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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

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Mildly amusing as this may be this really didn't need a thread just to point out a spelling error.


Shiny Hunter
I need nickname suggestions for shiny pokemon

I need a nickname suggestion for these 4 shiny pokemon

shiny milotic

shiny octillary

shiny wailmer

shiny xerneas

I like to nickname every shiny I have caught and I need suggestions


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That's a pretty blatant fake. Also, this didn't need a thread.



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Virtual Consoles to Pokemon Bank

so, i just bought Pokemon Yellow from the Eshop, and i was wondering, can the pikachu from the start be transfered?
thanks for your attention
MKU64 ;025;


Eh, ragazzo!
Use the Pokemon Question Thread next time here. But to answer your question, it will be able to be transferred to Sun and Moon (assuming there isn't something to prevent it, but I doubt it).


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And thus the question is answered and this thread no longer needs to stay open. You don't need to make an entire thread for a single question next time, though.


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Newbie question

Okay, I'm sure this has been answered a million times and to some is common sense...

But when using Serebii, what do the dashes under level marketing? Example, Steelix has three elemental fang attacks with dashes next to level. They aren't under Egg Moves or Tutor Moves and (to my knowledge) can't encounter them wild. So what does it mean?


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Alright so this thread is about a wish. I don't know where it will take me or what I'm even doing exactly but basically it works like this:

I follow the yellow brick road haha. Here is how it started:

I found a Xatu in the Safari Zone of Omega Ruby. It was a hard catch tbh it kept using wish to recover so I took it as a challenge to catch. Like it didnt want to be caught. Struggled with it for a while before I eventually ended up catching it/her and named her "Wish".

I then released her to represent the move Wish. Casting her out knowing I'd end up getting it back in one way or another.

I decided to go looking for Wish thinking how cool it would be if you could end up finding a Pokemon you had released again in the game! So I started searching in the tall tall grass outside next to the Safari Zone and found a horde of Shuppet taking on my Scraggy. I knew one of them was Wish. Somewhere. So I knocked them out one by one until only two were left. Swaggered them both. One destroyed itself...the other barely survived so I caught it and read the Pokedex entry. It said they approached trainers feelung jealousy ir seeking vengeance. Well I was on a vengeance for my wish and so...I named it "WISH".

I had been watching Dragon Ball with limitations. Two episodes a day. One free one and the second I can't watch until I run my course around the block. It's my stamina training. Ha Gravity training, if you will.
I've been keeping my lifestyle healthy eating the right foods and exercising. Going to the gym and walking at least four miles a day. I started out fat as **** and lost at least one hundred and fifty pounds of fat. Put on pounds of muscle, though.
I walked two miles up to the gym every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Did upper body on Monday. Lower body on Tuesday. Wednesday was a cardio day. Upper body on Thursday. Lower body on Friday. Saturday was a cardio day. Sunday was just a rest day.
All of that while working my jobs. I considered it a blessing and still do.

Now it's a bit different. I walk/run around the block three times. I'll walk down one strip. Run down the next. Alternate until I do three laps. Once I do that, I allow myself another episode to watch and it's so much better that way to me at least.
Once the second saga starts, it'll change. I'll walk two strips then run two strips. The strips going north and south are longer then the strips going east and west. I walk the longer ones and run the shorter ones. At the end of the first saga on
Dragon Ball I'll run the short strip AND the long strip and then walk the next two strips. One long and one short.

So Monday

three laps
Upper body


three laps
Lower body


three laps
No gym


three laps
Upper body


three laps
Lower body


three laps
No gym


No walking or running (unless I just have extra energy then I may but it's not required)
No gym
Stretch/Rest day

I quit smoking cigarettes and switched over to an e-cig that I basically just vape because I enjoy...the vape. Lol.

Anyway, the last episode I watched was Yamcha whining about freaking out around girls. Oolong trying to molest Bulma in her sleep and all that crazy ****. Yamcha's wish was to get married. My wish is unclear but it's in there.

So, after I released Wish and caught Wish, the Shuppet, I figured it would be in good taste to do a Wonder trade. The decisions I make are out of instinct and determination. The player who traded with me was named Yamcha...from TN. Same state I was in. I Wonder traded Shuppet wondering what strange Pokemon I would get. IT COULD BE ANYTHING AND IT WAS...


