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Claydol, Big And Tall (381)


One of Hoenn's few good fillers. Wobbufett looked hilarious in his disguise and I was amazed by the giant ancient Claydol. 7/10
The giant Claydol seemed pretty scary since it was extremely powerful. My favorite scene was when the old man tried selling his souvenirs. :)
This reminded me of "The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis" in that it has giant Pokemon. Very funny seeing Ash and James dress up as eggplants, then almost get stomped on. May really looked beautiful dressed up as a Shinto priestess then as Nurse Joy.


Wobbuffet was really great in this episode. It’s nice to see that the writers can actually make it do something interesting and useful every once in a while. It really has lots of humour in this episode rather than its usual popping out. Anyone notice that they didn't really abuse any gags here? They kept the humor fresh and original. I was expecting them to abuse some of these gimmicks, but they surprised me. For instance, the bit with the sage and the souvenirs: first time it was genius, second it was funny, then it went away.


Am I the only one who wishes that James had dressed as a pretty maiden? When was the last time he was in drag, anyway? Those eggplant costumes were something else


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Good filler. Team Rocket were hilarious in the episode, especially James and Wobbuffet. And the old sage was cool in this episode. I wonder how much does the Stone Poké Ball weigh? A ton? Cause it was impossible for Team Rocket to try to take it away. No one owns that gigantic Claydol, that's for sure. Sleep forever in that small lake of Hoenn.


I'm usually neutral when it comes to Satoshi's group and the Rocket-dan joining forces to combat a common enemy, but I liked this episode. Seeing Satoshi and Kojirou dressed as eggplants made me chuckle, and Shigemori's antics were equally funny. I just felt that Nendoll should've been fleshed out more since its size was intriguing.


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I loved the maidens. Seems like they covered alot of the "major" anime-girl archetypes; nurses, maids (or whatever Wobbuffet was), all they needed was a schoolgirl.


I'm amazed by how the enormous Nendoll was given several comedy scenes, which I hadn't expected since the species lacks a face. The fact that Nendoll was given a personality in spite of being a clay effigy was wonderful.
This episode lol. I need to see Claydol vs Bewear pls. Ash and James as eggplants was so funny. Claydol is in love with Wobbuffet because Wobbuffet is the best.