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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

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Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Many of the spinoff games this gen have been terribly underwhelming. I mean, the only remotely decent ones are Rumble Blast and maybe Conquest (although I personally have no interest in it, but meh). Where's the Stadium/Colosseum/XD/Battle Revolution (personally I hope for a Colosseum/XD type game)? Where's the Ranger game? And where in Arceus name is Mystery Dungeon 3? Hopefully in the time between BW2 and the next main series game we'll get some good ones.

Rayquaza Master777

#1 May Fanboy
I wouldn't mind another Shadow Pokemon game, perhaps a sequel to XD.


gone gently
Many of you have attempted and/or completed different "challenges" to make a seemingly mundane Pokemon re-play more fun...more interesting. You introduce new rules to the game in order to get a more satisfying thrill, for example: The Nuzlocke Challenge, The XXXXXX-Only Run, et cetera.

Today I propose a new challenge, one unlike the aforementioned. I propose a race.

The basic rules are simple:
1) Complete every "league" or "journey" in as many compatible regions as you can (obviously, the farthest back you can start is Gen III).

2) One to Three pokemon must be present in EVERY TEAM and EVERY REGION you challenge (these pokemon will be like Ash's Pikachu, the only ones you bring when you switch regions). Nicknames are recommended. The final 5-3 spots on your team may vary from region to region.

3) Finish the Five Leagues (optional quests: Orre, Poketopia) before the Japanese or English release of POKEMON BLACK 2 and POKEMON WHITE 2.

You may accomodate the ruleset as long as these main three are kept in essence. For those who may not have games as far back as Gen III may start in Gen IV and so on and so forth.

The most complete challenge may look like this:
Permanent Team Pokemon: Gallade, Dragonite, Togekiss (Ralts from RSE, Dratini/Togepi from FRLG traded over)
(Ruby OR Sapphire OR Emerald) > (FireRed OR LeafGreen) > (Colosseum OR XD) >> (Diamond OR Pearl OR Platinum) > (HeartGold OR SoulSilver) > (Battle Revolution) >> (Black OR White)

-You will learn to pace yourself (leveling up your permanent pokemon early on in the challenge will result disobedience when traded to the next region).
-You will develop a closer bond with your permanent pokemon.

This is meant to challenge the trainer who's been there since the beginning (or at least, since Gen III).

Good Luck. The clock is ticking.

Good for you, creative person. Visit the Challenge forum, a subsection of the Games forums.


gone gently
All these new Pokemon side games that have been coming out. Conquest, Pokepark 1 and 2, typing, rumble blast and the Pokedex 3D and 3D pro. But haven't seen a new Pokemon battle style game yet. Not since that Revolution junk and that's been 5 yrs ago?? What gives?

Now with these Pokedex 3D apps and the new 3D pro showing the attacks and the Pokemon's moves, i'm guessing we won't be seeing one anytime soon now?

When news of one crops up, the main site will alert you to it. Until then, there's nothing to talk about unless you're just griping, which is unnecessary and unattractive.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
In-game text is SILLY. X3


Steel-Clad Wonder
It is easy! You just dress as a hipster kid, somehow (probably illegaly) get yourself a Pokemon. You can ask your rich dad to buy you some fancy pokeball to do so, or just try to befriend something. Then, you go around, telling people you're a Pokemon trainer


Blaziken FTW!!!
I get yelled at by my friends for using Castform. They claim it has bad stats, a bad movepool, etc.

If it knows Hail, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, and Weather Ball, it can do some damage to pretty much any team.


♥ Ace ♥
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness
Zero Isle West Floor 23
7 HP
Was going to walk around to heal
Next thing he I noticed, I triggered a Chestnut Trap


Why do people swear that OU is balanced?

Honest question. There are 50 Pokemon in OU but only 20 of them are really viable. There are Pokemon like Scizor/Rotom/Landorus/Dragonite and there arepokemon such as Haxorus/Scrafty/Metagross/Virizion. The gap between these Pokemon in terms of overall usefulness and usage is straight up ridiculous.


Tsun in the streets
Why did you make this after your other thread with no thought than whining got locked? Don't like the tiers? Go get a couple thousand people to use the Pokemon you think would fit, otherwise nothing is going to change. No tier list anywhere is totally balanced.


My Little Ponyta
Honest question. There are 50 Pokemon in OU but only 20 of them are really viable. There are Pokemon like Scizor/Rotom/Landorus/Dragonite and there arepokemon such as Haxorus/Scrafty/Metagross/Virizion. The gap between these Pokemon in terms of overall usefulness and usage is straight up ridiculous.

> Metagross
> not viable



Jokes aside, why do you care that much?

Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
I said before If you want to discuss Competitive take it to the Competitive discussion.


Plus, I did tell you before:

OU stands for Over used.. and it is the top 50 or so of Pokémon used on a certain forum that focus on Competitive battles.. If that isn't "over used" I don't know what is.

So if Magikarp suddenly became a viable sweeper for most Pokemon and everyone ran with one, the Magikarp would move from Baby/NU/NFE to OU. Admittedly that is an unlikely situation, given Magikarp's status a joke Pokémon.

Please post in the Competitive section if you have issues with this. However, your argument isn't really brilliant and the staff there won't like it either.

Shutting, it does not belong here.


I'm just sayin'...

It would be nice to be able to use Haxorus, Gyarados, Scrafty, Alakzam and Salamence without getting whooped by the generic OU volt turn/weather team.

OU needs to be split.


machamp with leftovers..................it OHKO's most dragon types(4x effectiveness),it can easily survive a draco meteor and the 100% dynamic punch really makes people go mad at me


I get flamed a lot for using a Conkeldurr with Leftovers with the moves Bulk Up and Mach Punch, Drain Punch and Payback. Some people even tell me to 'use another Conkeldurr' because apparently I don't give them fair game. Lmao.

Oh, and I used a Lilligant once, and my opponent disconnected and told me to stop using girly pokemon. Oh well. And I kid you not, that thing had nothing but Grass types moves. So it was pretty fair game.


Well-Known Member
I get a lot of flack for liking Dustox and Maractus because apparently they're "too weak". >.> Also, for not evolving my Wartortle in HeartGold. I just really like the Wartortle design and didn't want to evolve him lol.

I prefer using the 'underdog' (NU I guess -- not into competitive battling) Pokemon because I like having a challenge instead of just sweeping through the game. I like to have a mixed team though, really strong ones mixed with the Pokemon most people would scratch their head at for having on a team.
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