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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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Shiny Breeder
Hey Guys, well just updating on Munna, sigh 990 Eggs using MM and no shine.
I have like 120 boxed up but I hatch them slowly now......Munna hatches fairly quickly but still.....Well guys good luck with your Shiny Hunts! Go get'm! :D


Dark-Type Trainer
If Unova was the first gen introduced many people would say " These things are ugly. What were the creators thinking? I'm not wasting my money on this!


Master Collector
I have all my boxes with different wallpapers and their respective names on them

Bar: 2 Team Boxes, an Unown box, 2 Legend boxes, after that i organise my boxes in order of fully evolved Poke of which i have them all and then randoms at the end

I'm a fairly organised dude lol

Mr. pokedude

Shadow the Ghost-Hog
My mind is blown, I sometimes just put them into boxes that I think are strong, i mostly just leave it at that... I see no need for bothering really...

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New Member
I sort mine by what region they originated from (eg. Charmander is in kanto, Cyndaquil in Johto etc, etc.) I also have a few seperated boxes for unown, breeding, and sometimes shiny.


In School
I have two boxes of events, then a box of shinies and legends, a box for my soon-to-be team, and then a whole (literally the whole pc) pc full of garbage:)


Shiny PKMN breeder
Ive been on the hunt for a shiny volcarona. Its probably the only thing i do when i play white But i know this hunt is gonna take Forever.


Well-Known Member
OMG! I just got a new shiny guys!

Thats right! A shiny Bulbasaur graced my screen a little while ago!
The everstone worked, so it has a Timid nature, and it has the following IV's:
HP - 31 (!!)
Attack - 13
Defense - 5
Sp. Atk - 24
Sp. Def - 8
Speed - 12

A live encounter video is found here:

Also, its so lame were not capable of posting images in this thread >.>
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Well-Known Member
Congrats on shiny bulbasaur! It's such a great shiny!

Hatched 2,450 Spinarak eggs now, still no luck. Currently boxing another 150 so fingers crossed. Can't wait for it to shine :)


Active Member
Yeah I toohave epic respect for people who SR for tens of thousands of times. When I hit 1,000 for Sudowoodo I was almost ready to rip my hair out... Btw what are you trying to SR?

On topic, I have not done anymore SRs today. Too much Zelda... oh well. I'll try and put the effort to SR at least 10 before I go to bed... but on the bright side, I came up some names for Entei and Suicune. Goron and Zora! I know I'm stealing them from Zelda, but I think they're cool... the problem is I don't know of any thunder related species in Zelda... well, good luck to everybody! And thanks to Gligari for clearing that up for me. I'll try and keep that in mind for when I'm SRing for Latias.

Shiny virizion, but I had to take a little break since it was annoying me.
People have done it before, so yes, of course you can sr for a shiny pansage. The only pokemon you CAN'T Sr for are Rehiram, Victini and Zekrom.


To do RNGs: 0
I believe you can, cause I while back I saw someone who had RNG'd it, which would mean that you could SR it.

I checked the 5th gen shiny thread and there was confirmation that you can do it.

Abstinence Pistols

Ugh.. On vacation so Larvesta is STILL on hold. After this, I might attempt RNG'ing for a shiny Solosis. I would MM, but I need to make sure it gets Magic Guard since Overcoat is as useless as a special sweeping Darmanitan.


Shiny Hunter
at 130 encounters cept i ran into the f'ing camper girl chick.

EDIT: had to get 10 encounters in 1 hour and My 10th came at 9:59
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