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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters
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Statter Master
Thats what you get for playing with emulators


Let's see who shines
I know, so my New Year's gift list will be a DSI and Black XD


This may not be as FU as all the others but it wasted 60 seconds of my life 60 SECONDS THAT'S UNBELIEVABLE anyways....

I was vsing someone at the sport dome with my Deoxys. This preschooler had a Mime Jr (only mime jr). I toxiced it and it used something i didnt see. I felt pretty stupid, i was setting up spikes when i had just put my 3rd layer of spikes when IT hit me. I forgot to check how many pokes she had...... turns out there was only one but i killed it with Toxic neways.


It's a mystery.
To live in Altomare, LaRousse City, Crown City... or some of those other places seen in the anime/movies. There's so many to list~ xD

But overall, I honestly wouldn't mind living anywhere in the Pokémon world. To travel around and battle, creating ties with fellow Pokémon alike... that would be the best thing ever.


Epic & Electric
i like unova, but i woul pick johto just for its legendary's


I didn't even think of the anime. I guess I would have to say Crown City because it was so cool looking. But in general, I would want to live in Olivine City so I could meet Jasmine and catch a shuckle =)

Metal Bagon

Play the Guitar Rift
I'm just going to go for one in each region as it's too hard to decide.

Kanto: Cerulean City - Water Types are cool and I like living near the ocean.

Johto: Cianwood City - Because it reminds me of where I live irl

Hoenn: Dewford Town - I dunno why, but I've always liked Dewford

Sinnoh: Sunnyshore City - Reminds me where I live irl, near the pokemon league, and the city is just plain awesome.

Unova: Nimbisca City - Half the city is theme park!!! Also, it's the most central point in Unova so you can get anywhere quickly.


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If I were to live in the Pokemon world, and it was all peaceful and somehow I didn't die from electrocution, horrible burns, explosions, etc, I would live in Kanto. I love the original world. Its simple and the pokemon there are awesome too. My starter pokemon would be Charmander, so that when hes a Charizard I could fly wherever I want. I would choose Tentacruel as my Surfer Pokemon. My Rock Smash/Strength Pokemon would be Golem. My Cutter would be Scyther. And finally, I would have a Magneton or Electabuzz, just so I could have an awesome electric type. Thats my dream pokemon journey.
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I would live in Sinnoh! It has the Pokemon of time, space, anti-matter, and the creator itself! Plus, the starters there are cool (although if I could trade Turtwig and Piplup for Torchic and Treecko that would be nice).

Magical Pokemon

I love Care Bears!
Many things I have done have been this. My lastest one is:

I bought a used copy of Pokemon White a few days ago from Gamestop. I started a new game, and twenty minutes in I tried to save and it said that there was a pre - exsisting file and I couldn't save over it. I was all like "Huh?" So, I tried a few more times before going to the start screen and manually deleting all the data there. Thankfully, I hadn't made it too far in the game, but I still wasted 20 minutes of gameplay and my life. I felt like an idiot.


My most frustrating moments always happen with shinies.
I ran into a shiny Venonat in the bug catching contest, it ran away.
Another time I was playing my Crystal version on the TV on Pokemon Stadium 2 so my brothers could watch. Iwas in Mt. Silver and had just filled my PC box (was working on the Pokedex) and was heading out to change boxes when a shiny Ursaring appeared. I was so frustrated because I couldn't catch it, and I was completely embarrassed.


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Just 5 minutes ago, I was battling some guy's Venusaur with my Suicune. I had used Calm Mind 5 times, had 3 quarters of my health left, and Venusaur used Giga Drain and Ko'd me with a ****ing critical hit and almost lost me the match. **** YOU CRITICAL HITS!!!


anyone think

im just saying i think that the creators of pokemon are running out of ideas for pokemon, i really see it in pokemon white and black. anyone else think so.

oh and if anyone has a zororark they want to get ride of i'd be glad to take it off your hands!!!

Flame Mistress

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Blame it on the American, bro.

God, I hate those twenty-something-year-old-first-gen-lovers who despise every game, season, Pokémon, etc. that came after 1st/2nd Gen.


because all the pokemon now are just rip offs of others, klink is a magneton wanna be, hyderigon is one of the stupidest pokemon ive ever seen, victini is like all the other small legendaries, but everyone has there own oppinion
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