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Clebebi pencil drawing

This is the Celebi trophy from SSBB, I did this to practice my shading.



Woah! I'm surprised there aren't any comments on this yet.

Since I don't actually follow pokémon much anymore, I wouldn't be any help with anatomy or anything of the sort..
I can say that your shading is pretty phenomenal! Your light source is clear, and you stuck with it- something that many artists don't do well.

I'm interested to know, did you do this with varied leads or did you use just one pencil?
People don't like hand drawn things these days ;_;

The only art supplies I have ever bought were a sketch pad, a book called "Anatomy for the artist," and a gummy eraser, and I have none of that today lol

This was done with just a Bic #2 0.5mm lead pencil, you know, those cheap ones at wal*mart lmao


I like traditional art. D: But yeah, seems like some people don't appreciate it so much these days..

I'm impressed that you did this with just a standard mechanical pencil. Looks damn fine, considering.
Hahaha, I just do what I can with what I have. Sure I could spend money on real art supplies, but what would I achieve? I once asked a woman that drew faces, and profiles, for a living about drawing in color, she told me "Until you master black and white, with a number two pencil, don't go anywhere near colors and oil paints" And though she put me down a bit, I'm glad she did, since it's allowed me to get better without relying on tools.

And since this is the "art that nobody likes" thread, I might as well post my Ike, no one likes the poor feller T_T

I had to mess with the "glowing" around the sword with one of Google's toys because it was way darker than the rest, and the sword's big black line was a horrible attempt to fix a mistake. I spent so long fixating on the mistakes, that I completely ignored the mistake in the handle's core.

I like both of those! Very well done! I love sketchs, probably more than 3d art or color art to tell the truth.

I also have a special place for Ike, I love him in brawl and I love him in Fire Emblem!


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Smeargle, I have to agree with Spooks on two accounts: hand-drawn and sketching is still much appreciated, and your shading on the Celebi was phenomenal, moreso considering you used such a mundane pencil. ^_^

I'm certain I couldn't ever shade as appropriately as you did there. I'd love to see more Pokemon pictures, if you have them~


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Oh my goodness. ;_; There really should be even more comments with an amazing Celebi like that on your hands. I'd say you pulled off your shading skills very well with this exercise. And the shading on the eyes, it's so admirable. Comparing it to the actual trophy, I'd say yours even looks better! Hard not to appreciate the pencil drawn style over anything else. n_n


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Very nicely done! I'm suprised to see anyone on serebii just doing pencil drawings anymore, and as well as this at that! The Celebi picture is very nice and I especially love the black part around the eyes. The atennae(sp?) are nicely done and shaded as well.

I haven't played as Ike in any games at all, but you seem to capture his look very well from the pictures I have seen of him. I envy your way of drawing the edges of the cape, and the tears in also. The only real problem with it is the perspective of the sword as you already mentioned anyway, so there is no real issue there.

Just a tip is if you have something like windows xp or above you should probably have microsoft paint, and if you do I would just use the eraser to get rid of some of the smudges on the celebi drawing, such as above his head and below his left arm.

Keep up the good work! Hopefully you keep this thread going, it really deserves to be seen.


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Wow, this stuff is actually really good. Its nice to see some (shall we say) "Good Art" in the vast vacuum of crappy internet fan art space. The only problem, although its not really a problem, is the thing I hate most about when pencil drawing, the "drawers hand" you get that leaves blotches on pencil sketched pictures . Next time try putting a second sheet of paper in between your hand and the paper you're drawing on. It makes it a lot easier to move your hand and you don't have to clean them off afterward.


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I'm afraid I don't have much critique I have to offer, but from what I see you are very good at what you do. All I can say is keep it up. The guy on the second image seems to have no expression, and I find it a bit awkward. Perhaps you should emotion to his eye. I'm sure I'm not making any sense, but hopefully you know what I'm trying to say. ^^;
Profesco lol mundane pencil, well I do have a few more pokemon pictures. You can find most of them at http://themexicansmeargle.deviantart.com/

I didn't draw Pokemon for a while because I was just uninspired and I kept giving my Pokemon drawings to my nephew, his cute little eyes are something I just couln't say "no" to lol.

-Raiga- Thank you for the tips, I'll keep that in mind when I working on my next drawing.

German Wolf (that's what I call Suicune) Yeah, you're right, his face is quite expressionless. I made a whole lot of mistakes on Ike mainly because I was working against the clock so that I could upload both him and Link.

To everyone else that I didn't address, thank you very much for taking your time to comment. Believe it or not, y'all just inspired me right now to draw something. Expect to see some new stuff within the next couple of days.

Thank you, again.


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Well, It's adorable. However, the coloring's a bit off and for some reason it looks weird the way they're leaning against each other. Like there's too much space between their back's. It's great though.

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First off, I would like to say this is an excellent drawing, and the anatomy is beyond perfect.

Though I did notice that it appears there is a light scorce from under the Celebi as well as the top right (see the back of the head and the arms). Unless this was intended (which wouldn't surprise me, the trophy-thing in brawl has two light sources for some strange reason), I recommend a bit more shading underneath the Celebi. Also (unreleated), You spelt "celebi" wrong in the title, lol.
Kudos to you smeargle. :)
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wow, that's very impressive! I'm going to an art school this year for my drawing abilities, but I don't think I could do anything that amazing! You have potential.


FINALLY!! Ive searched this entire section for about an hour looking for some high-quality sketches and now I found some!!! Both of these characters I have familiarity with and you nailed it. No flaws on my part.

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Very Nice! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who does pencil art these days!