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CoachDozier's Modest Yurt of Offerings


Takeshi Protegé
*Notice on Feb. 2, 2012: With the passing of my birthday two days ago, I now have in my possession a Nintendo 3DS and a copy of Pokemon Black. This will increase my shop abilities quite a bit as well as offer me two of each of the promotional Pokemon for potential trade. All will be added to my shop as they are befriended and sent to my games, including the new Dream World Arceus and Birthday Togekiss. Stay tuned!*

Although I have been playing Pokemon since Blue, I only recently have begun the task of researching the science and joy of egg breeding through the serebii.net database, and the Dream World has made the process all the more exciting for me. Being somewhat obsessive and enjoying the tedium that goes into egg breeding, I have started a number of projects that are yielding good results, so I am holding on to my breeding pairs and spare hatchlings to pass on my rewards to you. I probably am not offering anything radically different from anyone else with a trade shop here. In fact, there are some people here much more experienced than I am at the game when it comes to breeding. In building some of my own new teams, however, I am keeping a number of Pokemon in storage for more personal trades than the Global Trade System provides as I attempt to fill my Pokedex and create a database of unique Pokemon with high potential. I call my trade shop modest for a reason, but I would like to extend the courtesy of these offerings just as much for my benefit as yours. Making a special request of me to breed a Pokemon or offering advice will help me to learn and grow with the games, and I have hopes that it will help my shop to grow as well as time passes. The release of Black/White and my escape from the Dark Ages into WiFi has broken new ground, so let’s all enjoy the ride.

The general rules are as follows (Trade Forum Rules Apply as well): All Pokemon listed below for offering are guaranteed legitimate captures/breeds/events, and I require that any trade I receive in return is the same. Have received a few hacks in global trades, but I have no desire for them nor are they listed in the available sections below. Sections are broken up into 1) Egg Move Pokemon, 2) Dream World Females, 3) Shinies, 4) Legendaries and Events, 5) Generic Single Offerings, and 6) Items.

I prefer that all trade requests be performed via VM as proof of transaction. I have received some request via PM already and am working to honor those, but please try to limit correspondence to VM or Trade Shop thread post. Thank you.

I send notice to all requests made in this thread via VM, and I check my shop at least every other day. If I overlook your request or do not respond within three days, then please contact me via VM/PM. If I have notified you and you are no longer interested in trade, then please let me know. I have received a few requests and sent multiple notices with no response, so be aware that I will not keep your requests hanging in limbo forever. VM conversations also are very telling of one's personal behavior here on the forums. I give the benefit of the doubt to all traders, but you should expect that I may not be as inclined to do business with you if your profile displays a habit of poor manners, especially if you request something and fail to respond to any notification (i.e.: just blow me off and ignore me for whatever reason). If I do not receive a response from you within a week of my second VM/PM notice to you, then I will move on to other projects. Courtesy counts a lot if you change your mind.

Pokemon are offered as-is with the exception of Egg Move or DW females. Egg/DW Pokemon will be bred and hatched prior to trade with the first gender with a beneficial nature I can hatch for your selection to helps its growth, but I am open to requests for specific natures or genders. Be warned that special requests will take time to process, so it is preferred that traders opt for a breeding pair of their own if they want to take advantage of simultaneous egg move/DW ability breeding. All other Pokemon listed (Shinies, Legendaries, Events, Generic) are considered to be one-of-a-kind and will have any pertinent information listed. Pokerus is available on request. Nicknames also are open to request in most cases.

I am more willing to give than receive, but expect a wait time for labor involved. I made some mistakes early on that required some clarification for trades to be fair, so bear with me if you notice any deliberate redundancy in the following labor cost information.

Additionally, with the influx of incoming requests, please be prepared for large requests of more than 5 Pokemon to be split into more than one trade. I might be able to fill one part of your request much faster than another, and I am doing my best with my available time to make sure everyone can get their request filled as quickly as possible. This notice comes from the different statistics in gender/ability/nature breeding that heavily influences the time and success rate of specific Pokemon. I have had 30-egg losing streaks in trying to breed all three combos in a single Pokemon on more than one occasion, and be aware that the male/female ratios and other statistics of your request may affect the time it takes to complete it. Case in point: Growlithe has a 25% female ratio and around a 33% chance of receiving a DW ability. This drops the chances of getting a DW female to less than 10%. My last effort to breed one took over an hour, 22 eggs to get one female and another 6 eggs to get a female with the DW ability. I had a similar experience working on my Egg Move Numel with a specific nature/ability combined. As a result, mixing large requests together and splitting them into sections makes trading more efficient.

Egg Move/DW breeding requests must be traded with a similar Pokemon or something from my needs list, especially extensive breeding requests or large trades, but I am willing to negotiate. Requests for large numbers of Pokemon or specific gender/nature/ability/Egg Moves can take a while. For example, if you request something from my list with 2 Egg Moves and do not have a Pokemon on my needs list, then I require a male Pokemon for trade that has at least 1 Egg Move of its own. This Pokemon, in turn, can be added to my stock as a breeding male to expand my shop.

Please bear in mind that if you request Pokemon and have an offer or listing that I need, then I will be inclined to accept those trades first. If you are unable to meet the requirements in Pokemon-for-Pokemon trading, then you will be subject to my item labor fee. If you offer me a choice, then I typically will take a Pokemon I need in exchange for a Pokemon you need, or I will negotiate half Pokemon and half list items for trades of two or more (excluding breeding pairs). I value filling my Pokemon needs list ahead of acquiring items, but that is negotiable. All items listed are virtually unlimited in-game or in the Dream World, and most will aid me in expanding my trade shop.

Acceptable Items for Labor Cost (in order of personal use value):
Evolution Stones
Move Gems
Heart Scales
Evolution Hold Items
Battle Subway/rare Dream World/Route 13 Mystery Man items
Max Revive
EV-reducing berries
Wings (only accepted in the simplest requests)

If you cannot offer something from my needs list or an item/Pokemon combo mutually agreed upon, then costs are as follows:

Single simple breeding requests or DW/Egg Move breeding pair requests cost 1 item (in breeding pair trades, the first Pokemon you trade must be holding the item).

Extensive breeding requests for specific Gender/Nature/Egg Move/Ability combos cost 2 items. In this case, you will need to prepare a second Pokemon (one you don’t want or need) to hold the second held item. Your second Pokemon will be traded with an unhatched egg, a random Pokemon from my personal breeding projects (each of which will have a Dream World ability and/or Egg Move(s) that could be beneficial in your future breeding/trades), or something I need to get rid of to clear box space. This is a lottery of sorts.

