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Classroom Training (594)


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I thought this episode was good. Candice's class quiz is fawking ridiculous! How in the world anyone suppose to answer questions like hers when she just say a little bit? The stuck-up guy that was sitting next to Ash must've been a psychic or something for him to know the answers.

"A Jigglypuff as seen from above" anyone?

But yeah Jeremiah was such a jerk. Considering he doesn't have any badges he has no right talking down to Ash.

What's even funnier though is that time and again despite being so stupid when it comes to anything school related Ash always proves he's smarter than the supposed pokemon league's licensed school system.

Heh and people say Ash is an idiot for not going to school. Apparently schools in the pokemon world don't really teach you anything. XD


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Abomasnow used Blizzard and Buizel used Aqua Jet in it to use his Ice Aqua Jet.
I need to watch this episode again b/c I could have sworn Abomasnow already finished using blizzard when buizel used aqua jet.


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I enjoyed this episode. Candice was absolutely adorable and her voice grew on me really quickly.

I think by now, it is clear that Ash+classroom setting =FAILURE. Ash is more of a hands-on learner and USUALLY learns better by experience. Usually. The quiz was completely WTF though. It makes me think the same questions are asked again and again so the students get used to them and the Jeremiah guy pretty much memorized them all.

The Jeremiah guy was a total *** though. I mean, seriously? "for a trainer with six badges, you don't seem to know that much"...so, who's the one with the badges again? Though I wished Ash made some snarky reply in return, I really like how Ash handled that criticsm. Back in Kanto, Ash would've flipped out over it and demanded a battle. Now he realises how poorly he did and dwells over it and just smiles and says "hey, I'll do better next time" and you can tell he does dwell over it by the kicked puppy look he gives Brock. At least he hands Jeremiah's *** to him in the best way possible by showing how a proper trainer does it later on.

I liked the little Ash and Brock moment- they're such good buddies and it's a shame they don't get to hang out together by themselves that often.

Zoey's backstory bored me and I was more interested in Piplup running through the kitty flap.

It was nice to see ice aqua jet again and Ash ruffling Buizel's ears. IDK those cute little things get to me really easily.


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What's even funnier though is that time and again despite being so stupid when it comes to anything school related Ash always proves he's smarter than the supposed pokemon league's licensed school system.

Heh and people say Ash is an idiot for not going to school. Apparently schools in the pokemon world don't really teach you anything. XD
I don't think that's it. Every instance of their being a Pokemon school, Ash typically fails, not because he's not very good, he's just better at both hands on and instinct (hell, his own "motto" a good defense is a strong offense pretty much sums it up).

And lets not forget that the people who were in the "advanced" course were people who had just decided to become trainers. Like that poketch guy. I'm fairly certain he's much better at quiz related stuff considering what kind of job he's been working in.

-Yay! The episodes are finally in HD for me. :D Must go the same for others as well.

Was surprised to finally see it in HD widescreen,. I thoguht maybe we'd get stuck with a fullscreen zoom and it does make a difference after seeing the first few zoomed in more so.
Yeah, I was rather ecstatic to have it in HD finally. Hopefully they'll fix that once we get the boxsets.

-Candice's VA was awesome. I can totally see that's Kether Donahue I believe. Since her voice is just the same as Lily from Kappa Mikey.

Candice sounds like Autumn from the Miltank episode and Zoey from Dinosaur King.


You were right! It is Kether Donahue, who also voiced Autumn back in the beginning of Battle Dimensions! Whew, who would have thought they sound so similar?
Wow, they don't seem to use that VA too often. Glad she got a gym leader role. I actually thought it may have been Emily Jeness!

-Woah, looks like that Chef and his Lickilicky got a cameo appearance. Didnt see that coming. :p
Don't think he was a chef though...

-With this city being pretty calm and quite, like said, not much music for this episode. There is still music though, but I like how it related to this episode.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned how the music while Candice is walking with the group is Route 29 from GS. I would say HGSS, but unfortunately, it doesn't have the remix effect.

