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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters
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Not saying "for sure" doesn't mean you aren't making a statement. You said to wait for them to do that....

Aw, nevermind, this thread is about comparing two characters anyway. This argument is pointless, let's just forget it before it turns into who is willing to swallow their pride first(which it might be already).

That'll just make the whole fight pointless, and the argument clearly isn't about that.

I agree, it is pointless, sorry XD


Red has a Venasaur and Blastoise, while Ash has a Bulbasaur and Squirtle.


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With GF's Logic anything is possible, especially in REMAKE'S you moron's.

Is it possible that he would make an apperance? Sure, but it's unlikely that he would be a central part of the plot. If GF changed things around too much, people would be dissapointed with the result.

Assuming he appears, he would probably be similar to HG/SS Steven.


I JUST caught a Purrloin...for Pokedex reasons...here I come good natured Munna!!!


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Red is stronger, yet he hasn't developed as much as Ash. Exept Ash doesn't keep his old pokemon. If he still had Charizard, Torterra, Snorlax, Lapras, Sceptile, etc. Then he would actually have a chance in a new region. Red however, just keeps on training. Thats what makes Red better.


Yeah, I would live in Snowpoint City and I would meet a Chimchar in a box like Zoey met her Glameow and take care of it until I could go on my journey. We would win the Sinnoh League! (He evolves into an Infernape)


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So, how do you pronounce Nimbasa? I had a little arguement with my brother this morning about how to pronounce Nimbasa. Do you pronounce it: 'Nim-bar-sa'? Or: 'Nim-bass-a'? Or do you pronounce it completely differently?


This isn't a discussion. It's a question. Use the Pokemon Questions thread.


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IMHO, 3rd Generation is, well, third best. RSE have arguably the best storyline of the main games, and Hoeen was a very complex, intricate and detailed region with some of the best routes and cities in any Pokemon game. FR/LG were also fantastic, and though I never played Colloseum/XD I heard they were also decent. RSE was weird for me in terms of Pokemon, I hated some and absoltuely loved others.

Just my opinion...


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I had an idea for a Pokemon game for the 3DS. It could either be a sequel to Pokemon snap with all the new Pokemon or a remake of the original. To take the pictures you could move your 3DS around using the gyro sensor thing. Also with updated graphics and 3D Pokemon and pictures the game could look great.

I don't know why this thread has been open for six days even though the correct closing post was made just four minutes after the thread was created.


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So imagine you could actually change the type of a certain Pokemon which you think doesn't really suit it based on looks/origin/concept,which Pokemon would it be?

I'll start off with Shuckle and I would make him a pure Rock or perhaps Steel type.


Create/Rename sticky.


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I see a lot of things like this, not anymore, but back in 2003-04 there were lots of hate threads on other sites. Title says it all, so discuss! ;360;

There's nothing to discuss.


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ok this thread is to list what pokemon you just caught. It doesnt matter if its a pidove or Kyurem.

Mine is I just caught a ghastly from dreamworld

Take it to a videogame section.


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This thread basically is to discuss the differences and simularites of ash and red what has ash accomplished that red hasn't what has red accomplished that ash has not Discuss.

Red is from the manga. Ash is from the anime. We have sections for both of those character-based discussions.


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who are the Cutest Pokemon

Hello Everyone i thought i start a topic on the cutest pokemon so i'll start

1 Mew
2 Shaymin
3 Zorua

Ok you can add more too the list or if a number of people want to change the list for an expample if 3 people want to remove zorua then zorua will be moved down, the higher they are the more people have to vote, you can move someone up or down the list or just add more pokemon

Lets see how far we get


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I think Shaymin will be the winner, even his/her cry is the cuttest of them all
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