Item costs apply to Egg Move/Dream World special breed requests only. I already have received requests for events/legendaries in exchange for large quantities of items. At this time, I cannot honor requests like this because it leaves a wide margin for error and I cannot measure the value of a rare Pokemon in items alone. If I am to accept any trade offer of Pokemon for items, then strict negotiations will have to apply.

All Pokemon trades come with a free held item of my choosing to be used for your battle needs or sold at a shop for quick cash. You might get a fossil to revive another Pokemon. You might even get a relic item, so make sure you know who will pay the highest price in-game for it. Depending upon my personal schedule, trade requests should be expected to take at least a week to process for breeding trades, but requests for simple egg breeds, legendaries, shinies, and generic singles can be traded relatively quickly. You never know what life will throw at you, but I will do my best to check my profile and trade shop thread daily.

All Egg/DW Pokemon are subject to a 15-day warranty. Should you lose an Egg/DW Pokemon in a mistaken save overwrite, I am willing to replace your trade once and only once for the cost of an item in the cost list above. If you lose your shiny, legendary, or anything else, then you are out of luck because I do not clone.

I'm not inclined to be unfair in my asking price... on the contrary. These rules and offerings should show how much I pride myself on giving you the better end of the deal. Much of my reward is in the offering itself. I understand this manifesto is long-winded, but I do hope that any interested traders read it thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding. I will work with you to give you what you need, but I need you to understand my policies as well so both of us are happy in the end.

All trades must take place on Black/White.

This needs/wants list may be updated up to several times per day as I conduct trades, expand breeding projects, or correct errors. You might want to pay it a second visit in the future just in case something new appears.

IMPORTANT: Any Pokemon listed as pending means that I have received an offer for it. This means that you should consider these Pokemon temporarily unavailable until further notice. I have some trades going that involve very large breeding projects and take quite some time, and there is always the possibility that some of these trades might be canceled.

My Needs:

All Pokemon I have to offer are subject to trade for the Pokemon on this list, and all must be hack-free or event releases. If you have none of these Pokemon in your inventory, then trade items such as Move Gems, Heart Scales, Evolution Stones, Max Revives, PP Ups, or Battle Subway/Dream World items such as the Lagging Tail can be negotiated instead. My needs list is rather small and mostly legendaries or Dream World females, so I expect that most of my trade requests in exchange for my efforts will involve items depending on how complicated the procedure is (nature requests, multiple egg moves, legendaries, etc.) I have been enjoying the Dream World and don’t expect traders to do all the work for me in offering females for trade. I will be shrinking this list on my own as time passes, but I have them listed as long as I haven’t managed to befriend one just in case… and in cases like Tangela I can’t get some of them because my PC lags too much on the Wailord game.

Legendaries/Events I Need (good nature preferred but any nature welcome for Pokedex entry filling):
;151; Mew
;380; Latias
;381; Latios
;384; Nobunaga's Shiny Rayquaza (Japanese wifi event)
;386; Deoxys (Speed and Defense forms)
;491; Darkrai
:494: Victini (Movie 14 giveaway)
:571: Zoroark (Snarl event)
:623: Janta's Shiny Golurk
:635: Carita's Shiny Hydreigon

Special Need:
Sentimental fool I am, I regret to this day that I traded away my first Galvantula. The Pokemon I received had a known blacklisted OT #59999, but it could have changed hands between trainers before getting to me. No matter how remote my chances, I am looking to get this Pokemon back. I even attached a mail to it to let the trader know how much it meant to me, and it was the first time I ever broke my rule of trading away one of my main fighters. If anyone sees this Galvantula floating around the GTS or offered in a trade, then it would be worth its weight in Nuggets. If anything, it would be quite a tale to tell if it actually found its way back home.

:596: Galvantula (nickname Kumonga, OT Yuka 57442, traded via GTS and could be between lvl73-100)

#056 Mankey
#066 Machop
#081 Magnemite (genderless, good nature/special move required)
#109 Koffing
#111 Rhyhorn
#129 Staryu (genderless, good nature/special move required)
#177 Ledyba
#218 Slugma
#240 Magby
#296 Makuhita
#303 Mawile
#307 Meditite
#322 Numel
#324 Torkoal
#370 Luvdisc
#374 Beldum (genderless, good nature/special move required)
#417 Pachirisu
#434 Stunky
#436 Bronzor (genderless, good nature/special move required)
#449 Hippopotas

I am beginning to learn more about increasing my chances at breeding shinies, but don't expect to see any of those offered anytime soon. This is just a notice that the possibility for these outcomes is increased due to a few Japanese or other foreign Pokemon I have in breeding stock. Pokemon who have the highest potential for a shiny breed will be noted as possible through the Masuda Method (MM), but please do not make a request for a shiny unless it is listed in my shiny section. I will be using any Japanese female at my disposal for egg breeding projects, so it will rely on the luck of the draw. If I am lucky and one comes out in chain breeding during your request, then it will be put on the table in our negotiations. Currently, Dream World projects are excluded from the majority of these breedings, but if I manage to produce a shiny DW female along the way, then a notation will be made.

I have need of foreign Pokemon to aid in this new endeavor, but I am not publishing that list here because they are low priority. The majority of projects I have right now, coupled with my shop business, will keep me very busy as it is, and I am more interested in expanding my stock for statistics than aesthetics. If you wish to make a foreign Pokemon offer, then please offer one only if you have nothing to offer from my above needs lists. Japanese Pokemon are easiest to identify, so those are preferred. I also prefer females of any Pokemon that does not have an available Dream World ability, but males are welcome as a last resort.

