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Clickbait version of your fic titles/You Have To Try Out This Fun Game


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Here's a silly and hopefully fun game - share the titles of your fics, but rename them into a clickbait title. Up to you how much spoilers you want to include for your stories, but don't do spoiler titles for other people's fics please.

Some examples I'll throw up of my own to get us started:

The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum --> What Really Happened In This Crime Filled Region!
Unfortunately Blue --> One Of These Cute Dogs Is Not Like The Others
Fairy Tale --> Several Pokemon Change Type Overnight! Number Five Will Shock You
A Change of the Season --> This Shocking Celebrity Death Throws Town Into Chaos
Hey I remember this from a while back.

Girl wants to take over the world, her technique might actually work?! Click here to see how she does —> Pokemon White Abridged
Your Christmas has got nothing on these stars! —> Festivities in Unova
She may have been ill, but what she thinks about will make you reconsider your life —> Thinking Through Illness


It's "I Come Anon"
One of these isn't going to be very hard.

The Magician of Ilex Forest --> The Monsters Don't Want You to Know His One Weird Trick!
Wild Horses in Winter --> They Slept Outdoors When It Was How Cold? What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart
Will Somebody Stop These Kids? --> Will Somebody Stop These Kids?

....... >__>;
Only really got one at the moment, but it's a good one:

Ionization: Criminal Leaves Her Home To Start A New Life, But Her Story Will Leave You In Tears!

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Clearly we're great!
Obsession--What this criminal was like as a child will shock you!
Answering Machine--Answering Machine Messages Of the Rich and Famous!
Friends--Champion Caught On Date With Criminal Boss!


Okay, let's see, for a few fics I posted here:

New Paths --> Professor Kukui and Team Skull's Guzma Are Sighted Together! Best Friends, or Something More?
The Scent of Roses --> A Gym Trainer Caught Living Together With An Ex-Galactic Scientist!
Foul Play -- > Unova's Elite Four Grimsley Sighted In Alola! Is He Leaving The Pokemon League For Good?


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Balance --> This six year old kid was involved in a terrible accident, but what happens next will shock you!
Digimon: The Seven Seals --> These kids went to an arts festival and came back with more than they bargained for!

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
Will Somebody Stop These Kids? --> Will Somebody Stop These Kids?

I chuckled :p

Drowning-->Flirting with disaster! Team Aqua grunt reveals that her team is full of deep, dark secrets!
Keeping Friends-->High-school aged boy leaves dozens in a coma! What is his secret?
Yuletide of the Ages-->This rock will speak to you! Click here to find out the reason why!
Out-Dated Love-->Child's doll is possessed! Man reveals that his abandoned toy nearly killed him!
Lures of a Legend-->A white Sawsbuck*? Impossible! But more likely than you think
The Mightyena's Hunt-->You'll never guess what THESE two Mightyena did!

*In Lures of a Legend, I refer to Sawsbuck by its Japanese name, Mebukijika. I also kept incorrectly spelling it. ^_^;


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Dear Nemesis - A STALKER SHOWS UP AT MY DOOR AND YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT + A New Amazing Use For Ridgeblue Plants Discovered
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Criminals HATE them! Five easy tips for cleaning up YOUR streets! - Amazing Hawlucha Man


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I've only really got one to do, but this is a fun thread!

The Sapphire Story → The Retelling of Pokémon Sapphire and Instead of Pokémon Colosseum

That's the best I could do in terms of getting people to want to click on it. I doubt "Four Teenagers Who Are Manifestations of Legendary Pokémon Save Hoenn from an Evil Team Who Are ALSO Manifestations of Legendary Pokémon" would be very... nevermind :p


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Past of the future, future of the past...→The Shift or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About The League and Love the Atomic Rockets.


A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden


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Pokémon NEO - Why Nintendo hasn't named a Region this yet is beyond me.
Pokémon SPC - Out of all the Pokémon fanfics in the world, this is one of them.
Captain N: The Pokémon Master - Kevin, Simon Belmont, Megaman, and Kid Icarus team up with various Pokémon Trainers to battle Team Rocket, King Hippo, Eggplant Wizard and Mother Brain, every Saturday morning at 9:00 am. Also Dracula and Dr. Wily are there too.
Rise of the Elite - What was this Fic about again?
He-Man and She-Ra Defend the Pokémon World - He-Man and She-Ra in the Pokémon world! You won't believe what happens next!


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The End - All isn't what it seems to be in this war.
Glitched - How to eradicate a virus in one easy step.
System: Reboot - Space pirates fight against a government conspiracy you won't believe!
Pokemon:Life - Detectives play Pokemon to solve a crime!

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Clearly we're great!


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Pokemon Moonlight Silver--Dedicated fan re-imagines the Johto arc in a way you've never seen it before!
Pokemon Shine Diamond--Get ready to see the Shinou arc in a whole new way!


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Drabble Dex --> These One Hundred Word Stories Describe Pokemon Better Than Oak's Pokedex