I wonder why is Dawn still wearing her white socks when she took off her Platinum outfit.
And here I thought it was an animation goof. Hadn't realized she had white socks in her Platinum outfit. Okay

Skuntank guy was kind of boring. :/ Least he apologized to Ash about the class stuff.
At least.

1st it's marylin with the word "valiantly" and now it's candice or "ms. senior" with the word "khia"
You do realize that "valiant" is another word for bravery/courage? Also, "khia" is that how you spell it.

I know; isn't it cool? :) *(sigh) Technology is just simply wonderful these days.*
Wasn't it just me or didn't Candice sound a bit like Marilyn, only less high pitch and less annoying?
I thought Marilyn was voiced by the likes of Emily Jeness or something like that.

It was finally nice to reach this point of the season.
2 more episodes and we'll be halfway through: 52/2=26. We're at 22 (this ep was 21). So... after Ash's battle with Paul we'll be halfway through. Snowpoint, the "coldest" city in Sinnoh. And how!!

Jeremiah bashing Ash ("For a trainer with 6 badges you don't seem to know much about Pokemon")! Yeah! I couldn't help laughing at this scene. Well, I do understand that he hurt the feelings of the Ash-fans, but you know what? He was right! The same applies to Paul's remark in "Pursuing A Lofty Goal" when he said to Ash that it sure had taken him long enough to evolve Staraptor eventually. That was rude too, but right nevertheless.
Namely, Ash hasn't always used Staravia in battle. It was mainly a search-and-rescue bird that he always has in every region. Obviously, it would take a while because of it.

Secondly, Ash has been more about hands on experience. True, he doesn't know everything about Pokemon, but he knows quite a bit about the battling aspect of it (how else could he come up with this ridiculous battle strategies!). Notice how when Jeremiah attempted to confront Team Rocket, he was unable to. He may know lots about Pokemon, but it won't help him in battle if he can't properly apply it.

(See, even the Anime itself is slowly but surely admitting that Ash isn't strong. I hope that this justified opinion will now finally be respected more within the fandom)
The writers seem to enjoy throwing Ash's team's power level out of whack whenever they get the chance; one minute they're nigh invulnerable, the next, they get flattened by a gym leader.

I'm truly delighted by Candice's appearance, because she's awesome in almost every aspect. First of all, it stands out that she's pretty. Her style is aweome and I don't mind her prattling a bit too much because that somehow makes her cute at the same time. But undoubtedly her best feature is her burning passionate fighting spirit! Yes! Writer please give us more such powerful women/ characters! The Anime longs for them! If she puts up a good fight next week, she'll definitely be one of my favorite Sinnoh gym leaders!

I can't list all the good or funny scenes but altogether they created a "cozy" and entertaining atmosphere and made watching this episode a joy.

7 out of 10 points.

This is one of those episodes where you need to understand what the characters are saying to fully enjoy it.

The reason why Zoey disliked people that competed in both contests and gym battles was also explained. It's because she and Candice made a promise to each other that they would both succeed at one thing or some crap. It was kind of a lame reason but it's no worse then Harley hating May because she took his food as a kid I guess. Lol
Boy, it's sure a good thing they decided not to mention Nando or the fact that Ash tried out contests! I wonder what Candice's reaction would have been to that?

Candice's dub voice got kinda annoying at times. I suppose it fits the character though.
An energetic teenager who has a fiery personality along with living in a winter themed city. Maybe it does work.

Overall, it was an OK episode. Candice's voice was rather... annoying. Tbh, it's worse than Lisa Ortiz but Glameow's backstory made up for it.
Ironically, they're both 4Kids VAs. We could have just had Emily Jeness do Candice's voice. If that's better.

Yea that explains it but it's still retarded though. Lol it reminds me of when Zoey found out that Nando is doing contests AND gym battles. Ah good times.

They couldn't think of a translation or something for Kiai? idk why, but I thought it was kind of awkward hearing everyone in the episode going "OK! gotta use your kiai!"
'Bout time! I've been looking for the proper spelling!