1) Egg Move Offerings:
All Pokemon listed here are offered as lvl1 hatchlings/babies/lowest evolutionary untrained forms only unless the trader requests Pokerus, in which case it might take a few lvls to infect. EV training, leveling, and happiness evolutions are your job, and I am willing only to offer raw potential and to save you some time in breeding. As a result, if you choose a move-breeding lvl1 male for the sole purpose of egg breeding on your own, then it is your responsibility to monitor its levels in the day care (where it could lose the moves for which you traded it, especially in the case of Skorupi with 4 egg moves... one level in the day care is all it takes to lose one). If you make that mistake, then your Pokemon will be subject to its 15-day warranty, so be prepared for that rare item fee considering I told you how to avoid it ahead of time. Some egg offerings on my list cannot be achieved through Gen 5 breeding, so I have taken the effort of breeding and move tutoring Pokemon in Gen 4 and transferring them to my copy of White for storage. This means that you have a choice of getting a single Pokemon or a compatible breeding pair to make your own combos. These are the crux of my modest yurt. All males and females will be bred with the specific egg moves listed, and all females, where available, will be bred with their Dream world ability unless otherwise requested. I am ever-expanding my egg breeding, so if there is a Pokemon listed here that is missing an egg move that you want, then I am open to limited requests to breed it for you. As you can see, many of my egg breeding projects have involved Body Slam so far, but I am always branching out to make more egg moves available. Additionally, some of these egg breeds were made possible by the trusted traders at the end of my shop list. Many listed Pokemon breeds took 3 or more steps to complete, so check their egg groups in the serebii database to see the myriad of other possible egg breeds I could create for you. If you have researched any of these egg moves and find out they can be passed to another Pokemon that you need, then feel free to request it. Many of those egg moves are not listed here, but they are available and will be added when officially requested. Example: Snorlax can pass Curse and Counter to Mudkip, but only Snorlax is listed because it was the extent of my project. All of the parents involved (such as Rhyhorn and Slakoth) are listed because they were the parents that led to the creation of Curse/Counter Snorlax, but the egg moves can keep going in a number of directions. *Important Note* As I ever increase my egg move offerings, I come closer to the icon limit. To make sure I have enough room to keep my shop looking "pretty," single-move egg Pokemon will not be listed with their associated icons. I almost removed them from the list entirely because they are so easy to create, but I would be remiss in leaving out what I have readily available. This section is more for extensive multiple-move egg projects anyway, all of which I have researched to make sure they are possible, so Pokemon with two or more egg moves will be the only ones listed with icons to denote their importance in the list. Be aware that I am open to breeding any single-move egg that you might request. Check the Serebii database to see what egg moves might be available for your Pokemon, and I guarantee that I have the ability to produce nearly all of them. I also am attempting to branch out into Smeargle breeding to allow some more extensive breeds (i.e.: Flame Wheel Rattata in my TBA list), so stay tuned. I can breed virtually any single egg move to any Pokemon, so educating yourself on these egg groups will make this section much larger than it looks.

