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Classroom Training (594)

Ash is so stupid. I mean, come on. Pikachu possibly being an electric type pokemon? Yeah, right! It's obviously just a plain old mouse.......
I wouldn't say he was a douche, though I haven't seen the episode in a while.


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Now that I watched this episode for the eighth time, what the hell kind of questions were those?! I couldn't even get them right!


Snowpoint City in the anime looked like something out of a Christmas card; I loved it. I was surprised that Zoey knew Candice and I loved the backstory of how Zoey got her Glameow. As for the classroom scenes, I liked the quiz/trivia question part and I'm still scratching my head about that one trainer's Diglett sitting in a chair. It made no sense.

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The quiz in this episode seemed impossible to answer and also random as heck. Also loved the scenery of Snowpoint City, it felt like it fits in with the Christmas/wintery season that we're about to enter in now. Team Rocket stealing all the Pokeballs was alright, I can't believe the smartest guy in the class didn't know how to battle at all though. I also find it funny that Ash seemed to have alot of trouble with the quiz. 8/10


Candice was so bubbly and she seemed cool (pun intended). I didn't like how she was basically Roxanne with that teacher job though. 6/10

Mrs. Oreo

Wow Candice looked cute with her sweater on, plus I was glad to find out the origin of Zoey's Glameow as well. Seeing Ash's friends and Team Rocket answer quiz questions at the school was neat too.
This episode was good and I liked the exams like in "The Ultimate Test," although it was annoying that Jeremiah seemed to know the answers before Candice had barely begun asking them like the Abra question...


Nothing we haven't seen before. And I agree that Candice is pretty annoying. Jeremiah also wasn't very interesting despite being more than a background character.


I'd imagine Candice being hyper, considering that she wears a skirt shorter than Dawn and is wearing a school girl outfit. I lol'd at Candice fangirling over Dawn's scarf.


Suzuna's secondary career at the Kissaki City school was very reminiscent of Tsutsuji's teaching job in Advanced Generation, although Suzuna seemed kind of silly by comparison. What I loved was finding out about Nozomi's past with Suzuna and how they found Nyarmar.


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I liked how Candice thought Dawn's clothes were cute and it was great to learn how Zoey got Glameow and have confirmation that it's her first Pokemon. But aside from Zoey's flashback, this episode really wasn't special.


For being an Ice-type Gym Leader, Suzuna seemed so much more peppy than I was expecting, which I suppose contrasts well with Yanagi's initial cold-hearted attitude back in Jouto.
When Candice yelled at Dawn and Zoey, did I just see a little bit of fan service? I remember they did that with Dawn in the last DP Pokemon movie. Control yourself Candice this is a kids show.I thought Jeremiah's comments about how he expected Ash to know more was a bit harsh. The only thing Ash prove was that he can't predict questions before they're given to him. Plus, he never has been the study/quiz type of guy.


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This seemed like the Sinnoh version of that old Roxanne episode where Max attended the trainer's school only with Candice and no bratty little kids around. Still thought it was nice to finally see Candice in spite of the plot being recycled.


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Candice has a lot of personality and she’s fun to watch; I’ve always loved her design and Snowpoint as a whole (which is gorgeous in the anime btw). Again, really like how DP expands the roles of Gym Leaders and gives them more personal connections and stakes in the story. Candice and Zoey being childhood friends and rivals creates a neat dynamic and also give context as to why Zoey was the way she was in early DP. It’s fun how Zoey is usually so mature and levelheaded around Dawn and co. but acts and is treated a lot younger in front her senior lol.

Ash & Buizel pulling off Ice Aqua Jet always gets me, the reaction is so great every time. Ash would be an excellent battle teacher actually; he may not be booksmart but he will surely be helping people out more than any textbook could. I think this concept could work quite well….in the future…..

The OST in this episode was really good as well, lended itself well to the magical kind of feeling Snowpoint gives off. Excited to watch the rest, this arc is one of the all-time greats.