I'm still amazed by buizel's magical ice aqua jet. I know it's cold but THAT cold?!
I actually doesn't take much to freeze water. I'd say it's likely -5 Celsius up there. Water freezes at 0 Celsius. Combine that with Blizzard (even after effects would have made the water freeze), and it doesn't seem hard to believe. I love how everyone is so damn impressed. I also laugh that Ash has perfected a move that Dawn couldn't quite get. Meh, it was nice seeing IAJ again.

Ah well, thought I'd throw this out there.



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I need to watch this episode again b/c I could have sworn Abomasnow already finished using blizzard when buizel used aqua jet.

And I agree, Candice is adorable. I think having enthusiastic, crazy, yet extremely competent female characters like her and Gardenia make them that much more endearing. And apparently she has so much kiai she doesn't need to wear pants in a winter climate. :p


Hmm, Candice was less annoying in the original version. She was still cute in the dubbut much more annoying.

This episode reminded me too much of the Roxanne Trainer's School Hoenn episode. Not good at all.



Snowpoint city was very nice, i loved the snow there..

And i loved to see Zoey again. 8/10


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Heh, this episode reminds me of season one's "The Ultimate Test". Candice's questions were really super hard, though. I did like the part where James is showing off and his teammates comment on where he got the strobe light. I also liked the motto for this episode, it was interesting. Zoey's backstory was great too, and she looked so cute when she was younger. :)

Overall, the episode was okay. I don't like Candice's voice, though, it's very annoying.


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Reminded me of the Pokemon League entrance exam back in Kanto. It was a less-than-stellar episode. Candice is annoying, and her quiz made no sense. I liked the flashback with Glameow though, and the music rocked. Gym battle next.



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Some of those questions were impossible to answer, a Jigglypuff seen from above? GTFOH! Overall, this episode was OK.


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Obviously we learned a couple of things from this episodes:

1. Pokemon schools = FAIL
2. Pokemon quizzes = WTF? (I still question the whole "Jigglypuff seen from above" scene from The Ultimate Test)
3. The know-it-all in school apparently doesn't know it all.
4. It is all these reasons why Ash is never seen in a pokemon school.

Man, Ash is terrible at Pokemon school, Isn't he? If he'd just waited until Candice finished the questions, imagine how much smarter he would of appeared!

I'd hate to see what Professor Oaks reaction would've been after witnessing this horrible display.

"Where did I go wrong with that boy?"

was I being too hard on Ash? If I was, I sincerely apologize.

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Candice reminded me of Roxanne..... both are gym leader and teacher
You know, I realized something after the guy answered the question about Abra and Stunky. The smell of a Stunky lasts 24 hours, but the smell of a real skunk lasts far longer than that. I just think it's funny that they made this special skill of a certain animal so much weaker when they made it into a Pokemon.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Candice and Abomosnow for the 1st time. It was cool to find out that Zoey had 4 ribbons as well. It was great to find out the background story with Glameow and Zoey. It was cool to see a Skunktank for the 1st time. It was odd how the Skunktank trainer proposed using his Poketch... It was hilarious that during the quiz that Ash buzzed in to answer a question about Pikachu and actually got it wrong! Piplup really loved the doggy door.



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Alot of times, it feels like Zoey and Dawn didn't really have a rivalry back then but something else. And another thing is, how do these girls not get ice on their legs when there's snow on the ground? They're not even considering using tights.
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Why are so many people calling the Skuntank guy a jerk?


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This episode is quite good and I liked the exams like in "The Ultimate Test" although it was quite annoying that Jeremiah seemed to know the answers before Candice had barely begun asking them like the Abra question. He then completed the question as if he already knew what the question was going to be in advance.


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Cool episode, indeed it reminds me of the older episode with the tests...and Ash still acts like how he did back then...Candice is really awesome..my favorite Ice leaders so far. i liked the story how Zoey met Glameow too :3