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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

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  • No...

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  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

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Dragonite and Tyranitar are placed in between Legendaries and they are not legendary. Volcarona is not legendary. Pokemon that evolve or have a pre evo are not legendaries.


There isn't an ounce of ambiguity here. They are not Legendaries, unequivocally. Not even sure what there is to discuss about it. No one's under any obligation to explain a thing to you, particularly on a matter this cut and dry.

While I agree they aren't legendaries, I still wonder why they aren't. Your logic is that they aren't, while the OP has many arguments backing him up.

There's no debate here. They're not legendaries in any way, shape, or form. Arcanine should be considered legendary if the same logic of Volcarona being legendary applies.

If you actually read the first post, you wouldn't say that.

It can be argued that Volcarona is a PSEUDO-Legendary, Like Garchomp!


What many people are saying is that Volcarona isn't a legendary, but they're not explaining why. It's probably because GF says Volcarona isn't, but have they actually said that?

EDIT: Oops, forgot about stats. It only has a BST of around 540. Nowhere near legendary status. 580 or 600, though... too bad Larvesta evolves into it.
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Sic Transit Gloria
Volcarona is simply a rare pokemon, that is more powerful than most common pokemon. This is why it is found the way it is and why it is so strong. To say it is legendary is silly and completely not true.

Volcarona is a cool pokemon but its quite simply not a legendary.


Sic Transit Gloria


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So the game is wierd... the egg hatches into a Larvesta BUT U can catch a lvl 70 Volcarona...

It makes people NOT want to raise the Larvesta.


gone gently
Could someone please explain to me why Larvesta and Volcarona are not already considered Legendaries?

Because GameFreak said so.

That's the only "real" qualification for Legendary status. If a Pokemon is Legendary, GameFreak will tell you it is. Otherwise, no dice.

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I have been banned from chat?

You know that pink txt that makes it seem like you performing an action, well you can't just ask people cause they just laugh at you and never help you out. One day on the chat i decided to try and figure it out on my own, so I started random symbols in front of moo. Some moderator or something put some kind of perma bann on me, its been days and i cant get back into chat... how do i clear this up so i can go back to chatten up serebii, i gots lots of stuff i want to discuss like how i surf on a small bear :613: and tought a flightless bird :629: and a giant golem :623: how to fly legit without hacks. Not being able to chat on serebii, hurts my fragile pokeserebii ego.

Not HELP but ya know ADVICE on a serebii GENERAL issue in need of resolve, maybe even info on where a HELP topic would go on these forums.

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You can't a mod has to. This belong in sppf help


the Radiant Dawn
dont any of you have imagination?!?!?! if you came here to tell us "pokemon isnt real" well no dip! this thread is for people who have imagination


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Some of these Pokemon look easy to repel and take down...

Kingler - Get giant pots with boiling water
Blaziken - Stuff em ovens
Jigglypuff - Muzzle em
Dustox - Bug Spray
Slugma - Pour some salt on em
Exeggcute - Bring your appetite
Vaniluxe - Bring your sweet tooth
Audino - Bring a Rebecca Black "Friday" single album
Banette - Say the CHI SPELL "Yu Mo Gwei Wai Wai Ti CHAO, Yu Mo Gwei Wai Wai Ti CHAO"
as for Arceus... Pokemon with 1000 arms... meet the man with the 1000 ton d!ck

Let's take these motherfluffas down for betraying us after we gave em poffins and love!
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