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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters
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i miss miror
i am most definitely grass-type :3

Wild Dragonite

Ralts Evo Tree Fan
I usually pick Fire. It's so hard to find a decent fire type.

I broke my usual trend and went with Samurott, but I've replaced her with Lapras. Blaziken is the only starter remaining, but I migrated him.


so AWH-SOME /)^ɛ^(\
Usually Grass, except for 4th Gen which is Fire :S

I'll just say Grass for simplicity


Arcane Of The Wild
I roll with the water clan, I rarely use fire types in my normal game playthrough when Im playing whatever version for the first time, I always get the water starter usually


~Freezing Winds~
water or fire. i chose empoleon, samurott, typhlosion and charizard. personally i dont like the unova starters.

Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
I'm sure some of you are aware that Nintendo have recently announced that the 3DS and WiiU will be able to provide us with quality DLC much like Xbox live and PSN does (however I believe they mentioned lame stuff like hats and skins etc won't be accepted).
My question to you guys is what exactly do you think this means for Pokemon?
Yes, it probably won't mean anything at all as Pokemon often ignores trends and does it own thing but what if it did?
Do you think theres potential for an episodic Pokemon game?
Do you think theres potential for game expansions such as being able to buy DLC to explore new areas in say Pokemon Black/White for example?
Do you think it will get to the point where we will have the ability to buy tailor made Pokemon fit for competition straight out for a small fee?
Let me know, I'm intrigued. :)
The Wii wasn't exactly planned for it but does support DLC as well as most other game consoles, with the exception of file size. The PSP even has DLC.

When The DS and Wii Launch DLC wasn't exactly a big thing then. Most Download able content was for for PC games.

There is potential for DLC for Pokémon. They've technically started with Downloadable events a few years ago, and this generation have C-Gear backgrounds and more Musical tunes.

Most Likey is a new area, as not everyone will need to "download" it if they don't buy it. Adding stuff that doesn't exist in games such as hats, has to added to EVERY game. (When Team Fortress 2 adds new hats, it downloads the new hats to everyone, just in case you find someone wearing a LoFi Longwave, and a PipBoy, even though you don't own them. Even if you "Bought" it today. (It's a Free game, but "DLC" is new items.))

Many RPGs don't have many DLC options. Mass Effect 2 added a New maps and New Characters, but in that game, Any New character it was planned as on your ship each Character has a place where they "live", and the door is locked until you get the character. Disgaea 2 PSP and PS3 Disgaea 3 and 4, have new characters that can be requited via a menu option that magically appears when the DLC is added.

As for Hats.. They're a big thing for me. Shoot me! I am a semi-serious player of a War themed Hat Simulator. (Their words not mine.)

Ok, I don't see DLC happening for portable market soon. PBR could have been a good receiver as well as MPR or Pokémon Rumble.

Since this is technically a next game Speculation thread. I've got to shut it..
No need to check your PM, I've been wanting to get this out four days.


my first playthroughs of each gen I picked Charmander, Cyndaquil, mudkip, Piplup, and Snivy. So Ive done all 3 lol. If my trend stays the same Ill wind up picking 6th gens Grass starter.


Well-Known Member
Water, but I get 2 copies of the game (ex. R/B or G/S or R/S or D/P or B/W)
So here's whats I gotta.
1st Gen: Charmander and Squirtle (3rd game Bulbasaur)
2nd Gen: Cyndaquil and Totodile (3rd game Totodile AGAIN)
3rd Gen: Treecko and Mudkip (3rd game torchic)
4th Gen: Turtwig and Piplup (3rd game chinchar)
5th Gen: Snivy and Oshawott (3rd game Tepig)
No one's saying Fire. Well, Fire. I love Charizard, Blaziken, and Emboar, and I like Typhlosion and Infernape. I will admit that Charizard is a little overhyped. There just aren't a lot of "badass" Grass starters. Venusaur is kind of a fatty, Sceptile is a step down from Grovyle, and I just draw the line at Meganium. Water is usually pretty good (but I will never give Piplup's line the time of day).


Uses of Psychics
It varies, but I'm usually not a fan of Fire, so it's often Water or Grass. I don't really prefer either over the other, though. Both work for me.


uhhmmm YES!
Tjis should be put into poll form so you can see full results...

Although im a water.
On my first play, I usually use Water, with the exception of Cyndaquil. On other runs I use some I never have tried before.
So you can say I am a Water guy.


Well-Known Member
I usually pick Water. I typically don't even train Fire or Grass types at all.


Arm Wrestle?
wow, the starters in black&white failed, all except my beloved samurott, oh how i love him emboar is on of the stupidest looking pokemon ever created hahah

Oh, how funny it is then that Snivy was chosen for a the largest amount, and Tepig for next. They all look good design-wise, but Oshawott is farely displeasing :/ (Samurott is pretty cool though, my brother's gonna choose it as his Black starter)

Anyways... I myself find the starter types varying in my choice. In Johto I chose Cyndaquil, simply for the fact that it appealed to me more than Totodile. In Emerald I chose Treeko because it's freaking cool, Unova be Snivy, Platinum be Turtwig. My Kanto starter from SS was Bulbasaur, and my Hoenn from SS was Mudkip.

Lets see...

Grass - 4
Water - 1
Fire - 1

...Design-wise, mind you...


Pokemon Master
Your opinion of Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard?

Honestly, charizard is one of my most hated pokemon ever, haters gon hate?
he is too over hyped and urgh, share with me your opinions, luvvvvv from sharnah x
Charizard is in no way overhyped. Most of us here don't like the thing either.

And I'm pretty sure there's a thread for this or something.
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