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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

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    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

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Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
I have two (1D, 1P) games that aren't trust worthy anymore, they're actually been though the wash at least once, and been in my Jeans pocket alot. Their Contacts actually are nearly gone. They where working in March last year. I bought a replacement for each. (Except I've lost Pearl.)

But since the release of Platinum, I've had them sitting on my desk usually face up, or in one of the Many DS I own. I think Black or white has been washed since then. I also deicide to purchase a DS game case for when I need to go out now.

I Lost most of my 3rd Gen Pokémon in a Memory card crash, and the Legendaries from some games due another Memory card failing just as I got Ho-Oh in Colosseam!

I'm surprised a Ruby after falling off my desk with the Contact end up is working fine, after several years being "lost." And Finding second Ruby under my bed, when I was looking for my still lost Pearl, after a unknown amount of time. (They're actually Ruby 2 and Ruby 3, as Ruby 1 was safe. (The numbers are the order I purchased them.))

The worse that has happened was when a cat knocked off a N64 controller with Crystal in it, off the desk when I was trading to it! (I was trying to get the 100 Pokémon in the Dex so I can trade Pokémon to/from it.)

If I'm leaving the house, for more than a few hours. I pack a DS Game Carry case.

I'm almost always known for carrying my DS. I've sent the DS "Wifi" DS-side code to New DSes several times. I think My DSi has the DS side code from my first DS, and the DS-lite has the second code from the same DS, directly when I sold it.


Well-Known Member
The only corrupted file I'v had was ruby with over 2000 hours on it. I was so mad but was also happy I had an excuse to start over. My mom rolled over my Pearl with her car and it still works which I don't get.

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
I've never really had problems with corruptions, though my Pokemon Ruby's internal battery died after it went through the wash so clocked based events no longer occur on it. It works fine otherwise, and my Black version went through the wash a couple months ago, yet it still works fine!

Smoke Monster

Well-Known Member
I remember my old Silver game would not keep a saved file on my GBA so I found a AC Adapter laying around and had it plugged in non stop. After about 4 days of this I knew I couldn't keep it up and said goodbye forever.


Rock Solid
So I'm playing PMD, either one, happens in both, I'm a Treecko with pretty much any partner. My partner is low on health so I'm killing everyone. I come across an enemy who hits me really hard putting me in the exclamation point range. I think, "no problem" and use overgrow absorb/mega drain.

And it misses.


This would be okay, but it happens CONSTANTLY!!!!


filch some swag
I ran into a shiny Seaking on my FireRed in the Safari Zone not once, but twice. And it fled both times.


What do I do now?
Idk why when I use metronome I get something crappy but when whitneys clefairy uses it... It got spacial rend


What do I do now?


Epic & Electric
why is the world just a giant pit of HAX?


I love tights. <3
Because that so called "Randomly Encountered Shiny Graveler that uses Self Destruct" was put in by Game Freak to make us break our DS's so they can get more money.

This kind of ****ery motivated me to become a RNGer. >_>
>Shiny Mightyena appears
>Oh, neat! Guess I'll Thunder Wave it.
>Wild Mightyena used roar


Professional Eater of Doritos
My Serperior used Slam-miss
my opponent KO'd me. I almost threw my DSi out the window!
And my opponent: Alder
The worst part was that his Volcarona had barely any HP left.And it was his last Pokemon.(and mine)

Lord of Fire

The Great Conqueror
So, in Firered version, I beat my rival/champion. I went to cerulean cave to catch mewtwo. I found it after 1 hr and 45 min. I froze the mewtwo, I couldn't even see the red hp bar cause it was so small.( It was still alive.) I didnt have my masterball cause someone else trashed it, but i found out when I was battling it.( Didnt save in front of it.) I checked my poke ball compartment.......... NO POKEBALLS AT ALL!!!!!!! I, a spoiled 8-year old at the time, almost snapped my ds and game chip in half. but, my pidgey lv.7 did turn into a pidgeot; it still had tackle sand-attack,gust,and quick attack at lv.42.
I was playing the battle tower and needed only 5 more wins to get the multi-ability ribbon on my Shiny Latios. Metagross had quick claw and knocked out my partners Gengar at the beginning of the battle. That was probably the best thing that happened in that battle...


Active Member
If that happened to me, i would be done. No more pokemon games for me. I would be soo mad that i would never talk about pokemon again. I would lose my lv 100 blastoise (my first lv 100 that i earned) and all my event pokemon! I WOULD LOSE MY MIND!!! Man maybe it's time to get black and white. This thread is making me paranoid.


Trader and Battler
Never had my game corrupted once. And ive been playing pokemon for like 8 years with 8 main seires games and about 6-8 side games.


I'll do my Lilliest
Hell yes, in my SS game.. I done my Dex and everythang and when I went to GTS I turned it off when it was saving.. I didnt know coz it said that said that Svaing taking long thing...
I didnt know coz I wasnt looking >3<;; then shut it off.. when I turned it back on it said corrupted.. I was liek totally shocked and cried then it said it wasnt corrupted and I was liek PHEWWWWWW -3- and always double save it since then! nya~


→ s o a r i n g
My games have never been corrupted or anything like that before. I always save after passing a route or before and after gym battles and everything in between anyway.
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