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Climbing the Tower of Success! (730)


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I was glad Rickie lost. He should have been disqualified during the impersonation part and Cilan should have went on to the next round.


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This episode was both good and bad at the same time. The scenes that I liked in this episode were.....
- Pikachu almost evolving by a thunderstone.
- Ash's Alder impesonation. LOL, he looked like a younger version of Champion Alder
- Iris's Prof. Juniper impersonation. I think she did a good impersonation.
-Cilan's Elesa impersonation. It was shocking when Cilan came out on the stage wearing Elesa's outfit *gasp*. But despite doing a very good job, he got eliminated ..... just because Skyla's grandpa likes Elesa. I agree with Cilan, it was so unfair to him
- Cilan pulling out a Super Rod out of nowhere.
- Stephan's Nurse Joy impersonation. LOL, that was hillarious. since when did Nurse Joy got so fat?
The rest of episode was just pointless. I disliked that psychic kid Ricky for cheating in the compition. I hate how He passed the questions section and cost section by cheating, it was so unfair. I felt sorry for Ash and Cilan in this episode ..... despite playing fair and square, they got eliminated for stupid reasons. Cilan got eliminated because Skyla's grandpa is a big fan of Elesa .... ugh!
Iris's elimination reason wasn't as stupid as Cilan's, but it's sad that she had to lose the race .... because of Chandelure's Confuse Ray.
When Ash and Steaphan are the only contastants left, Stephan's candle turned out to be a real Litwick and it blew Ash's candle .... eliminating him from the competition. Despite knowing that Ash's elimination was unfair, Skyla's grandpa declared Stephan as the winner ??? Meh, the competition was UNFAIR in my opinion.
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Ash was the one who had to find a Thunderstone.
Gee, who could have saw that coming?

^sarcasm, again.


Cilan dressed as Elesa was hands down the greatest scene here. I was entertained by Iris's costume & the race to the tower too. 7/10

Mrs. Oreo

It was cool seeing Stephan again and the purple haired Elgyem kid reminded me of Cilan hee hee. Ash and Pikachu looked cute dressed as Alder and Bouffalant ha ha, plus I liked Ash's reaction to the Thunder Stone.


Apparently the Tower of Heaven was renamed Fukiyose Tower here? I was pleased that we saw Kenyan again, and the cosplay portion of the episode with Dent dressed as Kamitsure was so worth it. I also appreciated seeing Satoshi acting all paranoid when the Thunder Stone almost touched his Pikachu.
The trivia contest was impossible to understand, but it was obvious that the cheater kid cheated with one of the questions and answers. Cilan was lecturing about him and his fishing rod. It was odd seeing a random kid throw a Thunderstone at Pikachu.


To be honest, I didn't like this episode much at all. Cilan cosplaying my favorite Gym Leader was pretty strange, for one. Other problems I had were Pikachu not evolving, and that kid with the Elgyem cheating all the time. And what happened to Celestial Tower? This "Mistralton Tower" isn't anything like it, except for the design.


Pikachu as Bouffalant, and Cilan as Elesa had me laughing so hard. I'm getting tired of the gag of no one pronouncing Stephan's name correctly, though. It kind of felt forced upon us in this episode. Other than that, I enjoyed this episode.


In retrospect, I wish that the Hitomoshi, Lampler, and Chandeller had had bigger roles in this episode given the Tower of Heaven reference and all, but I guess that the relay race subplot was more optimal.


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Cross-dressing Cilan was better than expected. Stephan and Sawk arguing over the black belt was funny and having Iris be hypnotized into thinking she won by that Chandelure was hilariously cruel writers.


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Something about this episode felt... off? I don't know if it was the happy go lucky plot or the fact that nothing major happened but the Celestial Tower deserved a better episode about it.