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Club People-Watcher

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Welcome to Club People Watcher! We all do it, but do you do it as a hobby and research what you find? Then this is the club for you! But first for thoughs who don't know what People watching is I can tell you:

People watching. You most likely do it with out knowing. People watching is where you go to a mall or just watch some kids in your class and just watch them. If your a girl you know what its like to stare at some person for hours on end and be mistaken for likeing them. ANYway thats people watching for you and this is where we record findings. So find a subject and start People Watching!

1.Legendary Suicune Girl of Pokémon

Co-Owners(two and this is rewarded to the two top researchers):



Current Project(s):
Undecided. Current Choices are: Teen watch and Adults, behind the parents.

So get your People watching skills on and show us some Projects!
Not open for further replies.