;001; Bulbasaur (Egg Moves Amnesia/Nature Power/Leaf Storm, possible MM)
;004;Charmander (Egg Moves Belly Drum/Crunch/Outrage/Flare Blitz, possible MM)
#007 Squirtle (Egg Move Water Spout, possible MM)
;016;Pidgey (DW Big Pecks, any Egg Move combo of Steel Wing/Defog/Brave Bird/Air Cutter/Air Slash/Uproar)
#021 Spearow (DW Sniper, Egg Move Steel Wing)
;029;Nidoran (female) (DW Hustle, Egg Moves Iron Tail/Chip Away)
;032;Nidoran (male) (DW Hustle, Egg Moves Head Smash/Iron Tail/Chip Away)
;041;Zubat (DW Infiltrator, Egg Moves Steel Wing/Defog/Brave Bird)
;054;Psyduck (DW Swift Swim, Egg Moves Foresight/Confuse Ray)
;058;Growlithe (DW Justified, Egg Moves Flare Blitz/Close Combat/Heat Wave, possible MM)
-alt- Growlithe (DW Justified, Egg Moves Crunch/Flare Blitz/Close Combat/Morning Sun, possible MM)
;063;Abra (Egg Moves Encore/Barrier)
-alt- Abra (Egg Moves Fire Punch/Thunderpunch/Ice Punch)
#077 Ponyta (DW Flame Body, Egg Move Morning Sun)
;086;Seel (Egg Moves Protect/Aqua Tail)
;102;Exeggcute (DW Harvest, Egg Moves Natural Gift, Solarbeam, Psychic)
;108;Lickitung (DW Cloud Nine, Egg Moves Body Slam/Rollout)
;111;Rhyhorn (Egg Moves Curse/Counter)
#113 Lapras (DW Hydration, Egg Move Foresight)
;123;Scyther (DW Steadfast, Egg Moves Defog/Bug Buzz)
;127; Pinsir (Egg Moves Flail/Faint Attack/Bug Bite/Superpower, possible MM)
;446;;143;Munchlax or Snorlax (Egg Moves Curse/Counter)
;118;Goldeen (DW Lightningrod, Egg Moves Aqua Tail/Body Slam) <- Gen 4/5 crossbreed
;140;Kabuto (DW Weak Armor, Egg Moves Foresight/Screech/Confuse Ray, possible MM if DW excluded)
;142;Aerodactyl (DW Unnerve, Egg Moves Steel Wing/Tailwind/Roost)
;158;Totodile (Egg Moves Crunch/Ice Punch/Aqua Jet/Hydro Pump)
#175 Togepi (Egg Move Nasty Plot)
;177;Natu (DW Magic Bounce, Egg Moves Steel Wing/Roost/Drill Peck, possible MM)
;183;Marill (DW Sap Sipper, Egg Moves Superpower OR Belly Drum/Body Slam OR Muddy Water)
;198;Murkrow (DW Prankster, Egg Moves Roost/Drill Peck/Confuse Ray/Psycho Shift)
-alt- Murkrow (DW Prankster, Egg Moves Mirror Move/Drill Peck/Steel Wing/Roost)
;204;Pineco (any Egg Move combo of Revenge/Flail/Counter/Double-Edge/Endure, possible MM)
;214;Heracross (any Egg Move combo of Flail/Revenge/Harden/Seismic Toss/Megahorn/Double-Edge/Bide)
;223;Remoraid (DW Moody, any Egg Move combo of Water Spout/Water Pulse/Signal Beam/Octazooka/Aurora Beam)
;226;Mantine (DW Water Veil, Egg Moves Twister/Mud Sport/Mirror Coat)
#227 Skarmory (Egg Move Stealth Rock)
;234;Stantler (DW Sap Sipper, Egg Move Thrash/Megahorn)
;239;Elekid (DW Vital Spirit, Egg Moves Focus Punch/Ice Punch/Fire Punch)
-alt- Elekid (DW Vital Spirit, Egg Moves Hammer Arm/Focus Punch)
-alt- Elekid (DW Vital Spirit, Egg Moves Meditate/Karate Chop/Cross Chop/Dynamic Punch)
-alt- Elekid (DW Vital Spirit, Egg Moves Meditate/Fire Punch/Cross Chop/Dynamic Punch)
-alt- Elekid (DW Vital Spirit, Egg Move Barrier)
-alt- Elekid (DW Vital Spirit, Egg Moves Cross Chop/Dynamic Punch/Wake-Up Slap/Ice Punch) <- Gen 4/5 crossbreed
;240; Magby (Egg Moves Barrier/Screech/Iron Tail/Thunderpunch, possible MM) <- Gen 4/5 crossbreed
-alt- Magby (Egg Moves Meditate/Karate Chop/Cross Chop/Dynamic Punch, possible MM)
-alt- Magby (Egg Moves Meditate/Thunder Punch/Cross Chop/Dynamic Punch)
#255 Torchic (Egg Move Low Kick)
#270 Lotad (Egg Move Giga Drain, possible MM)
#273 Seedot (Egg Move Amnesia)
;280;Ralts (Egg Moves Shadow Sneak/Mean Look)
;287;Slakoth (Egg Moves Curse/Body Slam)
;318;Carvahna (DW Speed Boost, Egg Moves Double-Edge/Thrash)
;300;Skitty (DW Wonder Skin, Egg Moves Fake Tears/Last Resort/Captivate)
;313; Volbeat (DW Prankster, Egg Moves Baton Pass/Trick/Dizzy Punch/Encore, possible MM)
;314;Illumise (DW Prankster, Egg Moves Baton Pass/Encore, possible MM)
#320 Wailmer (DW Pressure, Egg Move Body Slam)
;322;Numel (Egg Moves Yawn/Body Slam/Heat Wave)
;327;Spinda (DW Contratry, Egg Moves Baton Pass/Trick/Encore/Psybeam)
;333;Swablu (DW Cloud Nine, Egg Moves Agility/Pursuit/Rage/Roost)
-alt- Swablu (DW Cloud Nine, any Egg Move combo of Agility/Steel Wing/Hyper Voice/Roost/Featherdance/Power Swap)
;339;Barboach (Egg Moves Thrash/Flail/Dragon Dance/Hydro Pump)
#341 Corphish (DW Adaptability, Egg Move Superpower)
;345;Lileep (DW Storm Drain, Egg Moves Recover/Mirror Coat)
;349;Feebas (DW Adaptability, Egg Moves Mirror Coat/Mud Sport/Hidden Power)
;351;Castform (Egg Moves Clear Smog/Ominous Wind/Hex, possible MM)
;353;Shuppet (Egg Moves Confuse Ray/Astonish)
;355;Duskull (Egg Moves Imprison/Pain Split)
;396;Starly (DW Reckless, any Egg Move combo of Featherdance/Steel Wing/Fury Attack/Roost/Pursuit/Sand Attack/Astonish/Uproar)
;403;Shinx (DW Guts, Egg Move Ice Fang/Thunder Fang/Fire Fang)
;408; Cranidos (Egg Moves Iron Tail/Iron Head/Double-Edge)
;418;Buizel (DW Water Veil, Egg Moves Baton Pass/Aqua Tail)
;420;Cherubi (Egg Moves Nature Power/Tickle/Natural Gift, possible MM)
;422;;422-e;Shellos (DW Sand Force, Egg Move Mirror Coat)
;425;Drifloon (DW Flare Boost, Egg Moves Haze/Clear Smog)
-alt- Drifloon (DW Flare Boost, Egg Moves Clear Smog/Weather Ball)
-alt- Drifloon (DW Flare Boost, any Egg Move combo of Hypnosis/Haze/Memento/Clear Smog/Disable/Destiny Bond)
#427 Buneary (DW Limber, Egg Move Encore)
;431;Glameow (DW Keen Eye, Egg Moves Fake Tears/Wake-Up Slap/Last Resort/Captivate, possible MM if DW excluded)
;441;Chatot (DW Big Pecks, Egg Moves Defog/Steel Wing/Air Cutter/Supersonic)
;447;Riolu (Egg Moves Hi Jump Kick/Blaze Kick/Low Kick/Sky Uppercut, possible MM)
;451;Skorupi (Egg Moves Sand Attack/Slash/Night Slash/Faint Attack - recommend Sniper ability)
;453;Croagunk (Egg Moves Wake-Up Slap/Cross Chop/Dynamic Punch)
:495:Snivy (Egg Moves Captivate/Iron Tail, possible MM)
:498:Tepig (Egg Moves Yawn/Curse/Superpower/Flame Charge, possible MM)
:519:pidove (Egg Moves Steel Wing/Hypnosis/Uproar)
-alt- Pidove (Egg Moves Steel Wing/Wish/Lucky Chant)
:532:Timburr (Egg Moves Drain Punch/Mach Punch)
:559:Scraggy (Egg Moves Thunder Punch/Fire Punch/Ice Punch)
:561:Sigilyph (Egg Moves Steel Wing/Psycho Shift/Stored Power/Roost)
:566:Archen (Egg Moves Steel Wing/Defog/Bite, possible MM)
-alt- Archen (Egg Moves Steel Wing/Dragon Pulse, possible MM)
:570:Zorua (Egg Moves Dark Pulse/Extrasensory)
#572 Minccino (Egg Move Fake Tears)
:577:Solosis (Egg Moves Night Shade/Trick/Confuse Ray, possible MM)
:580:Ducklett (Egg Moves Steel Wing/Air Cutter)
:587: Emolga (Egg Moves Iron Tail/Covet/Air Slash, possible MM)
#595 Joltik (Egg Move Disable, possible MM)
#597 Ferroseed (Egg Move Spikes, possible MM)
-alt- Ferroseed (Egg Move Gravity, possible MM)
#610 Axew (Egg Moves Iron Tail/Night Slash)
:624:pawniard (Egg moves Sucker Punch/Psycho Cut)
#633 Deino (Egg Move Dark Pulse)

1a) Works in Progress:

The Pokemon on this list are in the process of being researched and bred but are not yet available. They are open to request, but at this time I am unsure when I will have their parents ready. Some require 4-5 breeding chains as well as breeding/move tutoring between Gen 4/5. My access to a second DS is severely limited to one day a week or less, so it could be quite some time before Gen 4/5 cross-breeding projects are completed. They are however, they are in the works and have 1-2 of their required steps complete. In those cases, I have listed an estimated date (ETA=Estimated Time of Availability). Requests will be added incentive, but you may have a long wait nonetheless. Keep an eye on my shop and try to avoid requesting them until they have been moved to the above list.

