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>>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Goreky, Jun 19, 2006.


Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  1. Yes!

    14 vote(s)
  2. No...

    30 vote(s)
  3. What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    7 vote(s)
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  1. Estellise

    Estellise peachy

    I always thought Gothitelle would be more fitting as a Dark Type.
  2. Crimson Penguin

    Crimson Penguin Marchin' on


    But really, if the form is called "Trash Cloak," why doesn't it make Wormadam a Poison-type?
  3. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    i thought Lucario is a plain fighting type. he is too mobile being a steel type.
  4. zozo

    zozo SLIMED!

    Lugia really should be part water. It's blue, it lives in the sea, it can use powerful water attacks.... and they slapped Psychic typing on it.

    This isn't because of looks, but I think Stunfisk should be Water/Ground or Water/Electric. Ground/Electric just doesn't seem to make sense to me. I keep thinking that it would just nullify its own electric attacks every time it tried to use one. But, that's more of a logic thing than a looks thing

    I don't understand why Girafarig is Psychic. It's a giraffe with a black head on its rump that bites harder than its main head. Looks like a Dark/Normal type to me. Though I suppose a 4x fighting weakness and nullifying a resisted type is a pretty dismal prospect...

    Whenever I look at Misdreavus/Mismagius, I always think they're Ghost/Psychic types, and it always confuses me that they're pure Ghost types. They just look like the spirits of powerful psychics, rather than spirits in general. Actually, now that I think of it, Misdreavus looks like it might be the spirit of Jynx...

    Glalie looks like it should be Rock as well as Ice.

    And I can't see why Jynx are part Ice. I can understand the Psychic thing; Jynx are definitely bizarre enough to fit in with the rest of those guys. Ice just seems to be kind of random. I understand that the origins of Jynx can explain its typing, but it just doesn't look like it should be an Ice type.
  5. Charizard - thought it was Dragon type
    Reshiram - I thought it was ice type.....lol, didn't see the fire before.
    Azurill - thought it was water type
  6. Azurill IS a water type.

    Anyways, why is Garchomp part ground, gyarados part flying when it should be dragon (same for Charizard and Serperior), eelecktross just electric, lucario part steel, alomomola water (it should be normal to me) , Samurott just water when it should be water/fighting, and the list goes on and on and on.
  7. zozo

    zozo SLIMED!

    Nope, Azurill is a Normal type.

    Crazy, eh?
  8. JoshuaMunoz

    JoshuaMunoz Blue Goo.

    I love 5th Gen Pokemon, bar Emboar (UGH!). All these genwunners makes me want to hate on Gen 1 too! (Which i wont, cuz Gen 1 is awesome!)
  9. Noooo! Absolutley nothing wrong.

    *looks at Stunfisk*

  10. Thank you, for literally exploding my mind.
  11. destinydude000

    destinydude000 The Awesome Dude

    Hoppip turning into jumpluff is kinda weird!
    Or the most incredible one, magikarp turning evolving into gyarados!!!
    Dragonair to dragonite is weird too!!
  12. destinydude000

    destinydude000 The Awesome Dude

    Strange thing that groudon is the only ground pokemon to learn the attack, eruption!!! A fire type move!!
  13. •Cute Pokemon Lover•

    •Cute Pokemon Lover• Just wait for it

    Hmm very suspicious...lol You hiding something? Hmm? It's StunkFISH! Almost all the fish pokemon have failed us. *cough 'magikarp' cough*
  14. Skydra

    Skydra Well-Known Member

    You dare make subtle messages about the wrongness of Stunfisk, when it is the opposite?


    Anyway, I care for this generation about the same as other generations. No problems that other gens might not have.
  15. omnipotentmiku

    omnipotentmiku Active Member

  16. Kian D

    Kian D Grandmaster of time

    Yeah but we're actually talking about types not evolution!!!!!
  17. Aizle Syracuse

    Aizle Syracuse Cannot fly.

    A chiropractic agency with Luxray would be interesting. o.o On the other hand, I think I'd probably opt for an artistic business of some sort... with Banette. c:
  18. Ver-mont

    Ver-mont Well-Known Member

    Vibrava and Flygon really look more like Bug/Dragon than Ground/Dragon. I don't really get why Woobat and Swoobat are Psychic either.
  19. ilovelatias

    ilovelatias Danisnotonfire<3

    Lugia. You'd think the guardian of the sea would be water type. Nope.
  20. Kian D

    Kian D Grandmaster of time

    Gengar should have been ghost/dark rather than ghost/poison
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