household?!
-Zoey mentioned something about battles and being the Top Coordinator that may or may not having anything to do with a dropped plotline. Bah, moonspeak!
-Okay, I have to join the club of people who lost their minds and actually liked Zoey after seeing this ep. No don't take me away no no I'm fine I'M NOT SICK oh god no not the men in the white coats NOOOOO I'LL BE GOOD I PROMISE
-Candice discovers that Dawn and Zoey are rivals, and has a rather terrifying reaction to it.
-Why is Skuntank McSuitdude being focused on so much in this episode?
-Hey Ash remembered the frozen Aqua Jet strategy Dawn was failing at for so long.
-Abomisnow joins Empoleon in the "big Pokemon with squeaky high voices" club. Why do they keep doing this? It makes no sense!
-And everyone is in awe of Ash yada yada.

This was certainly the most entertaining Pokemon School ep of the 4987 ones we've had, but I'm still not fond of them in general. Candice is weird in an awesome way, although she'd probably make a lot more sense if I could understand Japanese(especially the part where she goes nuts when she hears that Dawn & Zoey are rivals. What the hell?). But perhaps most importantly...oh god the flashback to MiniZoey and the abandoned Glameow hit me right in my cat person spot. Zoey's mom is clearly a monster for not letting Zoey keep Glameow.

uber gon

Accept Change
Wonder where Buizel got the ice for that Aqua Jet?
CANDICE!!! NOW SHE IS ONE COOL GYM LEADER TO HANG AROUND! Even with such hot blooded determination and excitement, I wonder how the gym battle will turn out? Oh man, if she let loose her hair....as I was saying, did Brock go over Candice?


Beginning Trainer
Bulba copy-past... I think I forgot to do it last week... I'll try to remember from now on...

Great episode! Candice is funny and Zoey is cool ^_^
That was great to learn how Zoey got Glameow and have a confirmation it's her first Pokémon
So she found it abandoned in a box on her way back from school, brought it home and told to give it to the Pokémon Center, then she hide it and took care of it in that place until the teacher found out and then Candice protected Zoey
Oh, little Zoey and little Glameow are cute!
I just noticed how Candice's clothes match Abomasnow's color
At the beginning Candice thinks Dawn's Platinum clothes are cute and ask where she got them from (she says the clothes are cute and not Dawn herself as some thought, at least so it seemed to me)
There actually WAS an explanation about Zoey's Gyms/Contests thing, Candice and Zoey talk about it immediately after they finish telling Glameow's story... too bad I couldn't properly understand what exactly they said... What I did understand is that Candice asked the twerps if they saw Zoey's problem with people who do both things and the twerps say that they did in the Jubilife Contest (yay continuity, the Jubilife Contest was reminded to us 32532 times by now) and I think they said something about how Candice wanted to be a Champion while Zoey wanted to be a Top Coordinator... someone should properly translate that scene
Zoey is still there at the end of the episode... I hope she stays for a few episodes
It'd be especially good now since if she stays, she'll meet Paul... and I guess it's likely she'll go crazy about Paul's way of treating Pokémon ("abandon" them) since her own very first and beloved Pokémon was abandoned

And reply to the posts here:

She thinks Dawn's random spouts of Japanese are funny

At first Zoey says how Dawn arrived exactly at the time they decided to meet there
Then I don't understand what exactly they say when Zoey laugh but I assume it could be that Dawn praised herself and then Ash revealed that he was the one who actually reminded her / woke her up / something like that

Of course, she believes Dawn would fit right in with the other "girls" and starts getting all touchy-feely (notice how she stares down below Dawn's face). Zoey reminds Suzuna to keep her distance and take things slowly - after all, the key is persistance!
Candice fangirling Dawn for no reason at all, staring at her with sparkly eyes, and then Zoey had to come inbetween them and break her trance?

I know you're all just joking but for anyone intereted to know what actually happened in this scene: Candice thought Dawn's Platinum clothes are cute and wanted to know where she bought them... Dawn said her mom made them for her
Then Zoey stop Candice and tell her she should properly introduce herself so she do so and introduce herself as the Gym Leader
Obviously this makes Ash automatically ask for a Gym Battle and apparently Candice don't get a lot of challengers or something like that (since it's cold?...) Brock identify with Candice's excitement of having a new challenger and it's actually Zoey who tell Candice he was the Pewter Gym Leader... Candice asks if he's resting/in vacation and he answer that his family takes care of the Gym now and that he's a Pokémon Breeder
I think after that it was revealed Zoey has 4 ribbons now (so Dawn, Zoey, Kenny and Nando all have 4 while Jessie has 2)

especially the part where she goes nuts when she hears that Dawn & Zoey are rivals. What the hell?

Candice through the ep seemed to scream at Dawn and Zoey for not acting as rivals should be (that they're too friendly)


I always liked Zoey... not especially but liked her
I thought she was really cool in the Solaceon Contest ep when she came all the way to help Dawn understand her mistake
Then after that ep zoey wasn't as "cool' anymore... but she was nice in the Wallace Cup
Then she only had a boring appearance in Fantina's first ep and disappeared since then so I began to lose interest in her
This episode totally changed that for me and I think Zoey is cool again

we learn how Zoey met Glameow and how her mother is the one we really should have been hating this whole time.

I'm pretty sure we didn't get to see her parent's face (assuming that was one of her parents) so I think it really could be her father as well... if she's lucky enough to have one in this world


Too old for your rubbish..
I can't believe I'm saying this, but...I kinda sorta like Zoey.

I know! I know! I must be crazy, but young Zoey coupled with the young stray Glameow just got me...you know, right there --> ♥ <--