#019 Rattata (DW Hustle, Egg Moves Flame Wheel/Counter/Reversal/Last Resort)
#041 Zubat (DW Infiltrator, Egg Moves Faint Attack/Zen Headbutt/Hypnosis/Whirlwind)
#077 Ponyta (DW Flame Body, Egg Moves Morning Sun/Thrash/Hypnosis/Captivate)
#083 Farfetch'd (DW Defiant, Egg Moves Steel Wing/Leaf Blade/Covet/Revenge)
#102 Exeggcute (DW Harvest, Egg Moves Leaf Storm/Nature Power/Natural Gift/Giga Drain)
#116 Horsea (DW Damp, Egg Moves Water Pulse/Aurora Beam/Signal Beam/Octazooka, possible MM if DW excluded)
#138 Omanyte (DW Weak Armor, Egg Moves Muddy Water/Haze/Toxic Spikes/Wring Out)
#140 Kabuto (DW Weak Armor, Egg Moves Rapid Spin/Icy Wind, possible MM if DW excluded)
#183 Marill (DW Sap Sipper, Egg Moves Future Sight/Aqua Jet/Amnesia/Water Sport)
#314 Illumise (DW Prankster Egg Moves Baton Pass/Silver Wind/Bug Buzz/Captivate, possible MM) <-Gen4/5 crossbreed
#320 Wailmer (DW Pressure, Egg Moves Curse/Thrash/Tickle/Zen Headbutt)
#420 Cherubi (Egg Moves Weather Ball/Sweet Scent/Razor Leaf, possible MM)
#422 Shellos (either color, DW Sand Force, Egg Moves Counter/Mirror Coat)
-alt- Shellos (either color, DW Sand Force, Egg Moves Curse/Sludge/Stockpile/Spit Up)
#519 Pidove (Egg Moves Morning Sun/Wish/Bestow/Steel Wing) <-Gen 4/5 crossbreed
#629 Vullaby (Egg Moves Steel Wing/Roost/Knock Off, possible MM)

2) Dream World Females:

Pokemon on this list are females offered primarily for your breeding purposes, but I am open to requests for DW males or females with Egg Moves or specific natures where available (best to check the Egg/DW list or the Works in Progress list for a cross-reference of my currently available move sets). DW females listed here have no special DW-only moves unless noted. Again, possible Masuda Method (MM) shiny outcomes are listed, but please do not request shinies. Just hope you get lucky.

#010 Caterpie (Run Away, evolves into DW Tinted Lens Butterfree)
#016 Pidgey
#019 Rattata
#021 Spearow
#029 & #032 Nidoran
#037 Vulpix (possible MM)
#041 Zubat
#052 Meowth
#054 Psyduck
#058 Growlithe (possible MM)
#060 Poliwag
#063 Abra
#069 Bellsprout
#072 Tentacool
#077 Ponyta
#079 Slowpoke
#083 Farfetch’d
#084 Doduo
#086 Seel
#090 Shellder
#096 Drowzee
#098 Krabby
#102 Exeggcute
#113 Chansey
#114 Tangela
#115 Kangaskhan
#116 Horsea
#118 Goldeen
#122 Mr. Mime
#123 Scyther
#129 Magikarp
#131 Lapras
#133 Eevee
#138 Omanyte
#140 Kabuto (possible MM)
#142 Aerodactyl
#147 Dratini
#161 Sentret
#163 Hoothoot
#167 Spinarak
#170 Chinchou
#174 Igglybuff
#177 Natu (possible MM)
#179 Mareep
#183 Marill
#185 Sudowoodo
#187 Hoppip
#191 Sunkern
#193 Yanma
#194 Wooper
#198 Murkrow
#202 Wobbuffet
#203 Girafarig
#207 Gligar
#209 Snubbull
#211 Qwilfish
#216 Teddiursa
#222 Corsola
#223 Remoraid
#225 Delibird
#226 Mantine
#227 Skarmory
#228 Houndour
#231 Phanpy
#234 Stantler
#235 Smeargle
#238 Smoochum
#239 Elekid
#241 Miltank
#246 Larvitar
#261 Poochyena
#263 Zigzagoon
#270 Lotad
#276 Taillow
#278 Wingull
#280 Ralts
#283 Surskit
#300 Skitty
#302 Sableye
#309 Electrike
#314 Illumise (can breed DW Volbeat as well of course)
#318 Carvahna
#320 Wailmer
#325 Spoink
#327 Spinda
#328 Trapinch
#331 Cacnea
#333 Swablu
#339 Barboach
#341 Corphish
#345 Lileep
#347 Anorith
#349 Feebas
#352 Shuppet
#357 Tropius
#359 Absol
#366 Clamperl
#369 Relicanth
#371 Bagon
#397 Staravia (will not be UT, must evolve from Starly to determine DW Reckless ability)
#399 Bidoof
#403 Shinx
#412 Burmy
#418 Buizel
#422 Shellos (both colors)
#425 Drifloon
#427 Buneary
#431 Glameow
#441 Chatot
#442 Spiritomb
#451 Skorupi
#453 Croagunk
#456 Finneon
#458 Mantyke
#517 Munna
#554 Darumaka

3) Shinies:

All shinies listed here so far were received in trades, and the list is still very small. I have researched numerous blacklists to make sure they are legitimate and have removed a couple of offerings already that turned out to be from known hackers. OT numbers are listed with each Pokemon, so if anyone looking notices a specific number that I have overlooked as hacked, then please let me know and I will remove it from my offerings. To the best of my knowledge, however, none of these Pokemon came from traders who cannot be trusted. I only managed to find one random shiny Hippowdon myself in the wild in all my years of gaming, and shiny breeding tricks have yet to yield solid results yet either.

#020 Raticate (lvl47 Rash female, OT 38094)
#095 Onix (lvl8 male Bold, OT 02958)
#122 Mr. Mime (lvl17 male Bold, OT 02958)
#129 Magikarp (lvl22 male Lonely, OT 02958)
#130 Gyarados (lvl100 Mild female, OT 53353)

4) Legendaries and Events:

I have acquired a few extras from global link trades/events/multiple play-through, but all Pokemon on this list should be considered one of a kind and as-is. These are not offered for simple trades. In the majority of cases, I offer these legendary for legendary, and I will take either a legendary from my needs list, another legendary from this list, or an alternate unlisted legendary to keep my stock close to the same. Traded legendaries are noted, and OT denotes that I caught the Pokemon myself on one of my games.

;145; Zapdos (lvl51 Hasty, Japanese traded)
;150; Mewtwo (OT lvl70 Gentle)
;249; Lugia (lvl70 Adamant, traded)
;382; Kyogre (OT lvl70 Relaxed)
;383; Groudon (OT lvl 70 Jolly)
;480; Uxie (lvl50 Bold, foreign trade.. France or somewhere in Europe)
;481; Mesprit (OT lvl50 Adamant)
;482; Azelf (lvl50 Timid, traded)
;485; Heatran (lvl74 Brave female, traded)
;486; Regigigas (lvl100 Lonely, traded)
;487; Giratina (OT lvl70 Quirky)
;489; Phione (OT egg bred)
:494: Victini (lvl27 Lax, traded)
:644: Zekrom (x2) (lvl58 Japanese Gentle, traded) (lvl53 Rash, traded)
:645: Landorus (lvl 70 Mild, traded)

;172; GAMESTP Shiny Pichu (lvl30 Jolly male)
;243; GAMESTP Shiny Raikou (lvl30 Rash)
;244; GAMESTP Shiny Entei (lvl30 Adamant)
;245; GAMESTP Shiny Suicune (lvl30 Relaxed)
:494: MOVIE14 Victini (lvl50, Quirky)
;571; EVENT11 Snarl Zoroark (lvl50 male Quirky, traded)
:623: Janta's Shiny Golurk (Japanese Event, lvl70 Brave, Iron Fist, traded)

The GAMESTP Zorua/Zoroark event giveaways, of course, have no legitimate use without being traded to an older game for transfer with the Relocator. Mine are already stored on White (hindsight being 20/20 I should have left them on their respective older games), so be warned of their limited usefulness outside of a shiny Pokedex entry.