Lol wtf? But it reminded me of the old episode "Bye Bye butterfree!" and I knew then and there I had to level it up to a Butterfree and trade it to SOMEONE SOMEWHERE *hint hint* you ahem...someone somewhere for a shiny Butterfree. Then watch not the episode of Indigo but the Special Advanced Generation or whatever where a shiny Butterfree appears in episode 77...I think? I wikid it. Ha.


The anime is too goofy. Too cheesy and corny for me. Don't get me wrong, Origins was amazingly awesome but the Ash anime? Eh.

So I figured it would be a good way of trying it out again as I have never seen this episode.

*I watched the episode and, while I enjoy the idea of contests and see it's good for kids, I personally don't think I could stomache (or spell stomach) the entire series.*

It'd be really cool if there was another completely different series set in an alternate canon/dimension made for their older fanbase. One with better animation, as well.
A more mature theme and I'm not talking about tits and ***. Or cussing every other sentence. I just mean a more realistic experience that pertains to ALL ages. The original anime does but, as it stands, it's minimal and I think the
series would benefit greatly from either a reboot or an alternate series such as "Origins". That was awesome.
Believe it or not, the Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z series would be a good place to draw that type of experience I'm talking about. These are just my opinions, by the way.

So my current goals are:

Trade Yamcha's Butterfree for a shiny Butterfree. Yes the OT is Yamcha . Yamcha's Butterfree is a shiny on its own. It has a Timid nature and is waiting to be traded for a shiny Butterfree. Where I guess it will...mate? I guess f*** all day...I don't know but take extra care. I actually can't remember if its a girl or boy...I didn't check down there. I don't know if it's gay or straight, either. We have a "Don't ask don't tell" thing going on. We sift through a lot of team members and don't want to cause any inner conflict, you see.

Watch what seems to be "Spurt!" In the anime as the pink Butterfree returns in the opening theme. You guys could list some others because I'm waiting til next Thursday to watch it.


[B[What are some wishes you guys have?[\B]

I'd like more friends. Get people out there socializing and have fun.
I have a lot of wishes but friends and adventure are among the top but...lets be honest. ..we all have a little Yamcha in us.

So please discuss!!!
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This wasn't needed.


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Which team is better? (Sorry if this is in the wrong place)

Okay so I've got two teams that I really really like, I've spent a lot of time with both of them in their respective games. I'm not asking for help I just wanna know the opinions of everyone on both of them. So here's the first team,
Pokemon Diamond:
Flash Fire
Extreme Speed
Volt Tackle
Morning Sun
Flare Blitz
Motor Drive
Cross Chop
Ice Punch
Magnet Pull
Flash Cannon
Shock Wave
Zap Cannon
Gyarados (Red)
Ice Fang
Sand Stream
Rock Climb
Stone Edge
Rock Smash
Inner Focus
Hyper Beam
Dragon Pulse

Now the team from white:

Inner Focus
Shadow Claw
Night Slash
Hyper Beam
Horn Leech
Bug Buzz
Poison Jab
Flame Body
Heat Wave
Bug bite
Dragon Pulse
Hyper Beam
Flash Cannon
If these two teams were to face off which would win? Which one would you rather use, why? If you could make a team using Pokemon from both of these teams which ones would you guys use? I can't wait to hear the responses!!

The Flash

I like shorts!
Pokemon Tattoo?

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo related to pokemon, and was hoping to get your guy's thoughts on it.

My first pokemon games were Gold and Silver, with the first pokemon I chose being Chikorita. I'm thinking of getting it of Chikorita, but not sure on the exact specifics.

1. Do I get a "high resolution" depiction, or do I get the sprite version from Gold and Silver?

2. Where do I get it? Shoulder? Would forearm or rob age/side look good?


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How TPC is split up

I've seen online various reports, and wanted to post this and get a confirmation this is how The Pokemon Company is split up:

33% Game Freak
32% Nintendo
32% Creatures

Totalling 97%.

The missing 3% was 4Kids' share of the franchise, which each company bought back but then retired to keep the ratios as they are and lock out anyone else purchasing them.

This sound about right?
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