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I don't really pay attention, but looking at myself now I usually wear sport-related clothing. I hate hate HATE jeans and Short-shorts. I don't know the real reason why, I just don't like the feeling of them...according to my dad I always look like crap. (I think I do too)


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Clothes ?

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I tend to wear things that either flaunt my body, or make me look high class. I have a winter jacket that was $300. I sewed eagle crests on the end of each sleeves. It is one of those fancy looking wool coats.


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i like tall the lcothes. it's fooo cool.


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I really love fashion, so I do put effort into what I wear.

That being said, I sat at home all day, so I'm just in my lounge wear.


I am wearing a fuzzy jacket, grey jeans, and a t-shirt. It is a little chilly in the morning but it warms up in the afternoon so then I take the jacket off. I usually wear graphic tees, jeans and casual sneakers like Converse or DC. Sometimes I wear basketball style clothes but not as often.


my clothes are too mainstream for the hipsters