5) Generic Single Offerings:

Pokemon on this list are just looking for a good home. Due to having decent natures or breeds, I did not want simply to release them, but I also have an issue with my boxes being overloaded with these Pokemon. One Pokemon will be listed, but I do have multiples of some, in which case the multiple natures/genders/levels will be listed next to each Pokemon to show what I have. Consider this an adoption agency.

DW abilities and move sets are listed for Pokemon where beneficial, rare, or useful for male egg breeding or training, and several on this list are males I caught in the Dream World or particularly good-natured extra hatchlings I got from my breeding projects.

Some Pokemon are noted as personal fighters (PF) from a specific game. They are Pokemon I used extensively in game play, and they are being offered because I have a sentimental attachment to them and want to give them a chance with someone else. That being said, anyone who adopts my PFs PLEASE contact me and consider returning my Pokemon to me if you choose not to keep it in the future after adoption. I will take it back. It may not seem serious to some, but I figure it should be understandable to most who have taken a specific team of six through 60-100+ hours of game play. You can't help but see them as a bit more than just game data.

Pokemon listed in the Entralink are waiting in the Deepest Clearing. This means that these Pokemon are not officially captured yet and do not have an assigned nature. If you choose one of these Pokemon, then please tell me which nature you want assigned to it, if any, as well as what type of ball you want the Pokemon stored. Typically these will be special move DW captures, so attaching a beneficial nature might be a good idea if you plan to train it and not just breed it.

All Pokemon listed are from my collection of games unless noted as received through a trade.

