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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

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Why does everyone mock the Pokedex?

Pretty much any time the pokedex gets brought up, all I see is people going "lol pokedex" or "written by a ten year old" and other things to that affect. Mainly due some of the more extreme entries like Machamp's pushing mountains or some pokemon stealing souls and whatnot. But why? This is the same franchise with Arceus and his multiverse creating shenanigans as well as the entire creation trio who can control time, space, and anti-matter as well as create universes. We also have Mega Ray who can fly from Earth to space in a short amount of time and smash meteors. There's also Clawitzer who's based on a real life animal that can create temperatures as hot as the sun.

The anime has Pikachu powering an entire Pokemon Center at the beginning of the series along with stuff like Mewtwo's ridiculous hax, Yveltal petrifying an entire forest and near everyone in it, Ash-Greninja, multiple ghost pokemon who can steal souls and drag people to other dimensions, and I think, a Musharna who leveled an entire building and a good chunk of the surrounding forest early in BW.

Special has Lance's Dragonair, as in not a fully evolved Dragonite, leaving a MASSIVE crater in Vermillion.

And if you really wanna get crazy, there's Shadow Mewtwo from Pokken Death Balling the planet from orbit.

Obviously, this doesn't come even remotely close to everything, but what's here pretty much falls in line with a lot of other crazy pokedex entries. What are everyone else's thoughts?


I Crush Everything
I think the fact that some of it appears to be doubtful just from observation is part of it.

Like, are we really meant to believe that magcargo is hotter than the sun, yet somehow it's still survivable to approach and even touch one? Or that muk also makes one extremely ill on contact, yet doesn't in Amie either? Or that it can completely permanently infertilize whatever ground it walks on yet its existence as a species somehow hasn't made plants extinct (not to mention that if you send one out in the grass, the grass doesn't die)? Or that shedinja's exit-hole steals one's soul despite it clearly not doing so when you use it and the hole faces you? Or that spoink or slugma can't survive being immobilized, yet paralysis doesn't kill them? Or that latias is special for being able to understand humans despite every pokémon you can catch clearly understands your commands?

Pretty much, even if one can say that outrageous things are to be accepted (have the Sinnoh legendaries actually been observed to do those things within the games, or is it just in the pokédex and relayed legends?), there are still some pretty clearly contradictory entries which are pretty questionable.

Though for the record, I still doubt the idea that your character is supposed to be writing these entries and filling them with nonsensical exaggerations.


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Because a lot of it is never demonstrated in any of the story, or contradicts what we see like how Escavalier is described as being fast or Garchomp being able to Fly
Sun and Moon somewhat meh?

For the last game on the 3ds I was mega hyped to be honest. But as I played through the game I found it rather weak. Especially post game. The amount of things to do is much less than the previous games. Also I didn't like how once again you aren't really rewarded for filling the pokedex.


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Have you seen how incompetent Team Rocket as an organization is in the games? The anime treats them as SPECTRE, but in the games Giovanni is the only truly competent member. It's just as possible they have nothing to do with Mewtwo's creation, and merely wanted to control the mysterious super-powerful being and that's why they went to all efforts. Mewtwo could've been made as part of the Pokemon War in the games Lt Surge was a part of


New Member
Please help me! My 3DS cannot play Pokemon Sun & Moon

Please help me :(( i can't play pokemon moon, and i just bought it like yesterday but it always stuck in the scene when Meowth try to wake the character from sleep, idk what to do :(
My 3ds ver is 11.2.0-35U
I appreciate any suggestion
Thank you Serebii!

Quick tip for the page!

Character Bios for Lillie, Mallow, Kukui, Samson Oak, Kiawe, etc.


Just wanted to extend a thank you to those who run this website.

It is the best Pokemon site around and has helped me out a ton.
Pikachu's Tail

Pikachu's tail has been a topic of much heated debate recently.

People around the world remember it having a black tip.

While others don't remember this and remember it just yellow.



Pause the NEW Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Intro at 3:55.

You will see what I always knew growing up!
Pikachu originally had a black tip at the end of its tail.
Well, the original art from Pokémon Yellow has it without the black tip, so I guess that's what I'll go with.

It's funny to me how there is a lot of white in that drawing.

Almost as if they whited out the black tip, which they certainly did.

The new intro does not lie, they made a mistake and it leaked out.

Even Pikachu cosplay female form has a black tip. Ash's always did as well.


Well-Known Member
This is just one of those Mandela effect things. Pikachu never had a black tip to its tail, the picture you linked to its part of the shadow effect and all the artwork for the first two gens had the faded water colour effect so it's not like someone whited out the tail after the fact.

I have a bunch of old *** Pokemon merch and on none of it does Pikachu have a black tip to its tail, he doesn't have it in the game sprites or the original series of the anime, its just a case of a bunch of people misremembering one specific detail. Like the Berenstain/Berenstein Bears thing. I suggest looking up the mandela effect because its pretty interesting and this Pikachu thing is like one of the go to examples of it.


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This really didn't need an entire thread.

Especially since the poster above me sort of summed up the entire conversation.
Dual region game?

I just wondered what people's thoughts are on the potential of a future Pokemon game being a dual region game. Similar to that of Gold & Silver were you could travel between Johto and Kanto.

I aren't suggesting that they do that between somewhere like Kanto and Sinnoh as that is a cash cow and there could be individual remakes or sequels.

However. A game in which you could travel between a new region or Alola to Kanto in my opinion would be a great idea. Possibly by Ferry possibly by aeroplane.

I would love to go back to Kanto and see that region in the current animation and graphical style. However. I don't think I would want to undertake that same storyline again but would love to play a new story line in that region. However. A singular game in that region may be stretched as the map, region and story is on the smaller side.

Possibly they will reboot the Kanto region with the orginal storyline for this new generation of Pokemon fans that are coming through and never played the original Red/Blue/Green/Yellow.

Goddess Yami

Happy Go Lucky
I'm always up for a dual regional game. I want to be like Ash and travel the world.

Honestly I wouldn't mind if we go back to Kanto and Johto. It would be cool if in each version you would start in a different region. Like version A you start in Kanto then in version B you start in Johto.

And yes we would need a new storyline. A new evil team or do something different with Team Rocket.


Because I'm Worth It
I think it would be pretty easy to incorporate Kanto into any game in the future, simply because the plot there was so minimal that it'd be easy to figure in. I would love to see a dual region game again as that was one of my favorite things about GSC/HGSS. Any two regions would do to be honest, but using either Kanto or Sinnoh makes the most sense since they are the regions with the currently longest drought of remakes.

Personally, I think Alola-Kanto or vice versa would be cool since at the beginning of the game they state that you the player just moved from Kanto to Alola. So it would be neat to have a journey to Kanto as a "homecoming" type of thing where you go to Kanto and do whatever thing there. Plus it makes sense to juxtapose the Alolan forms with the "regular" forms.

So yea, all about that.
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