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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters
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That's not quite what inanimate object means, but you raise a good point...

If people comlain about Pokémon based on objects, why don't they complain about Pokémon made out of rocks? There's as much suspension of disbelief involved in living rock as a living magnet.
That's a VERY good point. We've had rock Pokemon since forever, but people complain about the inanimate objects.
Because people didn't create rocks. That's the general consensus - it's not just "inanimate objects" as this title implies, it's human-created objects.


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Once you competitive battle, it's pretty much impossible to go back. In game, I won't train my pokemon beyond moves and levels because I'm too lazy and the AI's too dumb to warrant it. That also means that I'll use whatever pokemon I want because I find it fun to do so. However, outside of the game, competitive battling is so much fun, and it's a lot more rewarding to use a pokemon that you've spent so much time on making it the best it can be. Even on PO, you spend so much time trying to make that one great team, and then you win with it? Amazing feeling.
dude you got it bro
No, the absolute leowest level you can go to is telling people who play for their own enjoyment that their level of enjoyment isn't good enough. As it is, you'll never beat me because I highly doubt you'lll ever be facing me. If you do, then I hope you enjoy it.

And once again, there's no need to be perfect to beat someone. Remember the quotes "Victory goes to he who gets there fastest with the mostest" (paraphrased, attributed to Forrest) and "Just because you have a big gun doesn't mean you are a big gun." (Tony Stark, Iron Man 2) Both apply in your case, so consider them carefully. If you need to perfect anything, it's strategy, just raising Pokemon is a fine and enjoyable way to play the games, win the games even, and battle amongst friends.
Actually, I automatically assume you are enjoying your game by playing it like a whiny 13 year old.
And considering you think you can beat me, I absolutely DARE you to take on my Flawless EV'd Competitive-Built Pokes, with your horrid natured, terrible IVs, and non-EV'd pokes. I bet I win 10000293844950584 times out of 10000293844950584.
Hey! If you wanna go and (supposedly) perfect your teams more power to ya! Me! I'm happy with what I have ;-) PS I also love driving people like you nuts!
^Except you aren't driving me nuts. And I'm actually attempting to help you poor folks win.

and go ahead and keep thinking pokemon are sexy too, Marbi Z, because that's REAL normal right there.


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Legendary Battling Thread

Well this thread is basically for if your battling a legendary, if you just caught a legendary, or if your battling another pokemon with a legendary.

I am sorry if a thread already exists like this one.


3 Posts per page Only. No more or it wil be reported as spam. Sorry =(.
no spamming, trolling, or flaming please.

I havent caught a legendary yet in my game since I just restarted. So...


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I just opened a Call of legends pokemon card pack. Every single card in it has 100+ health. That includes a magikarp with 310 health, a tangrowth with 660 health, a vulpix with 300 health, ect. No, I am not joking. They are 100% legit cards, bought from a store where I've bought cards many times before.
The cards are in no way special besides their high HP though. I have cards that are identical to them.. Anyone know what these are?
Not only is there a TCG section, there's a Pokemon Questions thread right in this section. No wonder those Pokemon cards look so strange to you; there's obviously something wrong with your eyes.


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If those cards are not listed on the site here (serebii.net - it has a trading card section/dex so you can search it up pretty easily) then they're fake, and from the sounds of it they most likely are too.

As said, there's also a TCG section which'd have suited this better. But as it's been answered, I'll just close.

EDIT: NINJA'D! *shakes fist and re-closes*


gone gently
Well this thread is basically for if your battling a legendary, if you just caught a legendary, or if your battling another pokemon with a legendary.

I am sorry if a thread already exists like this one.


3 Posts per page Only. No more or it wil be reported as spam. Sorry =(.
no spamming, trolling, or flaming please.

I havent caught a legendary yet in my game since I just restarted. So...
This would fit better in an actual videogame section.


One Generation

So, la la la your battling on PO or Wifi, and then you notice the opponents team is made up of Pokemon from only one generation. Basically, I want to know how people feel about them


Tsun in the streets
There's nothing to feel. They are either using a gimmick region team, just like those Pokemon, or are trying to limit what they use so they can get better with what they like. I use region teams all the time, most of the Pokemon I like just happen to fall into the same region. There's nothing else behind it.


hey trainer
Not much, really.

Just like, Oh! They're all from the same region. Hm.
I dont' think I even notice. @_@

And besides, most of the people I face don't use region teams. They use Zapdos+Hitmontop and/or Chandelure.


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They either happen to use Pokémon all from one region, limit themselves to said region, or like to use Pokémon from said region. So what? If they're happy with that, then I'm happy with it.


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When I was younger it was the movies and anime that inspired me to get the pokemon. Like Flygon after watching the Jirachi wish maker movie or Solrock and Lunatone after watching Ash's match against Tate and Liza. Now it depends on if I like their design and also if I enjoyed using them in a playthrough. Like Houndoom in XD, Torterra in DP and Darmanitan in my Pokemon Black even though originally I hated Darmanitan's design.


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I've never done any competitive battling, and don't know that I care to.

My battling goal is to sweep the gold symbols in the battle frontiers/subway. I'll be satisfied if I can do that.
totally agree. couldnt have said it better myself.


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cuz they like pokemon from each gen. some people (like me) like mostly pokemon from one generation, but they still like pokemon from another. there's nothing really wrong with it cuz they like those pokemon. i use mostly 1st gen pokemon because i think those are the best ones.


I can definitely see the appeal in still battling with the pokemon team you created when you first started playing the games - be that 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Gen.

I started playing pokemon when it first came out (Pokemon Blue), and I still get a kick out of playing with a Bulbasaur/Charizard/Blastoise/Dragonite/Snorlax/MewTwo team. It's not the best, obviously, but there is a lot of nostalgia for me :)

I can see someone who discovered pokemon later playing with an all-Gen 2 or all-Gen 3 team, simply because that was the first pokemon they encountered and trained in the series.


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Ever Lost a Game?

I find this happening a lot. I lost my Yellow and Gold Version as a kid a long time of ago. Thankfully Gold was replaced. But just now I am trying to find Diamond and SoulSilver. This is actually bad cause all my good Pokemon are on those games since I have not beat Black yet.

Now I know everyone isn't as disorganized as me, but had this happened to anyone else?


Oh, hey, Big Zam!
I lost FireRed twice(and found it twice.).
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