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Cloney's Super Sprites

Should I keep Fawfulmon?

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 68.8%
  • No

    Votes: 5 31.3%

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They're mostly for my own personal enjoyment, but I show them to other Pokemon enthusiasts, personal friends of mine. Once I get an Internet connection on something with a mouse, I may put them into my signature or whatnot.

I love them, by the way!

Cloney, I would like a splice.
Pokemon: Machamp, Pikachu, Garbodor
Base: Um...
Anything else: I guess this is pretty familiar with you by now, but I'd like the splice to be able to stand as its own character. Something you'd find in a video game- er, other than Pokemon. But remember to have fun with it, that's the important part.
Completed it :) !
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RIP Jared
Cloney, I would like a retype.
Pokemon: Latios
Type: Bug and Dark

Whoah wait is that a zombie Scraggy in your sig Cloney
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Master Exploder
Hey cloney, i would like a substitute and re-type please:)
Pokemon: Braviary
Shiny: yes:)

Pokemon: gyarados
Type: water and dark



Master Exploder
Cloney i would like a substitute and a splice please:)

Pokemon: Arcanine (can he face right? Please)
Shiny: no thanks:)

Pokemon: Hypno and Snorlax
Base: snorlax
Anything else: thanks:)


Protect The Smiles!
Cloney, I would like a substitute.
Pokemon: Chikorita
Shiny: (n)


Protect The Smiles!
Thanks and I will give credit


Skyla Lover
Cloney, I would like a sub.
Pokemon: Oshawott
Shiny: No thanks

And, sorry if you don't this, but do you make Trainer cosplayers?
Pokemon: Any Pokemon you desire
Base: Skyla

Sorry if you don't, I understand. :)
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