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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

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I think it's a GREAT idea! I've been missing Hoenn recently and Sinnoh's like my second home so... But to be honest I don't see it happening. =/ As far as I know, Sinnoh and Hoenn are separated islands away from each other.

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Sorry about the grammar and spelling mistakes!

More like sorry for doble posting, anyways it would be an interesting idea, yet i would find it better to have a pokemon game where are regions unite yet that would go far beyond.
If you can capture arceus on the remake of Ruby and Saphire then i would go with it. I would even love it more if you get shaymin


idk. one day i want to see every region in one game, collect all 40 badges, and defeat 5 elite fours and champions. with side stories/missions and all the catchable legendarys. how epic would that be?

As long as it contains all the Pokemon, out of their native regions. Then you could build a great team with loads of Pokemon from each region.

On the other hand, the gyms would have to reset in strength at the start of the region (for consistency, and so you could make a new team) or they'd be stronger. All the wild pokemon in the final region would all be uber powered in that case.

All this would only work if the level 00 cap was taken off.


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I think there's a good reason why they haven't done a whole second region and instead have opted for a smaller, mini region that is somewhat isolated from the core region.

Gen 2 and their respective re-makes suffered from horrible level imbalances where even playing with a full team of 6 will leave you lagging a bit behind the Gym Leaders by the 4th or 5th gym, and VERY underleveled for the E4 and Red because, for 80% of the game, you're fighting Pokemon in their mid 20s, and the highest wild Pokemon level is in the 30s.

And then by the time you reach Kanto, it's STILL filled with level 1, level 5, level 10, etc.. Pokemon, the Gym Leaders mons are in their 20s and 30s, you're ALREADY a champion with presumably a full team that's mostly evolved with high powered moves, and they present no real challenge.

Compare that with the Sevii Islands, or Battle Zone, or the Battle Frontier area in Emerald, Eastern Unova. New Pokemon, usually expands on the plot, a bit, higher levels from both NPCs and wild Pokemon, and, since Gen 4, usually new stuff opens up in the old areas of the region as well.

I'm all against this whole multi-reigon wankery. It's abo****ely ludicrous and violates the core principle of keeping Pokemon simple and easy to "beat" for the casual player, which is most of its audience.


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THIS. IDEA. IS. GENIOUS! I would LOVE a game like this! But in order for it to be a challnege I think the would have to either extend the level cap or make it so you need to gain more experience to level up so you don't have level 100's by the end of the 3rd region. It would be amazing if they had the main legendary story plots along with each region (Giratina and spear pillar-Sinnoh, Ho-oh/Lugia Johto etc.) If they ever made this I would GLADLY pay up to $100 for the game! I mean if you think about it, they are $40 brand new and then with the amount of extra content they would have to sculpt into the game and the amount of extra technology it would take (not to mention extra gameplay and sheer epicess) It would be worth every penny at $100 :)

A better idea would be to not have access to previously caught until you defeat the champion in the new region. For example, start in kanto, catch legendarys, head to jhoto but can't use the ones you caught/were given from kanto until you beat the jhoto champion ect.. like you "start again" in every region, but gaining access to previously caught once the champion has been defeated.


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A better idea would be to not have access to previously caught until you defeat the champion in the new region. For example, start in kanto, catch legendarys, head to jhoto but can't use the ones you caught/were given from kanto until you beat the jhoto champion ect.. like you "start again" in every region, but gaining access to previously caught once the champion has been defeated.

In other words, like it is now, but all being in the same game instead of unlocking a "Pal Park" area to send your old guys over from one region to another?


Yeah, I think they'll just keep them separate in order to sell them as different games.


gone gently
I think they should put the 2 regions together idea back.In heart gold they put Kanto and Johto together. They should do that with Hoenn and Sinnoh. ONce you defeat the elite four in Hoenn you could take a plane to Sinnoh and defeat the elite four their. Then you will be strong enough to get in to the battle frontier. This idea makes the game longer and better.Plus you get to meet more Pokemon and catch more without trading. You could also catch more legendarys. Also the next region that comes after Unova could be with it. Those 2 regions together. So post what you think about this idea and bring it back!

See the GPD Rules for a link to the "Game Ideas" stickied thread.


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Yellow? Shiny pokemon weren't introduced until gen 2.[/QUOTE]

Then why was it Green instead of Purple?


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shiny girafarig for valentines day

For valentines day i really want to get my girlfriend a shiny giraffarig. her favorite animal is a giraffe and this is her favorite pokemon. Can someone please get me a shiny girafarig and i can trade you something for it :)


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Then why was it Green instead of Purple?

It could've been a glitch.Once, I sent out my Nidoking in Pokemon Red, and it made Caterpie's cry. And every time I send out my Electabuzz, the game freezes briefly. There could've been a sprite malfunction, I see those all the time.


When I was a kid, I was looking through a bunch of Pokemon cards when I saw the base set Vulpix card. I don't know what it was about that card but it gave me this warm fuzzy feeling inside. Ever since that day, Vulpix has been my favourite.
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Pikachu's Exploration Club English Fandub: Preview

Hopefully this is the correct place that i can post this...


Plot: On their travels, while playing near a river. Pikachu & co. discover that the water has dried up and the river is no more. Pikachu & co. decide to investigate and try to restore the river. Will they be able to do it and go for their swim? Or will Team Rocket try and foil their plans? Find out by watching Pikachu's Exploration Club The English Fandub!
Coming Soon....

Wobbuffet........Mike M.
Mime Jr........SailorX131

PikachuzMiniMovieDub is an Fan-Based Production, Created By Fans For Fans To Enjoy!

This is just a small preview of the upcoming episode that is just about ready for release sometime next month! Please support the official release and all future Pokemon episodes and games!

Our goal is to dub all of Pikachu's Exploration Club and maybe some of the other movie shorts that have yet to be dubbed into english!

Thanks for Watching,
Please Subscribe for more videos,
Constructive criticism is welcome. General rude comments will be removed.
Also if this is the wrong place to post this can someone please point me to a better place ?


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This counts as advertising, so it belongs nowhere.
At the very least, it could go in fan-fiction, if you converted it into a written story. -K
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Yellow? Shiny pokemon weren't introduced until gen 2.

Then why was it Green instead of Purple?[/QUOTE]

Chances are it was green because it was a Cubone. If I recall, didn't the ghost take on the color palette of whatever pokemon it was supposed to be?

Anyways, most of my facepalm moments tend to be when forgetting I put a choice band/specs/scarf on a pokemon for a random stupid reason and then forget said pokemon is holding the item. Then like clockwork I always end up getting the pokemon locked into the worst possible move in the worst moment possible every time. Nothing beats stupidly slapping choice specs on my gyarados in my japanese Soulsilver though. I ended up taking on the Elite 4 and stupidly wondering why my gyarados could only use one move for 3 of the battles until it hit me I for whatever reason stuck that item on it. I really have no idea why I stuck that item on it.
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