#003 Venusaur (nickname Genichiro, lvl46 male Bold, Overgrow, PF FireRed)
#012 Butterfree (lvl10 male Timid, DW Tinted Lens, Special Move Roost)
#012 Butterfree (lvl10 male Calm, DW Tinted Lens, Special Move Roost)
#015 Beedrill (nickname Waspinator, lvl 54 male Timid, Swarm, PF FireRed)
#018 Pidgeot (nickname Okondoru, lvl36 female Brave, Keen Eye, PF Diamond)
#022 Fearow (nickname Queenfishr, lvl39 female Naughty, Keen Eye, PF FireRed)
#034 Nidoking (nickname Baragon, lvl61 male Brave, Poison Point, PF SoulSilver)
#037 Vulpix (lvl10 female DW Drought, Special Move Dark Pulse, Entralink)
#055 Golduck (nickname Howard, lvl61 male Bold, Cloud Nine, PF Platinum)
#058 Growlithe (lvl10 male Brave, DW Justified, Egg Move Body Slam)
#063 Abra (lvl10 male DW ability, DW move Gravity, Entralink)
#078 Rapidash (nickname Wildfire, lvl40 female Serious, Run Away, PF Diamond)
#080 Slowbro (nickname Yadorina, lvl61 female Quiet, Own Tempo, PF SoulSilver)
#084 Dodrio (lvl10 male Lax DW Tangled Feet)
#085 Dodrio (nickname Dridorah, lvl31 male Careful, Run Away, PF Platinum)
#089 Muk (nickname Hedorah, lvl38 female Relaxed, Stench, PF Diamond)
#097 Hypno (nickname Vorelli, lvl30 male Mild, Insomnia, PF FireRed)
#103 Exeggutor (nickname Coco, lvl55 female Timid, Chlorophyll, PF FireRed)
#105 Marowak (nickname Jiger, lvl28 male Lax, Lightningrod, PF Platinum)
#107 Hitmonchan (nickname Evander, lvl47 male Careful, Keen Eye, PF FireRed)
#108 Lickitung (lvl10 female Lonely, DW Cloud Nine, Special Move Rock Climb)
#111 Rhyhorn (lvl1 male Impish, Lightningrod, Egg Moves Curse/Counter)
#115 Kangaskhan (nickname Kanga, lvl61 female Lonely, Scrappy, PF SoulSilver)
#118 Goldeen (lvl1 male Gentle, DW Lightningrod, Egg Moves Aqua Tail/Body Slam)
#119 Seaking (lvl33 male, DW Lightningrod, Special Move Endure, Entralink)
#120 Staryu (lvl10 Hasty, DW Analytic)
#128 Tauros (lvl10 male, DW Sheer Force, Brave, Special Move Iron Tail, Dream Ball)
#128 Tauros (lvl10 male, DW Sheer Force, Adamant, Special Move Iron Tail, Luxury Ball)
#129 Magikarp (lvl12 female Careful, DW Rattled, Special Move Bounce, placed in daycare once to breed extra female)
#134 Vaporeon (nickname Nestor, lvl52 male Lax, Water Absorb, PF FireRed)
#137 Porygon (can breed lvl1 preferred nature and hold Up-Grade for evolution)
#142 Aerodactyl (lvl14 male Bold, DW Unnerve, Special Move Stealth Rock, placed in daycare once for egg breed)
#143 Snorlax (lvl51 male Impish, Immunity, Block, Rollout, Crunch, Giga Impact)
---- Snorlax (lvl1 male Adamant, Thick Fat, Egg Move Curse) (lvl1 male Naughty Thick Fat, Egg Moves Curse Counter)
---- Snorlax (nickname Joe Don, lvl34 male Relaxed, Thick Fat, PF White)
#157 Typhlosion (nickname Ferras, lvl61 male Hardy, Blaze, PF SoulSilver)
#158 Totodile (several lvl1 females)
#169 Crobat (nickname Kibarra, lvl61 female Hardy, Inner Focus, PF Platinum)
#179 Mareep (lvl10 male Naïve, DW Plus)
#181 Ampharos (nickname Anniki, lvl61 female Relaxed, Static, PF SoulSilver)
#192 Sunflora (nickname Erica, lvl41 female Docile, Solar Power, PF SoulSilver)
#198 Murkrow (lvl10 male Brave, DW Prankster)
#199 Slowking (lvl19 male Gentle, Own Tempo, PF SoulSilver)
#201 Unown (all 28 forms, various natures, captured and transferred from Platinum)
#208 Steelix (lvl35 male Docile, Rock Head, UT Platinum wild capture)
#212 Scizor (lvl1 female Lax, Swarm)
#223 Remoraid (lvl15 female Modest, DW Moody, Special Move Brine, placed in daycare to breed extra female)
#227 Skarmory (nickname Quetzo, lvl50 female Serious, Sturdy, PF Emerald)
#227 Skarmory (nickname Iron Gyaos, lvl61 male Careful, Sturdy, PF SoulSilver)
#230 Kingdra (lvl32 male Rash, Swift Swim)
#230 Kingdra (lvl57 female Careful, Swift Swim, traded)
#241 Miltank (lvl10 female, Adamant DW Sap Sipper, Special Move Iron Tail, need to breed extra female so might be 2-3 lvls higher if requested)
#260 Swampert (nickname Hellbender, lvl51 male Serious, Torrent, PF Emerald from previous owner of used game purchase)
#272 Ludicolo (lvl100 male Modest, Rain Dish, traded and loaded with Ribbons)
#280 Ralts (lvl4 male Lax, Synchronize, Gen 4 Moves ThunderPunch/Ice Punch/Fire Punch, traded)
#286 Breloom (nickname Brigitte, lvl49 female Impish, Effect Spore, PF Emerald)
#287 Slakoth (lvl1 male Brave, Truant, Egg Moves Yawn/Body Slam/Curse)
#302 Sableye (lvl10 male, DW Prankster, Special Move Spite, Entralink)
#306 Aggron (nickname Bagan, lvl43 male Naughty, Rock Head, PF Diamond)
#318 Carvahna (lvl10 male, DW Speed Boost, Special Move Dark Pulse, Entralink)
#324 Torkoal (lvl10 male, DW Shell Armor, Special Move Stealth Rock, Entralink)
#330 Flygon (lvl45 male Bold, Levitate, PF Emerald)
#331 Cacnea (lvl10 male, DW Special Move ThunderPunch, Entralink)
#336 Seviper (nickname Mozler, lvl50 male Careful, Shed Skin, PF Emerald)
#338 Solrock (nickname Solarr, lvl51 Naughty, Levitate, PF Emerald)
#339 Barboach (lvl10 male, DW Hydration, Careful, Egg Move Sleep Talk, Dream Ball)
#340 Whiscash (nickname Hunter, lvl49 male Impish, Oblivious, PF Emerald)
#349 Armaldo (nickname Killobite, lvl40 male Naïve, Battle Armor, PF Diamond)
#350 Milotic (lvl48 male Mild, Marvel Scale, traded)
#350 Milotic (nickname Ogopogo, lvl32 male Calm, Marvel Scale, PokeWalker, UT except 1 lvl to evolve)
#352 Kecleon (nickname Mele, lvl49 female Bold, Color Change, PF Emerald)
#367 Huntail (lvl45 female Quirky, Swift Swim, traded)
#392 Infernape (nickname Caesar, lvl37 male Sassy, Blaze, PF Diamond)
#407 Roserade (nickname Joker, lvl1 female Quirky, Poison Point, UT)
#413 Wormadam (Grass, lvl20 Lonely, Anticipation, PF Diamond)
#413 Wormadam (Ground, lvl20 Lonely, Anticipation, PF Diamond)
#413 Wormadam (Steel, lvl25 Serious, Anticipation, PF Diamond)
#414 Mothim (lvl20 Rash, Swarm, PF Diamond)
#415 Combee (various lvls and natures, all female legitimate captures from Diamond)
#423 Gastrodon (pink, nickname Namegon, lvl47 male Brave, Sticky Hold, PF Diamond)
#423 Gastrodon (green, nickname Namegon, lvl57 male Mild, Sticky Hold, PF Diamond)
#430 Honchkrow (lvl10 male Brave, Insomnia, UT Diamond)
#431 Glameow (lvl10 male, DW Keen Eye, Special Move Secret Power, Entralink)
#436 Bronzor (lvl 10 Modest, DW Heavy Metal, Special Move Skill Swap)
#437 Bronzong (lvl33 Modest, Heatproof, PF Diamond)
#442 Spiritomb (lvl31 male Impish, Pressure, PokeWalker UT)
#445 Garchomp (nickname Armaggon, lvl48 male Sassy, Sand Veil, PF Diamond)
#448 Lucario (lvl56 male Modest, Inner Focus, PF Platinum)
#454 Toxicroak (nickname Spittor, lvl38 female Hardy, Anticipation, PF Diamond)
#461 Weavile (nickname Mele, lvl58 female Hasty, Pressure, PF Platinum)
#463 Lickylicky (lvl25 male Naughty, Oblivious)
#465 Tangrowth (lvl41 male Adamant, Leaf Guard)
#469 Yanmega (nickname Megaguirus, lvl61 male Docile, Speed Boost, PF Platinum)
#470 Leafeon (lvl14 male Lax, Leaf Guard)
#471 Glaceon (lvl2 male Brave, Snow Cloak, UT except 1 lvl to evolve)
#472 Gliscor (nickname Scorponok, lvl60 male Brave, Sand Veil, PF Platinum)
#475 Gallade (lvl25 Lonely, Steadfast)
#500 Emboar (lvl57 female Serious, Blaze, traded)
#500 Emboar (nickname Ifrit, lvl50 male Naïve, Blaze, PF White)
#523 Zebstrika (nickname Zapidash, lvl27 male Impish, Motor Drive, PF White)
#528 Swoobat (nickname Kivarra, lvl23 female Naïve, Unaware, PF White)
#531 Audino (nickname Tabunne, lvl73 female Calm, Regenerator, PF White)
#537 Seismitoad (lvl51 female Hardy, Swift Swim, traded)
#553 Krookodile (nickname Schnappi, lvl62 male Serious, Intimidate, PF White)
#560 Scrafty (lvl39 female Jolly, Shed Skin, traded)
#561 Sigilyph (nickname Nazcamorra, lvl49 female Adamant, Magic Guard, PF White)
#565 Caracosta (nickname Kameba, lvl52 male Bold, Sturdy, PF White)
#577 Solosis (lvl1 male Modest, Magic Guard, Egg Moves Night Shade/Trick/Astonish/Confuse Ray)
#584 Vanilluxe (nickname Blue Bell, lvl59 male Quirky, Ice Body, PF White)
#595 Joltik (lvl1 female Modest, Unnerve, Egg Move Disable)
#597 Ferroseed (x3) (lvl1 male Adamant/Adamant/Brave, Iron Barbs, Egg Move Spikes)
#601 Kinklang (lvl49 Sassy, Plus, PF White)
#614 Beartic (nickname Ursarctica, lvl 44 female Serious, Snow Cloak, PF White)
#535 Hydreigon (nickname Ghidorah, lvl75 female Naïve, Levitate, PF White)
#637 Volcarona (nickname PyroMothra, lvl82 male Hardy, Flame Body, PF White)
#637 Volcarona (female Rash, Flame Body, caught in Relic Castle)

Again, please note that any trader is urged to return adoptions labeled as PF to me rather than release or erase it should you decide not to keep it in the future. I will take it back if you do not want it, and I keep obsessive records of everything.

