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>>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Goreky, Jun 19, 2006.


Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  1. Yes!

    14 vote(s)
  2. No...

    30 vote(s)
  3. What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    7 vote(s)
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  1. Actually, you can get it in shiny form. I'm actually going to be S-reseting for a Shiny Zek on this run-through of White.

    (don't catch it in N's castle and it reappears at the dragonspiraltower)
  2. TheOriginalOne

    TheOriginalOne オリジナル

    I pronounce it "Nim-bah-sa".
  3. Sound

    Sound Well-Known Member

    Shiny Rapidash is pretty cool, since it has black/grey flames instead of red ones.
  4. DuquÊ?

    DuquÊ? Too lazy to pick a pic

    1st gen: Charizard
    2nd gen: Noctowl
    3rd gen: Seviper
    4th gen: Gliscor
    5th gen: Braviary and reuniclus
  5. Generation Three; The worst generation?

    I see a lot of things like this, not anymore, but back in 2003-04 there were lots of hate threads on other sites. Title says it all, so discuss! ;360;
  6. manaphy72

    manaphy72 Well-Known Member

    OMG how could you hate the Hoenn, I have always heard the Hoenn was the best. In my opinion it was, and still is. Haha
  7. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    Actually Gen4 was the worst. But you should play what you like. Don't worry about what other people say.
  8. WeatherEffectRain

    WeatherEffectRain Arm Wrestle?

    I personally dislike Hoenn, as they got stuff wrong, but there was also a bunch of stuff they got pretty darn right.

    I'm just glad this isn't a Johto Hate thread. LOL.

    EDIT: Yeah, the games are good though. I bought an Emerald game last year, despite me being around 5 years late... LOL.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2011
  9. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    I love the Gen 3 Pokés. Not sure about the games, but if the RS remakes came out, I'd certainly buy one - a region full of Gen 3 Pokémon? I'm in!
  10. Moneyy


    Hoenn was my favorite generation.
  11. Guywhoiam

    Guywhoiam Dr. Researcher Man

    Gen 3 was and still is my favorite. Both the Pokemon and the Hoenn region.
  12. Moneyy


    I pronounce it Nim-bah-sah. I don't know where you got the "r" from.

    Also, it was unnecessary to make a whole thread for this, and I don't see how the poll is related to the question.
  13. ^Ditto. Hoenn was my far the best region. I actually used all three starters WILLINGLY in several playthroughs.
  14. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    Hmmm, I'd say Hoenns actually the best region for area design and pokemon design, even if the plot is appalling ('I don't understand. How can water be good.') and the pokemon are useless (Mawile, Kecleon, Glalie, Tropius: Amazing design, rubbish at battling).

    Every region has it's upsides and downsides (Sinnoh improved battling the most, but had the worst pokemon designs, Unova has the best story, but probably the worst post game, Johto has the best post game but it's quite weak in a lot of places and Kanto didn't do anything brilliantly, but was the base upon which all of Pokemon is built).

    I certainly wouldn't call Gen 3 the worst.
  15. pokechamp219

    pokechamp219 Scottish Octopuses:P

    Pokemon On Boomerang?

    Well, theyv'e started airing The Power Puff Girls and Dexter's Labatory, so maybe in 2014 they'll start airing older pokemon episodes? Do you think they should?
  16. ChaosBlizzard

    ChaosBlizzard Crit Happens.

    1. BW
    2. RBY
    3. DPPt
    4. RSE
    5. GSC

    Hoenn was an awkward phase for Pokemon, but it represented the fundamental, structural change to the game's architecture that allowed the series to flourish with the advent of DPPt. I think it deserves remakes with the current technology and infrastructure so it can be done "right."
  17. Resident evil

    Resident evil Some Guy

    If you can even consider that gen 3 is the worst generation, you've either never played them or have never played Black or White.

    -Resident evil ;461;
  18. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    No way! Hoenn is my fav region and I still love FR/LG anyway. Hoenn ftw!
  19. Atratus

    Atratus Antimatter Trainer

    I don't think it is the worst, but I can understand why many other do. The 3rd gen took the franchise to a slightly different direction, with different design and style from the first two gens. Different style and colors for pokemon, different cry style, more emphasis on water routes and more dramatic save-the-world plot. It was all very new. Not necessarily bad, but different. Also, after 2nd gen had to regions, I think many felt that 3rd gen was a step down in terms of content.
  20. Hilijix

    Hilijix Back in Blue

    Generation 3 is my favorite generation, it's the one that got me to start playing Pokemon. That doesn't mean my favorite game is in it though, but it's up there. Sure, a lot of things were changed in that generation, some better some worse.

    I think people didn't like it mostly because they couldn't transfer their older Pokemon and the lack of Pokemon that they could use.
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