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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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I would prefer a brand new game, brand new mechanics, brand new region, brand new pokemon, on 3DS.

And a pokemon mmorpg. the day a pokemon mmorpg comes out every other mmorpg wou'd die, including wow.


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The Black and White sequels look good, but I don't think we need Ruby/Sapphire remakes just yet. After all, they're still playable on the DS Lite. As a matter of fact, last year, Pokemon Emerald was still selling in Japan, and pretty well, too.
Sequels are a good idea, instead of getting an "enhanced remake" of every game.
What I do think we need is a Pokemon "Sunshine Yellow" remake of Pokemon Yellow for the DS. Now that would be epic.

I just need to play through the Hoenn region. Remakes or original.

If they do make a yellow remake, I hope they call it Pokemon: Thunder Yellow Version Because THAT would be epic.


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What I want right now is R/S remakes. Then after that, IDGAF.


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I'd love for the first 3DS outing to be a remake of Ruby/Sapphire...if only because I loved the Hoenn region and would love to see it with graphics even better than B2/W2.

Completely agree with you on that, I don't care if it's a sequel or a remake, as long as it's RS and on 3DS it would make me happy


I like sequels, however is a sequel was made to, say, RSE, many new Pokemon players wouldn't have played RSE before. There should be a recent version of the game before a sequel is made.


The Shogunate
Sableye and Mawile deserve one, especially considering the two of them are so forgettable at the moment.

Heatmor I can easily see getting an evolution, but of course, this would mean Durant would get one as well.

Dunsparce of course, as well as Farfetch'd, but I'm doubting that either of these will ever happen.

Qwilfish too.


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I think Absol and Lapras should have a pre-evolution. Could you imagine how cute they would be?

Let's see....in terms of getting better, I would hope Chatot and Corsola would get an Evolution just because they are so darn bad at this point

Corsola could easily have a pre-evolution and a final stage. The final stage could be a larger Coral Reef, and a larger body with a few key differences.


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i would absolutly love one for hercross and pinsir. mabye another for scyther or a split evolution for pikachu so that ash's can evolve

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A fusion of Lunatone and Solrock XD I am kidding.. no! D: I want to see a Lapras, Zangoose and Seviper evo ^_^

Archangel Azazel

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I think sequels... I would like to see how the makers would depict the rest of the regions as time passes. Like in Unova, two years and new evil arises ^_^ kinda D:

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To be honest, the game I want the most is the sequel to pokemon XD. Yeah, I know Orre wasn't all that popular, but you know what? The games were epic.


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I am up for the Diamond/Pearl 2 and Ruby/Sapphire 2 remakes any day of the week. I miss going through their awesome regions and battling the great people in the games. I wouldn't mind this, if they would add new stuff like they have for Black and White.


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Sequels. I didn't like any of the remakes, to be honest and B2W2 are easily the best Pokémon games up to date :')
And since I am more of a story-oriented player, the sequels add more to me than the remakes will ever do.

I would love to see Diamond 2 and Pearl 2. <3


In my opinion, with this franchise I think I prefer sequel over the enhanced remakes because with enhanced remakes that a only a few changes but over all it is essentially the same game you played a year ago. With sequels, while still essentially the same I find it more interesting to how things play out after years have passed. A D2P2 would be neat.

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Childhood Problems


Were there ever those moments in your childhood in Pokemon when you just face-palmed so hard your facial structure changed? It's okay. Me too. This thread is kind of a game with a pissed off/nostalgic mood.

All you do is just share something (whether people relate to it or not), that stressed you out or just made you think.. "huh."

The part where it makes it feel kind of like a game is just to add "FREAKIN' CHILDHOOD" at the end of whatever you share. Here's my story.

It was Red Version. I was a wee boy with a Scyther, WITH WINGS, one of my all time favorites, WITH WINGS. After I had gotten HM02 Fly, I was so excited to teach it to my Scyther, WITH WINGS, so we could fly off together into the sunset. Nope. Couldn't learn it. I spammed the A button for 2 long minutes as my rival laughed at me while flying on a damn Pidgey. FREAKIN' CHILDHOOD.

This is a pretty lame thread, but I like reminiscing, and I'm interested to read other people's stories. So please share!

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