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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

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  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

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Why is blue?
I prefer sequels though I did like LeafGreen. I would prefer Sequels which made the change the plot but keep similarities in people or enemies. Also it would be cool if the sailing scenes in Ruby were upgraded to look different.


TM87? I got TM32 :]
Everyone would prefer sequels, what kind of question is that? :p
Ah, now this is an interesting question. Sequels would normally be preferable since they bring something new to the table, however, in the case of Ruby and Sapphire, they want to bring it back for younger players to be able to replay it, so a remake is better in this case. I do think they should do more sequels, though, I've always dreamed of going back to older regions after the events of the first game.

I'd rather they do Water Blue, but that ship has sailed (sort of). FRLG2 would be awesome, though (not HGSS).
Hell no, Kanto doesn't need remaking a 2nd time.

I wouldn't care. New Pokemon games are new Pokemon games. I would collect them all.
Call of Pokemon: Red Ops.


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You're not considering one crucial factor, though: compatability. 3DS Pokemon games could bring a lot of changes to the gameplay depending on how they implement it. So if they make a 3DS Pokemon game, they might have to reduce compatability with BW. It's just a lot cleaner to stick with one handheld in one generation. Not that it matters at this point anyway, 5th gen is probably almost over anyway, and I can see BW2 being the last main 5th gen games before 6th gen starts up, which is likely 2014, maybe 2013 if we're really lucky. Besides, 5th gen is kind of lacking in good spinoffs, so I think it would be best to spend next year making more 5th gen spinoffs (we desperately need 5th gen Mystery Dungeon, and a Colosseum/XD type game would be nice) then start back up with an entirely new game with new Pokemon and a new region for the 3DS to kick off 6th gen, and then look into sequels/remakes right around then. It's probably best we hold off on remakes and/or sequels for now, not while we're still in 5th gen and caught in an awkward limbo between handhelds.

This is what I've been trying to say ever since people derped with RSE remakes in Gen V. Compatibility will always be GameFreak's way of thinking when it comes to building/remaking games.

Ask yourself...why was FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, and SoulSilver ever made? Because it allowed previously unavailable Pokemon to be made available with the other Generation games. This is why GameFreak IMO won't make remakes unless it bridges compatibility between generations. Thus it makes sense to keep it for the 3DS (Hint: FireRed and Leafgreen were kept for better technology in the GBA, and HGSS kept for the DS).

To those of you disappointed with Yellow not being remade...it's not following the game's canon, it's an anime-oriented game.


I need healing
Yellow: MEW
Silver: Shiny drowzee
Emerald: Shiny oddish and feebas which is now a milotic and has been migrated to my Soulsilver as my staller
Pearl: Shiny Whiscash
Haven't found anything good on my soulsilver yet. :/ Gyarados doesn't count for me cause its a set shiny and will always be
And I guess every legendary I catch in a regular pokeball
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Personally, both sound find to me. Remakes give us a chance to replay past adventures the way we remember them, with extras thrown in. And sequels give us a larger continued story with even more extras. I know some people are tired of Kanto, but I wouldn't mind playing as Red and battling Blue in the Championship match again. At the same time, I think B2/W2 are a nice change and can't wait for the US release.

But, as far as sequels to previous games, I doubt we'll see those. How would they expand on those games? The evil teams have all desolved. (Team Rocket tried to reform, and though Giovanni was going to join them, it didn't happen and the full revival failed.) Black and White got a sequel because they couldn't work out some of the features (not sure which ones) with one game. I think older generations are done, except for possible remakes that may or may not happen. But future generations will go however Game Freak plans them to go.

Either way, it means more Pokemon for us!


while remakes are nice and nostalgic, sequels are new and new is exciting and thrilling. cant wait for b2w2 (i still think theyre gonna make a pokemon gray)

i wonder if theyll ever do rse remakes... its possible, i guess


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Message sent to Pokémon Support Center

Hi there, everyone.
I now I'm new here but PKMN has been a part of my life since Gen1 and since these last few months I've been frequenting more forums, I came to this site's, which is the one I know better (the other being Bulbapedia).
Today, I sent a message with a few questions to Pokémon.com Support Center.
This is the message:
«Hi there.
First of all, I'd like to know if any of the questions I make that may get an answer can be later transmitted to any fansite so other fans can get to know about it as well.
Also, I understand if you end up mentioning you can't answer them as my questions mostly seem directed to the original authors, but since I'm not a japan-native, I can't use their inquiry section on the Official Site.

Well, here goes...
1. Couldn't the myth around the glitch MissingNo. be dispelled, by creating a true #000 PKMN?

2. Red & Green (Characters) have the names Ash & Gary, but according to the fansite Bulbapedia, their game code names seem to be the canon ones, while from Gen2 onwards they always have proper names and Silver doesn't have a proper one. Can I know why?

3. Leaf also doesn't have a proper name and Blue didn't even make it to the Gen1 games. Can I know why?
Also, is there any proper artwork of her from Ken Sugimori? There's barely any proper ones...

4. Gen2 happens 3 years after Gen1, but what about the other Generations?

5. Which Gen2 PKMN were already planned but later scrapped from Gen1? Since MissingNo. was born from the 39 empty slots out of 190 PKMN slots for Gen1.

6. Why on Gen2 certain locations from Gen1, like Cerulean Cave & Safari Zone, were closed off? And why Red didn't get a new artwork as of Gen4, like Green?

7. This is directed to the japanese staff, but not only me but more fans, specially since the BW2 Anime PV, have been yearning for a reboot of the whole series, this time more game-related, direct adaptations of the games, each generation having their own characters and not using recurring ones all around.
But, for Gen1, Yellow Version (with FrLg art style) could be best choice of adaptation.

Well, for now these are all the questions I remember having for you. I'm having hope that they may be answered.
Thanks for your time.»

I thought that either I'd never get an answer from them or wait around 2 days before it showed up, but instead it took less than an hour...
And I can guess why...
Here's the answer:
«Thank you for contacting Pokémon Support.

Our Support Team is not able to provide details on your lore related inquiry. It is the intent of the Pokémon creators, that questions that have not already been answered within the video games, animated movies, or TV shows, be left to the imagination and interpretations of YOU…The Pokémon Fans. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. Please feel free to reply if you require any further assistance.

Sincerely, Pokémon Support Team»

Does anyone here want to comment about this?

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I am America
For a good amount of those questions, you'd probably need to directly ask the creators of the games. Joe Schmo who answers questions on the Pokemon Support Center isn't gonna know the answers to those, nor should they be expected to. For the anime thing, you're definitely barking up the wrong tree.


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Yeah, and I even noted it in the message itself, I had the idea that those questions were more likely directed to the creators, but I believe those are questions that deserved to have an answer (Except for the MissingNo. point), but it's never that easy.
And no, Bulbapedia doesn't have any answers to those questions, I've been wandering through that site these last couple weeks, hence the message having been written.

About the Anime thing, You're right, I was more like "going with the flow" and taking advantage of the whole message to leave that idea along...


When I had my first run through of crystal I was never able to get passed sudowoodo and started my game over. Second run through and finally got the hint of a squirt bottle. Wasted all that time by not paying attention to details


Still havent seen any shiny my self. seven years now :( but my favorite is jirachi, colosseum bonus disk. took me for ever to obtain the disk without haveing to pay an arm and a leg. found it at game stop for 5 bucks.
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