It should be assumed that I have or have access to anything that does not appear on this list. My game collection includes FireRed, Emerald, XD, XD Gale of Darkness, Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver, and White (GameCube games are currently inaccessible as I need to track down a used GameBoy Advance to transfer them across games). All requests outside the boundaries of this list should apply to the games listed, and, I repeat, accepting of special requests is limited. Simple requests, however, can be filled relatively quickly. My storage boxes are almost full, and I have many more Pokemon available with a near-complete Pokedex. I would rather them find someone who can use them than simply to release them to clear the space, so if you stumble upon my yurt and are in need of something simple like a starter or a version-exclusive, then feel free to ask.

6) Items:
The following list contains items of which I have multiple copies, so I am willing to offer them in exchange for other items. Items are available for trade of an item of equal rare value (Battle Subway held items, etc.)

Exp. Share
Flame Plate
Miracle Seed
Mystic Water
Poison Barb
Quick Claw
Silk Scarf
Silver Powder
Wide Lens
Master Ball

$h1ny hunter

(If I can survive an entire trade shop career without ever needing a blacklist, then it will be a beautiful thing.)


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$h1ny Hunter

<-- Future Target
Hey I was just looking through your shop and noticed that it shows the image for Raikou next to Entei and vice versa. Also would you want a UT Azelf, Uxie, or Mespirit to add to your legendaries collection because I was playing through Diamond again and got them, but don't need them. Also, what would you want for either the Gamestop event shiny Suicune or the Gamestop event shiny Entei or the Gamestop event shiny Raikou?

On another note, I would be willing to get you some UT shinies for something really good if you want. I already have an extra UT shiny skitty from chaining that I don't really need because I have two. I'm getting really into chaining again! Bagon here I come!!!
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Covered in Bees!
I have tons and tons of heart scales. I also can breed female dw eevee, and poliwag.
Interested in your:
Shiny Pichu
Shiny Beasts
and Jirachi.
I am most definetly willing to trade large quantities of heart scales for the pokemon.
Also, Did you obtain the shiny celebis yourself, and is the ot Japanese Ageto?


♥ Ace ♥
im interested in your beasts. come look at my shop to see what i have for sale

EDIT: are they already been used? and i might not need entei.
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Grats in getting approved! I hope you have lots of success in the future ;).
What event is your lvl 5 Jirachi? I might be interested. Despite this, I'm interested in your Butterfree (lvl10 male Naïve DW Tinted Lens, Special Move Roost). You may choose 1 DW Poke (male or female) from my trade shop if you'd like c:.
Also, sorry, but those Gamestp shiny Celebis are hacks :c. The only 'legit' way to get a shiny Celebi is getting it from the Ageto Celebi event, and people still aren't sure if it's legit.


Gallade Lover ♥
Do you think I could adopt your Porygon?


Takeshi Protegé
Wow. The business world moves fast. I appreciate the kind words and quick requests, and several notations are being made and notifications being sent to get some of these trades rolling. My schedule has been a bit upside-down the last few weeks, but rest assured I will be honoring most, if not all, of these requests so far within the next few days.

For those interested in the event offerings, I have updated their information.

It also has come to my attention privately that I should monitor my own trading so that I do not ask too much in return for my services. I will be amending my rules slightly to make this a little more clear for myself as well as any potential customers (i.e.: being more open to haggling or willing to waive item costs for trades that require equal labor from the customer). I'm just opening for business, so I have a lot to learn and appreciate the input I have received in such a short time.
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Pokemon Breeder
Thanks again for trading. I'm currently looking into a new egg move pokemon, hopefully it works out for me. Once I have it ready, I will be donating a male to your shop. I'm sure a shop is alot of work, and thats one of the main reasons why I have not started one myself.


TSS Member
Hey! I might have some info about the person you traded your Galvantula to. If you look here:http://www.pokemongts.com/showthread.php?tid=74957 and do the ctrl+f thing and type in 59999 you will see that his OT and ID has been blacklisted before! Which probably means he's a scammer of some sort and you probably got scammed :(

EDIT: I also think your Shiny Celebi is hacked as the only one that is possible but is still even in question is the Ageto Celebi.
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Takeshi Protegé
I appreciate the info and am amending my shop list to say farewell to my Galvantula. I conducted the trade on the global link. It was the first Joltik I ever caught and didn't have the best nature, so even if he was a scammer then we came out pretty much even if he just wanted it for battling :) . Far as I know, the Pokemon I got could have changed hands from him several times before coming to me, and I don't remember who offered it because I made this trade almost two months ago (I can't even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday). All I have is the OT info from the trade, so my Galvantula is in the virtual wind. I still hold out a little hope that it might be in safe hands with a trainer who can use it legitimately for the effort I put into raising it.


Gallade Lover ♥
Hi! You didnt say anything about my offer so here I go: can I adopt your porygon?

$h1ny Hunter

<-- Future Target
Hey something else for ya! I noticed that you added a shiny Ferroseed to your wants list. I don't know if you are against RNGing shinies or not but I recently RNGed a shiny Ferroseed with I believe a Brave Nature and like 2-3 31 IVs that I will not object to trading. Let me know.


New Member
i have a latias, would you like to trade with shiny win11 celebi?
Hello Coach, I'm interested in a pretty big chunk of your breedables, and here's the list -

DW Shellos (Pink)
DW Shellos (Blue)
DW Pidgey
DW Yanma
DW Qwilfish
DW Miltank
All females please

Egg move Tepig
Egg move Growlithe; Crunch / Flare Blitz / Close Combat / Morning Sun
Egg move Snorlax
Egg move Slakoth
Egg move Totodile
Egg move Aerodactyl
Egg move Numel
All males please

In return, I have most of the items you have asked for in the "Simple breeding needs" section (Which I assume egg moves / DW are), or if you're not interested in items for Pokemon, please check my fifth gen. Trade thread later tonight, as I'm working on updating all of the offers there (I'm adding over 50 DW females, if you're interested in those)


Gallade Lover ♥
Thanks for responding :) And as a matter of fact, I do have an Up-grade but i don't have a Dubious Disk. So I can still give the Up-grade to you but will not be able to do a second trade :(


Gallade Lover ♥
I have another offer.
My Latias for your OT lv 1 Regigigas. My Latias is lv 35


New Member
sorry to bother you saiyng that i want your celebi, but i don't want it more... =/ sorry