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Claydol, Big And Tall (381)


Team Awesome
Wobby gets to be the hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I HAD to love that. :D :D :D :D :D

The episode started out so slow, though the guy continuously trying to hawk souvenirs was funny. Once the two teams hooked up and the episode got going, though... WOW, it blew me away! :D I love any time that Team Rocket and Team Twerp team up together, and this episode was definitely no exception. Ash and James dressing up as eggplants was hilarious, the Wobbuffet/Meowth/Jessie/May bit was hilarious (and I'm glad they found a funny dub substitute from what I saw in the Japanese episode guide on this site, because I knew they'd never dare say the V-word on an American cartoon), and Swellow's face when he found he just got Wobbuffet's wig was hilarious. Even the recycled Lugia music during the Meowth/Wobbuffet/May/Jessie scene wasn't that bad, because it really fit the scene.

Overall, 9.5/10, knocked down slightly because of the slow beginning. I'm happiest that not only was Wobbuffet the hero, he was actually ACKNOWLEDGED as the hero too (yay, Brock!). :D :D :D


Team Awesome
Judai Yuki said:
What V-word are you speaking of?

Rhymes with "mergin'" (*cough cough*). I swear, check the ep guide.


~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~
wobbanut said:
Rhymes with "mergin'" (*cough cough*). I swear, check the ep guide.

i checked the ep guide...and i saw no such word...if you say is true...

what paragraph is this?..lol

well..didn't get to see the ep...but ya...it was funny ep...from how i saw throguth pics :D...lol


Team Awesome
£añkaÑ said:
i checked the ep guide...and i saw no such word...if you say is true...

It says in the episode guide basically that May says a maiden has to be pure, and Jessie gets upset about that. I certainly take it to mean that. ;) Of course you can interpret it other ways, but...

Anyway, I'll shut up now about it. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but that's what I took the guide to mean. The U.S. still made it very funny. :)
Geodude said:
I wrote that in the guide because that was what I was told was said.

Wait, so May said that Claydol would pick her because she was a virgin? I knew May said that the one who was sweet, innocent, and pure would be a fair maiden, but I didn't expect them to go THAT far with it. Knowing Jessie though, someone probably knocked her up by now.

This was a funny episode. It was basically "The ancient puzzle of Pokemopolis" only with humour this time. I love the exaggerrated anime expressions, such as James and Ash getting giant heads.

The fair maidens part was the best though. I wish the kimono scene was a little longer.

One of my favorite May lines in this episode, was when Claydol used psychic to pick her up because he didn't like her.

May: What? You're tossing me away?! You've got to be kidding me!

LOL! Veronica Taylor did May's voice perfectly for that line.

Also funny how Jessie slams into the ground when she gets thrown away yet Ash, Brock, and Max catch May as she lands on her butt. I guess May always gets the soft landings.

Too bad for Claydol, the #1 rule of anime is that you never pass on the hot pre-teen girls in nurse outfits.

I also liked it that Brock actually DID something important in this episode. His Lombre and Mudkip are what saved the day. Yay for Brock actually doing something of merit!

Dr. Sun

CyberCubed said:
Too bad for Claydol, the #1 rule of anime is that you never pass on the hot pre-teen girls in nurse outfits.
See, this proves my point. If May and Jessie had traded outfits, May would have won no sweat.
  • The eggplant scene was funny, though dub James seemed extra flaming. o_O
  • The Maiden secne was great too.
  • Moral: Claydol loves Wobbufett Fanservice.

Okay, reasons why I loved this episode:
Wobbuffet doing something and being acknowledged
Wobby's reaction to being chased by the Claydol
Swellow's reaction to only getting Wobby's wig
May in the Nurses outfit
The Lugia song
Ash and James reactions after Claydol stomped the eggplant costumes
Flaaffy was the Trainer's choice
TR's reactions to Claydol using rapid spin

My Rating:
9.5/10 and one of the best fillers ever.

Oh yeah and it sucks that Manene, Manyula, and Rukario were removed from the intro. Oh well maybe they will change it back once they decide to actually reveal them formally outside of Japan


I love Dara <3
Eggplant... Random... ^_^ Love this epy! 10/10


I loved the reaction Claydol did with Meowth, Jessie, and May. May was my favorite because May was being condfident until Claydol blasted her. LOL

And guessed correctly that Claydol would love Wobbuffet.


Claydol episode

Come, On Old Man! GET IT RIGHT ALREDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lordy, lordy, how big is this frikkin island anyway? This ep wasnt too bad, but when I saw it it was a bit WTF? as Claydol was too big :p


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A very good episode it reminds me of the Kanto episode "The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis." in that it has giant Pokemon that may not actually be Pokemon. Very funny seeing Ash and James dress up as Eggplants then almost get stomped on. May really looked beautiful dressed up as a Priestess then as Nurse Joy (reminded me of when Misty dressed up.), though I was surprised to Wobbuffet up their instead of Ash since he's dressed up as a girl twice already and seems to enjoy it.
This episode was simply hilarious. I laughed when the old man misread the book. And Ash being an eggplant to distract the Claydol was pretty funny. And when the Claydol thought Wobbufet was that girl was pretty cool. There should be more episodes where Ash and co and Team Rocket work together