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>>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Goreky, Jun 19, 2006.


Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  1. Yes!

    14 vote(s)
  2. No...

    30 vote(s)
  3. What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    7 vote(s)
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  1. Kninja22

    Kninja22 <---Shine for me

    Shouldn't this be in the Competitive section?
  2. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Sorry dude, but Shuckle makes the world's strongest attack
  3. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    Try an Electrode with Electro Ball after paralyzing ALL the opponents pokemon. Base power? 150 WITHOUT STAB!
  4. Treecko's Awesomeness

    Treecko's Awesomeness Treecko is claimed!

    But spitup is special, and Belly Drum raises attack.
  5. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    I'm going to close this. It's not really a thread for here, and the OP needs to think things through.
  6. Adrexus

    Adrexus Do it the bird way!

    Because people naturally have prejudices that extend far back in their life. It is a normal part of the human condition for people to shun things that seem foreign to them. Most of the world is like this. And it extends into many facets of life. People grow up being really attached to something and are unwilling to change when their fandom or culture starts to change. It is not always easy to explain, nor is it always rational that they act like this. Why are most cultures around the world xenophobic and unwilling to change? Why have people for centuries (and still today) been so racist? People are averse to things that challenge their worldview and what they are comfortable with. It will always be part of human nature. There is nothing unusual about this. And your last remark proves my point about the opposition being more arrogant now.
  7. (·-·)(o_O)

    (·-·)(o_O) oh hai there

    Well it's either they hate the designs and new pokemon or genwunners. But I like all of the new gen pokemon and I don't know why people need to hate them, can't they just say that they like other gens better instead of saying "I hate all of these new pokemon!" ?
    Seriously, you're hurting the gen 5 pokemon's feelings.
  8. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    I know, we've seen this time and time again, but it's always wrong. Not liking the newer generations just because it's new and different is almost the same as disliking people of other races or backgrounds. You acknowledge this, and yet you don't do anything?
  9. Adrexus

    Adrexus Do it the bird way!

    I'm not necessarily saying their beliefs are justified. I'm just saying that to try and change the minds of these people is an exercise in futility. I can preach to the KKK until my face is blue and it still won't change their minds. Why would I waste my time with them? People get so uppity about others being so close minded. If they are as close minded as you say, then what's their opinion worth to you? They're obviously too stupid to be persuaded or see other points of view.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2012
  10. joep05

    joep05 master of disaster

    i dont mean to come across as a negative nancy but personally, i feel like pokemon is dragging on a bit (although i still like it and play it, it really does just feel "stale"), and personally there were not many pokemon that i liked from this generation, i think its just a lack of originality with many of them and a failure to make the bulk of them unique in some way, makes them not so interesting. i liked emboar, sawk, chandelure, conkeldurr, braviary, klinklang, eelektross, hydreigon, volcarona and thats about it from this generation.
  11. Crimson Penguin

    Crimson Penguin Marchin' on

    I don't mean to be a know-it-all, but these guys are all technically based on animals. Pineco and Forretress are based on bagworm larvae, which are a type of moth (apparently they live inside pinecones), and corals are actually created by tiny anemone-like animals that secrete layers of calcium, making a coral reef over time. Sorry, just wanted to point that out.

    But yes, you're right, a lot of people seem to be put off by new Pokemon whenever they come out. I'll admit that I'm usually not too fond of most of the designs when I first see them, but they eventually grow on me. Several of my new favorite Pokemon are from the 5th gen. I think people just need to learn to cast their doubts aside until they've played the games themselves and can make an objective judgment (not likely to happen, but whatever).
  12. Treecko's Awesomeness

    Treecko's Awesomeness Treecko is claimed!

    Unown are from gen 2, and they're based on hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics are inanimate.
  13. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Wow, someone who knows more biology than me... I thought I was good, but then again, I'm only in 9th grade. I thought Pineco was just a pinecone, but thanks for the clarification.

    @TA: Whoops, totally forgot about Unown... I thought I had all of them. >_< Yeah, Unown is based on an inanimate object, too.
  14. Polo

    Polo Team Rocket

    My entire team which is: Primeape, Charizard, Feraligator, Absol, Roserade, and Nidoking.
  15. thatjeremykid

    thatjeremykid .Memento.Mori.

    Blastoise is actually pretty formidable with it's DW ability in rain. Max HP and add defensive EV's and give it Aqua Ring and leftovers. Not baaad

    I think the title would go to Dusclops with Eviolite.

    Because they're actually good pokemon to use.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2012
  16. xDWarrior

    xDWarrior Well-Known Member

    I don't hate the new gens. Sure I prefer 1 and 2, but not for nostalgia. I just like the designs and regions better. That said, every generation has good designs and bad designs. Everybody has a favorite.
  17. uber troll

    uber troll Member

    because after emerald, the creators of pokemon stopped trying and created an ice cream cone and a lamp as pokemon.
  18. Aizle Syracuse

    Aizle Syracuse Cannot fly.

    I'd always thought that Nidoking and Roserade were conventionally acceptable... o.o Huh. I suppose I stand corrected

    I like to use Weavile, Glaceon, Dusknoir, Walrein, Drifblim, Hitmontop, Sharpedo, and Sableye; for these transgressions, I have been scoffed at by a good number of people. Of course, a victory is often all the more rewarding when won against persons of that sort. c:
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2012
  19. Crimson Penguin

    Crimson Penguin Marchin' on

    No problem. Actually, I'm not that well-versed with biology (I am a bio major, but only recently switched it from Japanese, so I have a lot of learning to do). I just happened to remember that Pineco's species name is the "Bagworm Pokemon." And to add to your list, Cofagrigus is also based on an inanimate object (although sarcophagi do have once-living people inside...).

    Anyway, to stay on topic, I don't get why people look at newer Pokemon like Vanilluxe and Trubbish and state that Game Freak is "running out of ideas." If anything, they've introduced new ideas, because we didn't have any ice cream or trash bag Pokemon before. There's only so much you can do with birds/dogs/rodents before going a little more far-out with your designs. And from what I've heard, the developers have ideas for well over 1000 Pokemon, so I don't think the wellspring of creativity for new Pokemon is going to run dry anytime soon.
  20. xsedr

    xsedr The Moral Aethiest

    I don't get it either, people say the names are bad, it's the same name formula it's always been (two words related to the pokemon blended together). People say they're bad looking, but there's always been a good mix since day one *cough magmarjinxmrmime cough*. They say they've turned into digimon, yet they don't exist in the digital space, lack the word mon, can't speak, and aren't loaded to the teeth with highly destructive weapons, nor do they revert back to their original state when tired, nor do they fuse with other pokemon or their trainers. People say they look stupid and unoriginal: the literal spirit of victory, a smug and fancy snake, a volcanic camel, a metallic penguin knight, a tortoise that carries plants on its back, vs the so clearly inspired two coloured ball, rock with arms, magnets with eyes, a shell with eyes, and a couple of eggs. People say a lot of things, people aren't always right or smart
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