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Clear body or Infiltrator for Choice Specs Dragapult?


New Member
I am using a special sweeper Dragapult on my Pokémon showdown team in gen 8 OU singles. I am not sure which ability is better for competitive Specs Dragapult, however. Here is its information:

Dragapult @ Choice specs Ability: Clear body/Inflitrator (undecided) Nature: Modest Ev Spread: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP • Draco meteor • Shadow ball (Go-to move) • Fire blast • Thunderbolt

Clear body prevents Dragapult from losing speed from sticky web (which often leads to it being OHKOed before it can move), and infiltrator lets it hit through substitutes (which is great when it happens, but it doesn’t happen too often).

Most people have said that infiltrator is the best ability for Choice Specs Dragapult, but I don’t see substitute or screens being used very often in showdown (it has happened though, and it’s very nice to ignore them) unlike sticky web and other stat crippling moves. Also, according to pikalytics, Clear body is used by the vast majority of players, which seems odd. Which ability is generally better for choice specs Dragapult?


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If you're going for investment in it's special attack, I'd recommend Infiltrator. People usually get Clear Body for Dragapults that have investment in physical attack due to intimidate.