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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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It would be a beautiful world. We'd just have to throw away a majority of our economy and replace our currency with Pokedollars (hypothetically). Now that you mention it, we'd have to make room for the Pokemon and destroy a few (in other words, thousands) of buildings around the world in order for them to have a natural habitat (and enough space)


Wait what?
K so I was playing Pokemon Black Nuzlocke, and I'm training my pogeymans on wild audino. I'm training my Blitzle, i use like charge and shock wave and it does bout a half and a bit, I'm at full hp and stupid audino uses refresh, i use charge again, it uses helping hand.... I use Shock Wave, doesnt kill it (dam minimum damage) it uses doubleslap 1. It hits all 5 times, and IT GOT A ************************************************************************************ CRIT EVERY SINGLE ***************************************************** TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna know what the chances of all that happening! ... Now I need to go now.

*goes to Audino's House*
*knocks on door*
Audino: Herow?
*Audino falls to the ground with no head*


Well-Known Member
I am TERRIFIED of this happening! Mainly because I have all of my event Pokemon etc on the one cart. I would spread them over different carts, but then it gets confusing :-/

If it was just caught Pokemon it would suck, but I could deal with it. Just not the event ones.


Half ded
While i was EVing Training a Shaymin, I was killing basculins, when i checked the hold item, it was POWER LENS! Then it was still alright. So i continued, then i noticed it wasnt 1, it was two... I wasted time so i just restarted it ._.


~Setting Sail~
I don't hack or treat my games like trash, so the anxiety has never stabbed me with a knife.

But now that you mention it...


I love tights. <3
I'm soft resetting for a Metagross with godly IVs on Colosseum. Doesn't get any more FFFUUUU-- than that, trust me.


Active Member
Almost 2000 dratini eggs for shiny one (masuda) an nothing yet FUUUUUUUUUUUUU


I do liek mudkipz.
I own Gold, Fire Red, Emerald (now original cart, but had 2 bootlegs before), Pearl (also had 1 bootleg before), Platinum, Heart Gold and Black. And so far...

I've never got my save corrupt, but deleted in Gold - but it was well, pretty old, and the poor battery just ran out. The only downright of it all is the fact that my game keeps glitching randomly, but I guess, it's more of my fault, because I love to trigger all kinds of glitches on my games.

With two fake Emeralds, save file on them was always corrupted, even when I just started a new one. And of course, it got erased right after the pokemon League. Also, I can mention I had one bootleg Sapphire which didn't even save and was well, all weird.

Pearl has a funny story though. It taught me that DS games are really sturdy. First thing, I remember my DS froze while saving the game - and then it just restored the previous one. So except that, all is running okay on it. A little quirk though, I remember my game kept freezing when the playtime on the save was exactly 300:00 hours - though, when I saved at 300:01, the freezing was gone. After that I started playing around with Action Replay and whatnot (all berries and tms cheat + activating the events like darkrai) and my game is still perfectly fine, together with it's save (okay, except the fact that my DS doesn't always read it, but from what I recall it does it with other games too, so it's rather my console's fault). I also mentioned I had a pearl bootleg - which was a whole different story. The save file maybe wasn't corrupted, at least it wasn't saying it, but the game kept freezing all the time, trying to use fly also froze the game, and eventually, the save just deleted itself randomly.

My other games, though, are perfectly fine. I don't think I need to worry about anything except the Gold version. Not to mention this one is old and I got it from a friend who doesn't treat his games well.

My opinion on this is, I think that save file can't just get corrupted surprisingly over nothing. Unless you really do weird things with your cart. (my Pearl survived a lot and it works perfectly, so I can only imagine what one would have to do to corrupt their file.)
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I haven't had save files get corrupted (and if I lose data in SoulSilver & White, specifically White, I'd be pissed). I did have a dream some time ago that my SoulSilver file got corrupted, which is still different. My SoulSilver still works.


Stop laughing...
Training my Venonat for a long time so it would turn into a Venomoth so it can use Fly and... it can't learn Fly.


What do I do now?
Finding my first shiny in the main games besides gyarados, a clampearl.....in the battle pike in emerald *facepalm so hard* needless to say I wasn't amused

Neeekamus Prime

Pokemon Breeder
Fighting my friends Magnezone with my Rhyperior and not realizing that earthquake would work, just because its floating doesn't mean it has levatate


New Member
When you get someone's Pokemon down to like 1hp, then they use a Full Restore and you are on your last Pokemon with low health. >__<


I have 30 wins and 6 losses, I think i've been ragequitted on about 20 tImes because my team is plain annoying. Its not even ou heh


Summon the Ancients
The worst experience I had with this was the Fall Wi-Fi Tourny. First day I started good, 10-1. No ragequitters. Second day I had a lot of free time, ended with something like 27-4. It should have been more like 44-5 (I did do it once ^^') but after almost half my battles were ragequits I decided to just quit participating.


Undercover Rocket
I find it most annoys when I'm fighting with 1000+ wins and they rage quit after a haxless battle against me. I find the highest ranked people DC the most. I wouldn't care since a score is a score, but theres some battles I'm really proud of and would like a video to post on YT or global link.


c l a r i t y
There is a 50% of this happening when you PokeTransfer an unevolved pokemon that gains a new ability in DPPt/BW.

That totally annoys me, I had to breed for a good Skitty to evolve and every single one had Normalize until I finally hatched a...

Female Skitty with Cute Charm and Quiet Nature.

I evolved that one into Delcatty.


Winning Smile
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Super Mod
Oh god yes. In part because a cousin once saved over an old Silver file... and cases when I did have scares as well with save files (like a dodgy GBA game once). I'm less worried about it now, but I still save a lot more often than the usual plaer would do, methinks, and do have backups of Pokemon just in case too.


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Goodness, I hate those people. I haven't done RM on White in a while, it's not hard to see why. :/

It's much better on PBR, though. Fewer people d/c, but there are fewer people period. :/ And either way, I left my Wii's sensor bar at my cousin's house, so I can't play anyway... :'(

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and when rating mode opened up, I had hoped that free mode would be less swimming w/ d/c-ers.

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