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Clefairy & The Moonstone! (006)


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Clefairy & The Moonstone!

With Brock as their new companion, Ash & Misty arrive in Mt. Moon where they meet a Scientist and a Clefairy. However Team Rocket want to steal this Clefairy and the Moonstone...can Ash & Co. Protect it?

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Way to confusing for my taste, like why they thought Clefairy were aliens, and did not know what a metronome was.

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
This was one of the first episodes that I had seen, and frankly, almost made me stop watching Pokemon entirely. As Cloud Strife mentioned, it was a very confusing episode (especially when I was much younger) and many questions were left unanswered. But strangely, when I first saw Clefable, it became my favorite Pokemon instantly. :p


Is This the episode Brock caught Zubat in ??? I can only vaguely remember seeing this one morning a long long time ago. I did however really like it.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Yeah, Brock caught his Zubat in this one - a little confusingly, since you never see him do it.

This episode was mighty awkward. 4Kids screwing up Seymour's character didn't help (am I the only one who thinks he looks like Seta from "Love Hina"?). But once again, we get multiple Pokémon introductions in one episode (Zubat, Paras, Sandshrew, Clefairy, Staryu, and Clefable), so that kinda makes up for it.

Interestingly, this episode was adapted as a comic over the course of three issues of "Disney Adventures" in the summer of 1999, back when I was just figuring out what "Pokémon" was, so technically this was the first episode I saw. I had heard about Team Rocket prior to reading the comic, or even hearing about "Pokémon" for the first time, though at the time I thought they were some kind of rap group (God, I used to be an idiot...then I learned the facts and became a bigger idiot).
Yeah, we shoulda seen him actually put Zubat within the Ball. Clefairy was adorable, and that was about it. Professor Cozmo pwns Seymour by so much. The Moon Stone dance was cool. My sister and I did it around the TV room table XD.
Another episode where TR almost gets away with one of their schemes, so that was great to watch.

Overall rating:
5.9 out of 10!
This episode was far too confusing for my taste. Clefairy and Zubat together just really was too much for me(What?!? I was eight!!).

SC~ out


Team Awesome
Am I the only one who liked Seymour? I don't know if it was his voice or his personality, but he just cracked me up. :D

This episode had a lot of good moments, like Meowth getting blown up like a balloon, Brock catching zubat off-screen, everybody speaking in rhythm, and, of course, the Macarena joke. ROFLOL :D I can still do that dance, too.

It was also interesting watching it again since they just had that episode in Japan revisiting Mt. Moon, with our same twerps (plus May and Max) and Team Rocket there again eight years later, and some of the same environments, like the river and the path to Cerulean City. It'll be interesting when that episode comes to the United States, seeing those places again.


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This episode was good for such an early one. It was the first episode that was kinda semi-filler (since Zubat's capture was unseen and not a major plotpoint). I kinda liked it though.

Volt Tackle

I loved this episode, mostly because Clefairy was the main pokemon. It looked really cute.


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Brock Catching Zubat was probably the only thing i thought was good in this epi. 5/10


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I like any episode where someone catches a Pokemon, I just didn't like the idea of all Pokemon coming from space.


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*Screen fades to black, after that, TR are gone.."
This one was bit weird, i agree.


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This was an alright episode. They really should have brought back Seymour in Clefairy Tales instead of introducing a whole new character in Oswald. It's a shame we didn't see Brock capture Zubat, but it was cool seeing Misty battle for the first time (her sending out Goldeen in Pokemon Emergency doesn't count). Meowth inflating like a balloon is one of my favorite moments in the anime. Too bad they don't do things like that anymore. I like at the end when we get a little bit of foreshadowing when Brock says they're heading to Cerulean City and you can see Misty's depressed expression. Also, that "Gary was here, Ash is a loser" bit is funny to me for some reason.


Team Awesome
I don't know, if we still saw Seymour there how many years later, I'd either say he was very dedicated to his research or I'd tell him to get a life. LOL

It would have been interesting to see him again, though.