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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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Shiny Pokemon You Like or Would Change!

Hey everyone!
I last saw Cubchoo's shiny, and I already am in love with it!
So I wanted to know which shiny Pokémon you like a lot and which shiny sprites you would change to make itheir colors more fitting.


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Free Worker

Hey guys! how are you? I'm doing an offer for me to work for someone! I can IV breed, shiny-hunt, EV train, Egg move breed, and pretty much everything else!

here's my payment options

1. Pokemon points:
for each pokemon point i earn, i can save them up to buy something from your trade shop. all the pokemon in your trade shop must be labeled from 1-5 depending on rarity and value, if you choose this payment option. Except for Legendary, Event, Shiny, and 6IV pokemon because that would be unfair.

here's how i earn them: every 15 eggs that i breed, i get 1 pokemon point.
For every shiny pokemon i find, i get 5 pokemon points. For every EV trained pokemon i EV train, i get 2 pokemon points. for every 5/6 IV pokemon i breed, i get 2 pokemon points, for every pokemon i breed that has the desired four egg moves, i get 1 pokemon point. I will keep track of these points on a shared google document so everyone can see how many points i have earned and see that im not scamming.

2. Pokemon for Pokemon:
Very simple, for each desired pokemon I find, Breed, Hunt for, Etc. i pick one pokemon out of your trade shop that i like, and we trade. I cant pick legendary's, Events, shiny's, or 6 IV pokemon because that would be unfair.

So, those are my two payment options, if you need a worker please contact me, i am open almost every day!
favorite pokemon

I bet there are people here eho like pokemln. So lets share our favorites shall we

Here are some of mine:

A great flying type pokemon with a good movepool and cool design. One of my strongest members on my diamond walkthro. And it can close combat

My strongest (levelwise) pokemon in my white team. With a rather useful ability,great moveset and good stats its one of my favorite pokemons to use

While many prefer training offensive pojemon i think its important to train defensive/support pojemons as well. And man i think my suppirt gigalith is great. With his moveset consisting of sandstorm,earthquake,stealthrock and toxic he is a support i love using on doubles. His poor speed leaves lot to desire but on the bright side he has good hp,p attack and p defense stats and ever useful ability sturdy.Gigalith is a good tank or offensive support like how my Nemo is ^^

My all time favorite pokemon. My one on white is an absolute beast. Eelektross has rather good stats (especially on the attack and speed part altho others arent half bad either) and is my bruiser/speedster (not sure which he is) on my white team. The ability levitate makes Eelektross (as well its pre evolutions) the only pokemon with no weaknessess.while eelektross cannot learn that many moves by leveling up its movepool via tm is rather impressive. That and i like its design. Cool pokemln that I like using in battle and my choice for electeic type....besides ampharos of course : D
And before you ask yes my one on white is nicknames EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK I NICKNAMED HIM

I never trainrd one but it has very cool design


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...By just playing it?

This isn't something that can really be answered by making a thread.


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Need help regarding Play! Pokemon

So this whole system is annoying, and at this point I don't even know if I can get Mewtwo despite the fact that I DID participate in the International Challenge of 2016. I did at least 10 battles, and everywhere else stated I would only need to battle once to get a Mewtwo.

Now I check the Pokemon website, and I apparently need to sign up for Pokemon Play! To even get the point for Mewtwo. So I guess I can't get Shiny Mewtwo now because of some annoying requirement that seems ridiculous?


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Help With My Pokemon Y Team

Hey I've having trouble thinking of a well-balanced team for Pokemon Y and I'm stuck. My team so far is Greninja and Hawlucha but I can't think of a team to build around that, it usually ends up lacking in defense against fairies. I also just want a team of Kalos Pokemon and one Mega.

Pokemon I'm Considering:
1. Florges
2. Tyrantrum
3. Dragalge
4. Aegislash
5. Talonflame
6. Diggersby
7. Goodra
8. Meowstic (Female)

1. Venusaur
2. Kangaskhan
3. Mawile
4. Charizard

I could really use some expert opinion.


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This doesn't belong in this sub-forum.


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Well the rules say not to do speculation threads for unannounced games/generations, and a generation 100 would be... roughly 300 years into the future based on the average lifespan of a generation of Pokemon.

In other words, let's not speculate about something 300 years into the future.


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Pokemon Update


I'm a member from way back when (When Diamond and Pearl first came out).

I love the updates this Gen brought, and now seeing how great the new games look (especially ORAS) I can't help but hope that they do this for Diamond and Pearl (and HGSS!!!)

Basically, what do you guys think the chances are for these updates? Diamond and Pearl I think are a lock to get remade. But I can't help but want Gold and Silver (my favorites all time) to get a new fresh look.


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Looking for friend safaris

I'm looking for generally any friend safari tbh just post your fc and add me and ill add you my friend safari is fire btw with :513:;218; and Braixen
Twenty years later and the media is still making the same mistakes.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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