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Cleric Deck (Standard for 2016-2017)


Warrior of Time
I'm looking to build a Fire/Fairy deck with a moderately fast setup, high damage, and a good amount of healing.

3x Jigglypuff (Fates Collide)
2x Wigglytuff (Fates Collide)
3x Charmander (Generations)
2x Chameleon (Generations)
3x Charizard (Generations)
2x Flareon EX (Generations
2x Sylveon EX (Generations)
2x Gardevior EX (Primal Clash)
2x M Gardevior EX (Primal Clash)

4x Evosoda
2x Fairy Drop
2x Energy Retrieval
4x Professor's Letter
2x Gardevior Spirit Link
2x Bridgette
1x Pokémon Fan Club
2x Wally
2x Fairy Garden

8x Fire Energy
10x Fairy Energy